Dreamwork With Prisoners – How you can help

How you can help –

Dreamwork with Prisoners began in November 2017. For the past year, I’ve worked with about a dozen inmates and some of their family members, receiving approx. 2-4 calls per day.

They tell me their dreams/nightmares, I offer an interpretation and work through solutions for day-to-day challenges. They also send me mail – in the past year I’ve received about 100 letters and have mailed about 150 letters in return. I’ve heard more than 50 dreams from inmates and from the mother of an inmate.

One First Nations inmate who dreams (often nightmares) every night had some encouraging words about the Dreamwork initiative. He has been incarcerated since March 2018 but has not yet received his sentence. Here is what he wrote about the work we’re doing with his dreams:

“Dear Rachel … I love getting mail from you. It is always uplifting and for the most part makes me have wonderful days. You tell me nice things about myself that I tend to overlook on a daily basis and you are teaching me new ways of coping with my life, my nightmares, my relationship with my girl friend and many other things as well…I greatly appreciate all of your time and energy that you have been spending on me to help me work through my nightmares and mountain of other issues and baggage that come along with me as a person. I think it’s just amazing that one person can be so helpful in transforming someone like me. I can honestly say that you are making me turn into a better man and person.”

When I read what he wrote, I felt inspired to continue growing this project even more.

The costs of running this program include paying for a phone line which can accept collect calls from the jail ($70 month) plus an additional $1.50 per call which goes for a maximum of 20 minutes. Usually phone costs run between $150-$275 a month.

Costs of ink, stamps, envelopes, paper and a post office box run about $80 a month.

The total approximate costs for the year are $4260. Last year I paid these expenses, as well as receiving $1100 from others who are supporting this work.

These expenses support receiving 2-4 calls a day and writing 1-2 letters a week to 2-10 people.

I’d like to sustain this level of work, which is about $355 a month, or $4,260 annually and I’d like to see the program grow to include even more inmates who were beginning to inquire into Dreamwork but I did not have the funds or the time to be able to respond to their needs.

If you would like to contribute to this work, please send me a personal message or email at rperrydreamwork@gmail.com to work out details of an e-transfer.

I’d like to thank everyone in this group for their support and encouragement throughout this past year and share that I’m very excited about what’s opening up in the year to come!

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