Bathroom Dreams: New, Clean & Fresh

Bathroom dreams are about releasing negative emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, disappointment, devastation, etc.

In this dream, it is a public washroom so it is about people releasing negative emotions publicly. But it is a private conference so there is an element of privacy involved.


  • new clean & fresh bathroom in a hotel – this is about having the proper venue now for releasing negative emotions even in private public spaces


  • I was in the water in the tub which wasn’t really for washing, it was more like a fountain & I peed in it – this is about being able to release slightly negative emotions in a way that is easy for others, and about showing the how


  • my friend had 5 babies – this is about learning to plan in advance for more things


  • and we were trying to help her plan


  • she had a plan and it played out like scrum diagram style for a year


  • someone else got jealous that she understood how to organize that many helpers for a year


  • the hotel was awesome


  • we were there in Orlando for a long time like 2 months


  • I hadn’t packed right because I didn’t know where we were going. I was in a lot of long-sleeved black shirts & others were in colourful, airy summer shirts.


  • but i was like a supervisor and I could wear whatever I wanted without judgement.


  • at one point the guy I was sort of with did something embarrassing to others & someone asked him who he was with & I was embarrassed to show it used to be me. In my mind, I thought “never again.” We were in a van, everyone was silent and I was thinking of ways to avoid him in the future.



Dream: Clothes, Boulder, 911

Warning: In this dream, a man touches a private part of my body without permission. This is just a metaphor and not real life! To learn more about how to translate the messages of metaphors in dreams, please continue exploring this blog. If you don’t want to read such a post, then kindly skip over or delete. No offence taken.

In the dream, I am walking down a road with a family & friends. One man has his arm around me and then his other hand on my breast. I don’t realize at first because we are all walking and talking but then another man beside him realizes and he takes the hand of the guy and removes it. I look at him and whisper thank you.

Then I’m sitting on a bench and a dark & handsome man is beside me to the left and he puts his arm around me and leans in to kiss me. He tells others he’s gotten himself a girl-friend and it makes me smile.

Then I was in a large apartment building and found a place to change clothes which was private. Just as I did that others started coming out of their homes into the area I was and it wasn’t private anymore.

One person was someone who was negative in the past and she kept doing things to exclude me. It worked to make me back away but then I thought twice and I approached her again and I said, “You’re really good at trying to exclude me. But the problem is you don’t know how to include me.” And then I went about starting an activity to include myself. She hid under a couch, embarrased.

Then someone who I work with online has a presentation to students and he wants me to come out to be introduced but I’m getting changed and it’s taking time. I hear him say something to the effect that somethings I might do seem unexpected but that he really likes and respects me.

Then when I’m dressed and ready to go I look down and see a large boulder fall. I see it nearly hit a woman but she shows she is fine. I look down and count the people there and see someone I care about is not there.

“Where is he?” I call out. “Is he under the boulder?” and the women just look confused so I decide to run and get my phone to call.

As I run I shout to people, “Call 911!” and “Someone’s been hurt!”

Then I think I’ve told too many people to call and they can’t get through on the line if too many call at once so I stop doing that and just keep running.




Sexual Dreams: Sexy plumber dream

Warning: This dream has images in it which people don’t usually share publicly. The reason I write about them when they show up in a dream is because sexuality in a dream is a symbol for intimacy. Intimacy is a really very important aspect of a relationship. The situations in a sexual dream will give a clue to issues the dreamer has around intimacy. So that is why it is important to share. If you don’t feel comfortable reading this, not to worry, another topic will show up tomorrow.

Dreams that have a sexual experience are still to be seen as symbols.

Sexual interaction in a dream is a symbol of integration with a certain quality or virtue.

Here is a dream:

In this dream, an attractive man has fixed the plumbing in my house, then he and I get close in a blanket laying beside a freezer. We nearly have sex but then I stop him because we aren’t married.

A house is a symbol for “self” and the kitchen is a symbol for “nourishing”. Plumbing is a symbol for relationships, life. Freezer is where you put things to keep them cold, which is about being able to use the natural condition of cold on purpose for well-being and sustainability. Blanket is a symbol for what we do to cover up to stay warm, to stay connected, to feel protected.

The fact that the plumber enters the blanket in the dream says that I am ready to integrate with the quality of fixedness which he has in fixing relationships.

Especially it is interesting in the dream that he and I are mutually attracted to one another and like being close but there is an understanding in the dream we are not married and when we pull away it is actually not because we don’t want the closeness but because we want chastity – to wait for sex until after marriage.

So the dream is telling me that the way for me to get more of the skills to be able to fix my relationships and help others fix theirs, is for me to be ale to control my strong physical desire for someone I’m attracted to.

Because in real life I can do this, then it means I can begin to take it one step further, integrate it further, and I think that is why the house in the dream is not my own house but the house of my grand-parents. It means I can fix damage done by the generations before me. How do I do this? The dream tells me. The “me” in the dream is the one hanging out in the kitchen telling someone what to do with the food to freeze. It means that is what I am already good at – knowing how to support people who have cold things (qualities which are cold – like fear, anger, jealousy, selfishness) and I have created a self that knows how to manage those things without having them affect me and actually can nourish and feed and help others. (The metaphor being that we keep the food cold and eat it later.)

The important thing to remember when working with past generations, family issues, cultural issues, is that there are three aspects of the work we do – one is about how we are affected unconsciously by culture by absorbing it unconsciously in our infancy and childhood. two is about how we inherited certain qualities from our parents and family environment, and then the third is the quality that is unique to us that no one else in the family, in the culture, or in the world has because it is unique to us. I’m learning that once we know what makes us unique then we can apply it consciously to undoing family issues and cultural issues which interfere with us being able to be our True or Highest Self in our lives.

