Dreamwork Helps Solve Common Issues In Young Children

Giving attention to the message in dreams can help to reveal issues which a parent has in their lives. When a parent can work through the issues and solve them so that their best qualities and characteristics are developed then the children can also learn these new skills and can demonstrate the strengths in their parents. In this way dreamwork helps solve common issues which are otherwise passed down from generation to generation.

Dream: Invited to Give a Presentation to Tens of Thousands of People


15 August 2017

Sometimes a skill or capacity shows up in a dream which the dreamer didn’t know they had. When I was working through a dream I had recently, it occurred to me that one of the things which most people fear is something which totally excites me. The dream of being invited to give a presentation to thousands of people reminded me that I am unique in this way that I have very little fear of public speaking, while it seems to be on the top 10 list for most others.

Positive dreams like this one don’t need to be flipped the way negative ones do. Instead, a positive dream is an encouraging nudge from the dreamworld to just keep on doing what you’re doing! Sometimes dream scenarios are meant to be taken metaphorically but sometimes there is a message for application in every day life. I can’t help but feel a bit excited about the idea of one day experiencing the thrill of giving a presentation to thousands of people.

What might be considered a worst nightmare for many would be a dream come true for me. Odd isn’t it?