Dreamwork With Prisoners: A dream of driving to the wrong place

May 26, 2018

Here is a dream a prisoner told me recently:

I was living in Niagara Falls and my ex girlfriend, her sister and her whole family came to visit. My ex wanted to talk with me and I said okay, come with me. Her sister wanted to come too. I drove us to a place that I wanted to go to but when I got there it was the wrong place. It was a hotel or something. I was trying to figure out where to go and how to get back to where I wanted to go. My ex’s sister was smoking a lot. She had yellow stains on her fingers and on her mouth. Then she took her shirt off and I was attracted but trying to resist too. Then she sat on my lap and I was trying to turn my face and resist. When I woke up I was like, “What the f*# is going on?”


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