The Metaphor of “My Sister”

21 April 2018

Whenever a person shows up in a dream it is useful to first think of the metaphor of the person, and not the person themselves. The reason for this is because dreams use the language of metaphors to convey messages to your waking self about positive change you can make in your life to transform. When you notice a negative aspect of the metaphor then this can be worked through & flipped so that the positive can really develop in leaps and bounds.

When “my sister” shows up in a dream and the behaviour is negative, like in this one, it means it is NOT about the real person who is my sister in real life. The message of the dream is to remind me about the negative behaviour of Jealousy. People who have issues with jealousy do all sorts of ridiculous and/or hurtful things to others through their words, expressions, and action.

In the dream about flying & floating in the clouds, for example, rather than becoming happy for me, my discovery & success “my sister” is jealous and tries to minimize my success by casting doubt on its validity. This is very common behaviour in our culture, especially among women. The energy of jealousy is so dark and so thick. Some compare it to a big black snake, like a rattlesnake or a cobra. These snakes wait in the field and then pounce & attack when they suspect their target is in a weakened state.

The dream of flying & floating tells me that I am not deterred or slowed when others who are jealous do their negatives. Moreover, my experience, insight & wisdom HELPS others who are going through situations similar to what I did in the past. In this way, a negative can be flipped to the positive and success can soar to really great heights!



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