Dreams From Inmates – Shopping Mall Dreams

A shopping mall in a dream is the very best symbol for an environment which is the exact opposite of jail. Prison is about lack of opportunities, lack of control, lack of choice, lack of power, lack of “freedom”. Malls, on the other hand, are about an abundance of opportunities, abundance of choices, abundance of power to do as you wish.

When I think of the difference between prison and malls, I think of the dark & cement conditions in jails contrasted to the bright & sunny atmosphere in malls. I think of the limited way a small group of men are forced to share a small space with one another contrasted to the variety of space and comfort in a mall.

Jails are cold. Malls are warm. Jails are dark. Malls are bright. Jails have only the very basics in food & hygiene products available. Malls have every food choice imaginable and anything you could ever need for health & well-being.

So when an inmate dreams of a mall I take notice. Essentially, the dream is reminding the dreamer that even in the most controlled & negative environments, we still have choices. We choose how we think, how we feel, how we experience the day. The problem with living in a real prison is that the negative force is so powerful it really can zap the energy right out of you. The key to keeping an open and free mind, even in this kind of environment, is being able to visualize positive potential even if there is no evidence of it in the present moment.

People who remember their dreams have the ability to visualize well. When we hold a positive vision in our minds, even as we endure an external challenge, then we very well may be able to create in our surroundings the image we hold in our minds.

Regardless, when we hold a positive image in our mind of where we are going or where we want to go in life, then we are much more likely to be able to make it happen. The best part is, we don’t have to wait until some future date. We can start today. Start now. We can do one small thing today which urges on forward in the direction of our dreams. We can do that. And when we do then we will be creating in our outer enviroinment the very thing which we hold tightly to in our minds.

The vision comes first. Then the action next. This is one of the reasons why Dreamwork is so effective – because dreams give us positive visions for where we want to go. They help us see things that we hadn’t taken notice of before. They help us to open our eyes to new possibilties and this is what Mall Dreams are about.

Being in a positive state of mind. Releasing that in any given moment we have a choice about what we do and where we go and what we say and how we say it. We do have complete control over our own lives and the way we react to the situations which show up in our lives. No, I’m not saying we can control everything. That wouldn’t even be advisable. In fact it’s the opposite. We want to surrender to our life circumstance and then have the Empowerment and Strength to live in our life circumstance in the best way possible. That is where we find our Empowerment, when we stop thinking of ourselves as a victim and start seeing ourselves as helpers of victims. We can turn our whole lives around with this simple flip.

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

When we shop, we have an image in mind of what we want, such as a new jersey, and then we look around for the right size, right team, right colours, right price. When we find the right combination of factors then we buy the thing right? Right. Well, this is an excellent way to think about moving forward with positive volition. Have an idea in mind of what you want for your Self and those you love. Then move forward in life, confident that you will find what you seek, and have the Determination to strive for the vision until it is achieved.

Now, I’ll just add one small caveat to this approach. You know how when you’re shopping and you see something on the rack which looks like it’s exactly what you wanted but then you try it on and it just doesn’t fit right – too small in the shoulders, or too long at the waist, whatever it is, you realize it’s not the right fit for you. This happens in life too. Sometimes, when the thing you are going for brings disappointment then it’s time to change the vision. Keep the approach – but change the vision. This is sometimes hard to do because we tend to get attached to the image of what we want and we can get dispppointed easily when it doesn’t happen. But the disappointment is a sign that the vision needs to change, expectations need to be lowered. It’s hard to do at first but gets easier with time.

So that is all that I wanted to say about shopping dreams. Cheers.

I Heard a Voice of Inspiration and Swerved…

It’s the 20th of March, 2019, a bright and sunny Spring afternoon and I’m driving along the main street, heading east towards a small town about 20 minutes away where the gas is always 10 to 20 cents cheaper per litre than in town.

I’m in my 2016 red Ford Focus hatchback, cruising about 60 mph, with the radio on and the day wide open in front of me.

