Intimate Dream: Kissing in Dreams is a Metaphoric Verb for the Coming Together of Qualities

The purpose of this blog is to openly share dreams to remind people of the invisible, mysterious, non-scientific, purely inspirational part of the human spirit, of the human life experience.

Here is one of the most a unique qualities about The Healing With Dreamwork Blog. Dreams are shared even when they are of an intimate nature because the metaphor is one of the most important messages of dreams. So keep that in mind when you read a dream about a kiss. The message of the dream is to develop qualities like the person being kissed. In this dream, he happens to be a pilot so that is about flying, rising above the ordinary and soaring into the positive future.

Here is the dream:

Sleeping on an air mattress

Getting in a car with my boss driving and I’m right behind him

He seems stressed & tired but music is going and I can’t tell if he’s really stressed and tired or relaxing

it’s dark and raining

there’s a bit of confusion about where i’ll sleep, my room

and i’m ready to make accommodations

someone beside me said she sleeps with an air mattress on her bed and i thought that sounded comfortable…but awkward


I am kissing an old friend, V.J. The kiss is playful and sweet. It’s sensuous and safe. I think to myself that this is great and we should be together and then I remember that I’ve seen a flaw in his character and I cannot marry him.

He invites me onto a bouncy castle where there is a space to sleep on the top. We have slept there before. I remember the feeling. Now that I know we aren’t getting married I think I should not sleep there beside him again.

I stay below and am in a small apartment/house. We are getting ready for a very long journey, north. He has the directions and plans to do some of the driving. I’m ready to drive too.

Nervous. But ready.

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