My Dream About Escaping a Warehouse

January 17, 2018

This morning something cool happened in my dream. There I was, in the dream, in a warehouse-type building, fighting with masked guys dressed in all black. As soon as I fought one, I’d take on the next, and each time get closer to the door. Finally I got to the door and was about to leave, but there was a large black curtain hanging over the door and a man appeared, standing tall and blocking the exit. “Let me out, ” I said, “I’ve earned it.”

And with that he pushed me backwards and said to one of his buddies, “Give the girl a point. She deserves at least that.”

Then I realized they were keeping score like it was a game. No, I didn’t want a game. I wanted out. They’d given me the impression before I started that if I got to the door I’d be released. So then they wanted me to go for Round Two. “Hold on, ” I said, “Now that I know what kind of people you are, let me think about this.”

And I sat down on this pile of logs, put my head in my hands and started to think of how will I get out of this place … and then I woke up to my alarm buzzing. I found myself in my room.


It feels like I escaped. LOL.

Sat down wishing to think of a way out … and then now I’m out.

The feeling is like I just leaped through dimensions or time zones. It’s weird. I was completely awake and conscious in the dream … and now am completely awake and conscious in real life.

It’s a neat feeling so I just wanted to share.

Oh .

My Dream of Being Held Captive & Tortured

January 16, 2018

In the dream, I find myself in a house with scientists who are experimenting with mind-control. I figure out right away what’s going on but the others with me have no idea. It doesn’t take long to realize that my knowing what is going on puts the others at risk because if the captors want to, they can manipulate me to do things because I don’t want to cause harm to the others.

They have it set up like a ski resort for group team-building exercises but what the captors do is set up little small experiments to see how people react in different scenarios. When they see someone handling all the situations with a lot of skill, they present harder and harder tasks & challenges. Eventually they create a fear-based perimeter out of negative experiences so that even when the test-subjects decide they are done and they want to leave, they stay anyway because they fear leaving will be more painful than staying. As I write this, I realize it is the same technique used by abusers on their targets, especially in domestic situations.

So, I figure out really quickly what is going on and then it is as though I am watching the scientists watch me. I do their little tasks and I decide when the time is right to show them I’m good at something because then I watch what they do as they move me into the next level of experiments. In their mind, the highly-skilled people will be offered a position which they think cannot be refused. But in my mind, I am looking for a way out for myself and the others. It takes REALLY quick thinking on my part to be ahead of them all the time.

At one point, a captor leaves a painting on the counter, it’s half finished. A wing and body of a butterfly have been painted and there is enough paint to finish it. I can tell they are watching to see if I put two-and-two together and use the paint to finish the butterfly. If I do that, it shows great reasoning skills and I move to the next level. If I don’t do that, it shows where my blocks are and then they work with that too. So I decide when I want to complete the butterfly. When I complete it, their interest is peaked and one of the big, butchy guys approaches me.

Eventually he gets on my nerves and I punch him in the face a bunch of times. It wasn’t to knock him out, just to stun him, confuse him. And it worked.

The woman captor watched and I could see her assessing the situation – “How to regain control of me now?” … I didn’t react. Just waited to see what she did next.

There were other scenes which happened before this moment. My driving a car, a situation in a parking lot, etc. At every moment they watched to see that instructions were followed to the T. When I wasn’t following instructions but yet still gave them the same results they wanted it really confused them.

The problem was not about physical torture or confinement. The problem was about being psychologically tortured & confined. I could easily find a way to get me out but could not figure out how to help the others escape. It seemed any action I took to help them escape would just turn them against me.

So in that moment, face-to-face with the dominatrix, I was trying to put together a plan which would help others escape without them turning on me.

My Dream About A Small, Warm Cabin in the Woods

January 04, 2018

In the dream, I’m in a room with First Nations friends. E.E. is sitting to my right, relaxed but thinking deeply about a solution for something. R.G. is sitting to my left, sort of chatting. The room is small and cozy, like a cabin, warm as though there’s a fire burning in a woodstove but I don’t see it. There’s just casual chatting and even some singing. Someone is smoking a pipe putting a wonderful aroma into the air. I feel as though I belong here and am not separated by race or skin colour, as though I am seen for my true self and not for just being labeled as “a white.” Also, in the dream, I feel like I have shed my guilt and shame over what “whites” did/are doing to First Nations peoples and there is just such a loving feeling of connection and unity in that little cabin in the woods. The other thing is that I feel respected as a woman too. The way I am treated is as though I am an equal to the men but my role as a mother, an educator, a healer/helper is appreciated and known. That feeling of equality feels so genuine and so appreciated.

Then in another part of the dream it’s not so good. I’m trying to talk to a tall white man and he won’t listen to me. He’s about 6″4, with an angled chin, dark curly hair like Tom Selleck and he seems too busy to give me any of his attention. I become agitated & frustrated in the dream.

There’s another part too, also with a  high degree of frustration, which I can’t recall the details of now but it has something to do with trying to do something which can’t be done in the time I have, or trying to make something fit which isn’t the right size. Something like that.

Miscellaneous Dreams

dec 30, 2017

– I was staying at an old mans house and a guy named John cane over and I hadn’t seen him since elementary school. He wanted a newspaper for his project. I said hi to him. Then went inside after letting the old man know a medical dorm had been mailed to my old address and I was going to get it re-directed.

– I spoke with G.B on the phone and she said documents came for her son and I should have them. I did have some but not all and wondered how to get them. Also I found out he had two more kids that I didn’t know about.

– I saw him for a moment on stairs and he said something and his mom said something in my ear and she said he was trying to scare me and then the phone was disconnected.

– there were other images that I’ll write as I recall

Miscellaneous Dreams

December 28, 2017

  • zooming up through water and there is cement so i can’t exhale … but i easily find the edge and it’s fine, when I get up I see my DD and I tell her what I did and she tells me that’s how she always does it
  • see C.B. and he hugs me, i hug him, and he tells me if i knew his age i’d realize he’s too old for me but i say my feelings would never change
  • something about giving him a gift because his parents are dying/died and all I had was a stone but he liked it/took it
  • being in an enormous sitting room and saying it looked so big but compared to the kitchen/dining room it’s one of the smallest rooms
  • something about hiding evidence in a crawl space