Poverty Does Not Equal Immorality

28 July 2017

Recently, I dreamed of being in a marketplace in India where many people were wearing head-to-toe purple outfits which improved their efficiency & their morale.

Clothing in dreams is about roles. Dreaming of India is about dreaming of being in a place far-far away from where I’m at right now. Right now I am surrounded by people who are using their roles and rules to immorally assert their own will over others.

Right now I am surrounded by people who do not understand the true nature of poverty and they do not understand the true nature of immorality. Their spiritual disease makes me sick. I’m bothered by what I see in the material-driven white man’s world and I do wish to be far away from this spiritually & physically.

But where on earth is there a place free from this disease? Where on earth do people truly understand the real nature of poverty & prosperity and where on earth do people live and work in a lawful & moral way?

If I were to truly find a place on earth where people did not use their roles to immorally assert themselves over others, where would that place be?

I am asking myself this question and others today.

Positive Dreams: Go With the Float


This is just a point form note of a dream I had a while ago.

  • floating in water
    • giving instructions to someone else floating to get them safe
    • giving logical explanation for what is happening and timelines


  • teaching someone about dreamwork, dark and light side, sitting on a park cement ledge
  • running down a hill in a dress carrying something heavy
  • talking to the black guy & him saying he’s never seen strength like mine
  • kissing him
  • then seeing him later with his two legs cut off

Dreamwork With Prisoners is …

Dreamwork With Prisoners is an initiative which enables prisoners to share their dreams & nightmares and receive an interpretation which can support inner transformation. The development of new qualities can support them during their incarceration, trial and probation. It can also bring out Patience and Enthusiasm for those who have longer sentences. The key to this work is releasing all judgement and seeking for the positives.


My Eagle Dream

July 18, 2018

Last night I dreamed of being on a First Nations reservation. There was lots going on. Some sitting by a bonfire. Some getting ready to go somewhere. Some playing games. I heard something and looked up and saw an eagle soaring very high above the trees. It was circling around. Others started noticing too. Then another eagle joined the first and it was even higher than the previous one. They circled around and around high above us. I just stared at them, not being able to take my eyes off them because of their beauty. Then I noticed the first one had something in its mouth and as it flew lower and closer to us I could see it was a tiger. I was stunned. “What?!” An eagle carrying a tiger in its mouth!? Impossible, I said to myself. “But there it is! Impossible yet it’s happening.”

By now the eagles caught the attention of the others and an elder beside me to the left was looking up at the eagles and then doing something with the sticks in front of her. She closed her eyes briefly as though in prayer or supplication. I glanced back up and sure enough, there truly was a tiger in the eagle’s beak, being carried in the way a mother cat carries her kittens.

Soon the eagles landed in a clearing nearby and before we knew it the tiger was dropped and surprisingly it was still alive. It started to run at us but we had lots of time to pack our belongings and get in the car although it was packed and we allĀ  just barely fit. The elder was giving us instructions the whole time.

There was a swampy area over further off to the left and at some point we had been playing a game over there, some sort of simple games like catch and tag. I had jumped in for a bit and got out, thinking I’d go back in later, but when we were getting in the car I realized I couldn’t go back to the water today.

So that was the end of the dream, getting into the car, watching a tiger run at us from across a field, with the eagles close by on its heels.