Bear Dreams: Getting to Your Empowerment

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I dreamed I was in a house which was being invaded by bears the size of Sasquatch. Someone told me to not worry they know what they are doing, and they had some sort of trick to get them out, but it seemed to me the bears were going to attack. I felt so small. The presenting feeling was being over-powered – standing close to the bear and it looking down on me. But when I saw it that close it looked like a person in a bear costume who stood about 7 feet tall.

Empowerment is the ability to be able to finish what you set out to achieve by doing what it takes to get where you are going.   It means that you are using your power, your strength, your skills to get to the positive end.   You need strength and skills because any goal worth achieving puts…

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Reflections on Patterns in Dreams From Prisoners

Today I listened to a dream from a 23 year old inmate, named Kris, who is in jail for about 6 months for driving violations and not pulling over to police. A police chase ensued and when the cops stopped him, they arrested him. First time in jail. He gave me permission to share his dream and interpretation.

In his dream I saw something, a pattern I’m beginning to see emerge in many of the dreams from the prisoners. Nearly all of them describe a moment in their dream when they “lose their mind” so to speak, where they fall or get shaken up, and then in the dreams they do amazing things to get back to their stability.

The trauma in the dream is the trauma they experienced in real life and it seems that this is where the actions described as criminal originate. They go through trauma and then before they can get grounded again a situation occurs where they have to cope quickly and make decisions quickly but they are not in their reasonable mind, not in their strong Self, because of the trauma (or drugs). Their actions afterwards are taken sort of in a delusional state and many of these actions are unlawful. In many of these dreamers, they didn’t set out to “break the law” but they were trying to go for something when they were trapped in their ego-selves so their decision-making was limited and short-sighted and put the lives and safety of others at risk. At the time, they were not thinking of others because they were in their ego-self which was only about self-protection. Their dreams are showing that they would have or could have helped others if given the opportunities but that is not what life gave them. I’m beginning to see how much influence the environment has on bringing out behaviour in individuals which can be called “criminal.”

The qualities and strength of spirit I’m seeing in these prisoners is truly remarkable. It means in real life they have awesome capacities to help a lot of people and bring a lot of positives to the world. I’m truly seeing the metaphoric jail they live in. Their True Selves are trying to break out of the limitations in life but having very little resources to achieve the positive intentions, resulting in arrests and imprisonment.

I’ll write more details about Kris’s dream soon but I just wanted to share that I am in awe with the dreams I’m hearing and am continually amazed with the power of the True Self to grow through the obstacles, or despite them.

This is just a pattern I see emerging in Dreams From the Box.

Jail Metaphors – Symbols for Being Trapped in a Negative State

The really positive aspect of transformation is that everyone on the planet is in need of change.  The very best opportunity for growth and change comes when something in life goes differently than we planned. When we are planning something and our vision doesn’t manifest, we can get a range of negative emotions like fear, anger or disappointment. Everyone on the planet experiences these emotions to one degree or another.  It’s what makes us human. However some people can become so entrapped in their negative emotions it’s like they create a cage around themselves, a barrier, a wall, and they feel safe within that protection and they can convince themselves that they didn’t want what they were going for afterall. They didn’t want that job, or that relationship, or that house. Or maybe they tell themselves that it doesn’t matter ~ that they wanted it before but they don’t care anymore.


These strong negative conditions such as anger and fear come from a lower part of the human nature. Some call it ego. It is the animal-like nature which is a natural part of the human condition. Unlike animals though, humanity also has the potential for rational thought, for inspiration and for expressions of the Higher Nature, the True Self. These are the positive qualities which also make us human. The bounty of the human experience is that unlike the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, the human kingdom can consciously choose to aspire for growth, change and progress.


The highest potential for a human being is to attain positive qualities, in other words, to be “freed” from the those lower conditions. To experience Patience, to practice Courage, to demonstrate Enthusiasm ~ these are some of the highest aspirations a human can strive for.


Every single human being on the planet has the potential to acquire more and more of these virtues and qualities which bring Joy to themselves and to others around them. The natural skills we are born with, combined with those we learn throughout our lives give us the tools and equipment necessary in order to build and construct the type of lives we want for ourselves.


Going for what we want and experiencing pain or trauma instead because of actions of others, or because of rules or laws, or because of our own shortcomings, can be devastating. Sometimes we can become imprisoned within our own disappointment or grief. We can give up on ourselves, on our hopes, our dreams for our lives, or for our children’s lives. We can succumb to the pain of loss and weighted down by the metaphorical chains of despair or anger can give up altogether.


Any human being can become imprisoned within their own Self.


A powerful metaphor for this condition of being imprisoned within the Self is “being in jail.” When we dream of jail we are dreaming of the condition of being trapped in our lower nature, our lower emotions, our fears, disappointments, etc. Everyone can have dreams of being in jail because everyone can feel stuck or trapped at one time or another in their life.


By exploring dreams from people who have actually experienced jail in real life we can learn valuable insights into the human nature. Their sharing of their dreams is a valuable gift. In fact, the insights gleaned from their dreams will reveal that even someone in prison can still be “free” from their lower natures while someone who is living on road, in regular day-to-day life, can actually be imprisoned within themselves, although it may be a somewhat invisible prison.


This book explores the condition of being imprisoned metaphorically and will lightly touch on the literal meaning as well because all lessons from dreams can be applied to real life in one way or another. An interesting journey is unfolding now. A journey into Dreams From the Box.


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“Dreams From the Box – Exploring Transformation With Jail Metaphors” .

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Ordinary Lives ~ Extraordinary Tales

When I was on my way home from work on Friday there was a truck stopped two cars ahead of me and when I was slowing to stop I saw a woman was kneeling outside the driver’s side choking and a man ran up to give her heimlich maneuver and so I parked my car in place and ran up to help.

Someone was calling 911 already and I told the guy giving the heimlich maneuver that I know first aid and can help he said he was okay and asked me to help keep the choking woman calm so I just touched her shoulder gently and was speaking in a calm voice to her reassuring her that she was doing good and to just keep breathing. Soon she got her breath back. It turns out she was choking on a pill that went down wrong and so she was okay. She and the guy and a woman who may have been her mother sat on the curb, while the other woman kept 911 on the line just in case paramedics were needed and I stood by the truck keeping an eye on their infant baby who was coming in and out of sleep in the back seat.

In a few minutes the woman was talking again and seemed she would be okay. We all went back to our cars and went on our way. It reminded me that I really love that kind of work and in another life would love being a paramedic. Anyway, it was good it turned out fine. Would have been a very different story if she had have died. But luckily with two first aiders on the scene and a lot of people nearby to help everything turned out fine.

Zombie Dream

Someone just told me this zombie dream.
He dreamed he was watching the dream and could see that he was in it but it wasn’t him. The guy in the dream was him but not him. He was white. Everyone in the dream was white.
So they were at a school, on a hill, where parents and teachers were getting sick with a disease turning them into zombies. He was trying to protect people and saying they had to kill the ones who turned into zombies but the others didn’t want to because they were saying “that’s so-and-so’s mother/teacher” etc.
So then he found a huge tree that had fallen over and it had a burrowed hole in it and he “zipped” up the tree where he was safe. Others who weren’t yet infected tried to follow him and they were passing him sticks asking him to pull them up and he was trying to pull them up but then they got infected too so he ripped the stick out of their hands and when the zombies approached he plunged the stick through their heads killing them.  He stayed safe.