In my case, the biggest cultural/family issue is that I am a woman in a culture which favours men in society and in business and as a result have dealt with a lot of issues in work places where I have more skills and abilities than the management or administration and then people seem to get jealous or angry and instead of giving me opportunities to advance they create barriers and obstacles. That has lead to my either deciding to leave because the conditions become unbearable to my True Self, meaning I see no room for real growth and progress in peace and that the environment is so filled with conflict that I could not be involved because I like to practice the principle of avoiding conflict.

The other thing it leads to is me feeling great in the position but then coming up against obstacles or barriers which seem impossible to over-come. It becomes clear that a new strategy is needed, a new approach, and at times when I reach out to others who are closely associated with the situation, when they see my solution or approach they are so surprised that if they don’t have a space in their mind to adapt to my innovative creativity then they might become suspicious of me, or fearful of the change which I suggest, or angry or jealous or whatever. Then they can let me go from the position because they think that is best in order to keep things the same. That’s fine by me. If they don’t want change then I don’t want to be there.

The end result though, is that my life has been filled with new beginnings over and over again. Especially in work, employment.

So that is why I am really excited about this dream. It means I have learned something and will continue to learn more about what I can do to repair relationships by going for what I desire and not allow envy to kill or break relationships anymore.


In the dream, I return home from work that I love. The house is not the one I live in the material world. It is a house that seems like I have bought it from my grand-mother. It’s the house my dad grew up in. Anyway, I look in a  window and I see a man under the cabinet fixing the plumbing. He’s got tools all over the place and the kitchen had been a bit messy before I left in the morning so his tools are on top of that. There is a partner of his standing in the door way. So I look in and then he sees me. What’s up? I ask him. Oh, you had an issue with this here but I’ve got it all fixed up now. Will be out of here in no time.”

So I go into the room and sit on a freezer. There’s someone whose come in carrying groceries. She’s like my sister, or room -mate. She asks where things go and I give instructions about putting some things in the freezer, etc. I feel casual and relaxed. It’s awesome feeling.

In another dream I am dancing with a boy from school who I had issues with last year. He had been very angry with me and his behaviour also made me feel angry. In the dream, he and I are dancing on a hill, having so much fun. Relaxed. Calm. Happy. Like he is my son.

Then there is a dream of me laying under a blanket. Someone, who may be the plumber, puts his hands under the blanket and he touches the area between my legs sort of accidentally but sort of on purpose. Instead of getting angry and flinching like I used to, I open my legs and hold his hands and pull him under the blanket.

He’s handsome. Persian-looking. Dark hair. Tall. Wealthy. Strong. Clear-headed. And his face comes right to mine and we smile but then we both roll over so he’s beside me and I lift up the blanket and we both take a big breath of fresh air.

There’s a feeling of – well, now we have this – what do we do next? Anticipation. Happiness. Connection.

Whale Dreams —

From the Whale Dreams – How Did I Do What I Did?


Dear Richard,

Okay – thank you so much! It is always nice to hear from you too:)



(Written in 2010 and edited in 2016)

The Three Orcas – My Three Wishes/Goals

1) STABLE AND PEACEFUL HOME – I am so grateful to have been living in a stable and peaceful home for years now. My personal relationship with myself and others is comfortable and peaceful now.

2) AUTHOR AND SPEAKER – I am so grateful to have something meaningful to write about around the topic of transformation from Poverty To Prosperity and how it relates to dreamwork, change work, and fitness.

3) DAILY SPIRITUAL PRACTICE – I am so grateful to experience  a daily spiritual practice which gives me inspiration, guidance and calm even in some of the most challenging life storms.

My intention is to learn from the fear that used to prevent me from going deeper into meaningful and fulfilling life and to help others to do the same.


To view more on the Creating Unity YouTube Channel click this link.

Changing Thought Patterns: The path from no skill to skill


The goal of Dreamwork, with a focus on change & transformation, is to identify the messages from the dream which show you something about your Self which you didn’t realize before. When you see the thing you are doing or the thing you are thinking or believing which is not helpful or advantageous then you can change it. Change takes time. Doing one small thing differently every day can lead to a very big result over time. That is why it is a good idea to have a daily practice of reflection. This allows for a lot of room to transform.

In the past, whenever I went for change I found myself becoming angry. The anger came because I was seeing so much injustice around me – extremes of wealth and poverty, suppression of rights for people of colour, gender inequality in the workplace, rampant domestic abuse issues. Everywhere I turned there was injustice and it infuriated me. But when I first started doing this work, back in 2010, I just didn’t have the skill-set to deal with that much anger in a productive way. But the opposite of anger is justice. Back in those days I felt unprotected and I was unprotected. But eight years later, things are different now.

When I become angry, I still write about it, but sometimes I share it and sometimes I don’t. I’ve learned to work through the anger systematically using a worksheet created by Richard Hastings and I’ve learned that walking, running, swimming, biking and even doing daily housework, helps to release the angry emotions to make room for more productive positive emotions to come in.

  1. i was feeling angry
  2. i didn’t know what to do next
  3. i showered
  4. i listened to upbeat happy music
  5. i went directly from the shower to my bed
  6. i reflected on what my daughter needs and what should I do next today
  7. i remembered a dream in which i was doing something that she wanted to copy and the message was, if i do good she’ll copy good, if i don’t then that’s what she’ll copy
  8. i fell into a dreamy state with the wave song
  9. i could relax
  10. when i finished meditating i had an idea
  11. the idea was to look to the end result which i want in vancouver, with Mom2Mom, and then post about that and then work backwards