Dream: A Murderer Trying To Enter the House

26 July 2017

The atmosphere in the dream was dark. I was in a house and a murderer was trying to get in. It was a shadowy dark figure didn’t really have features of a human, more like a Dark Ghost. Every door it went to, every window it approached I was there and wouldn’t allow it to enter. It was exhausting but the dream ended without it coming inside.

In the dream world, a house is a symbol for the self. Its night time in the dream so this means it’s a part of myself I might be asleep to, or a part of my self I’m still unfamiliar with, unknown to me.

The murderer is not a person but a dark energy and I guard against it in the dream but in real life my daughter was vulnerable to making decisions which were harmful to others.

The dream and the real life situation are an important reminder for how essential it is to have strong bonds within the family and to guard against intruding thoughts and actions which can kill a relationship or an opportunity.

My Dream of Watching Someone Skate

July 23, 2014 – I dream I am watching a woman skate. She’s on an out-door rink, graceful and confident. She’s coaching someone else who isn’t dressed properly for the snow and ice, who is a lot younger than her. She doesn’t seem to mind. I find myself noticing the curves and shape of her body as she’s wearing black tights and a loose shirt. I wonder how does she feel confident being so exposed like that. Does she really not mind or is she pretending to not mind? She appears to not even mind. I think of myself and if I was wearing that on the ice I would be so uncomfortable with how form-fitting it is and how people gaze not on the skill of the movement but just on the physical form.