As I drive by an intersection, I see a white Ford F150 and I assume it’s halted at the stop sign, waiting for a clearing in traffic to turn left. I continue through the intersection but then suddenly see out my driver’s door window that the truck has accelerated and is now inches away from my car. At first, I just think I’m done for and I feel my body freeze, bracing for the impact, but then something surprising happens.

I hear a voice of Inspiration say to me, “You have time to swerve.” It’s not a rushed or urgent voice. It’s calm and confident. For some reason, I trust this inner voice of guidance without question and I quickly grab the steering wheel and veer sharply to the right. My maneuver works and the two vehicles just slightly collide forward as the truck driver turns to the left and I turn to the right. Little did I know it at the time, but that moment marks the turning point for the next 8 months and beyond.

At this point, the truck driver pulls over, a 20-something with her curly brunette hair pulled into a pony-tail. Her neon yellow and orange safety vest looks brand new as though today may be her first day on the job. I notice logo on her work vehicle says she works for a Traffic Safety company and the irony does not escape me. The next few minutes and hours are just a blur as I take down her information, the witnesses information, make phone calls to insurance, mechanic, etc. It isn’t until two days later that I wake up feeling more pain than I’ve ever experienced in my life.

I soon learn from a physiotherapist that there’s three sprains in my neck as well as tissue damage in my neck, shoulders, and back. I have a concussion. I’m trying to learn how to use ice and heat to control the swelling and pain. I’m taking more Tylenol and Roboxicet than ever before in my life. I’m forgetting things, losing things, and generally disorientated and confused. I can’t cook. I can’t clean. I can’t drive. I can’t do my daily runs anymore. I can’t do much of anything except lay on my back, rotating ice and heat periodically, watching detective shows and trying not to fall into depths of despair about my circumstance.

Everything in my life goes on hold. No more book writing. No more answering calls from inmates. No more running a cleaning business. No more fundraising. No more travel. No more training for the 8km run in Vancouver in May. No more anything. Every day becomes a struggle. Getting through every hour is pure survival. My physical limitations and my mental concussed state prevent me from completing even the most simplest of tasks. I make it to physio appointments, doctor’s appointments, massage therapy appointments and the grocery store. With assistance from my daughter, the shopping still gets done. Meals are still cooked. Mornings turn into evenings and days pass by, pass by, pass by. Every part of me is focused on healing, focused on regaining the balance and harmony in my life. Months pass by.

Gradually, I begin to regain some strength. Slowly some of my skills and abilities are restored. I can drive for longer periods. I can lift slightly heavier items. I can sweep a floor without triggering neck spasms. I can do a load of laundry without becoming weak from the effort. Little by little, I can take more calls. I can write more emails. I can follow through with simple tasks and basic day-to-day activities. Months go by.

Spring turns into summer but nearly everything I try to do causes such a high degree of pain I almost stop trying. I hike for 1/2 hour to a beautiful lake in the mountains but have a headache by the time I arrive and I don’t swim in order to conserve my energy for the walk home. Two days later, my neck, back, and shoulders are throbbing from the effort. Summer slowly turns into Autumn. My efforts to recover seem to go in bursts and blasts. I am doing great one day, get a lot done and then collapse the following day or two. Exhausted.

The pain is now intermittent and unpredictable. For some reason I wake up one morning with zero pain or tightness and have incredible energy for the day. Then other days I wake up with pain so high I can’t focus or concentrate on anything else until the pain meds kick in with some relief and then I just sort of drift through the day, never doing everything that needs doing, but not doing nothing either. I begin to lose trust and faith in myself because I can no longer make plans since I often have to cancel due to pain. I lose track of what I can and can’t do, what I should or shouldn’t do, what I need or don’t need to do. I feel like I have lost my Self and do not even know where to begin to gain the Confidence I once had.

It’s now 8 months since the collision and recovery is finally in sight. I’m sleeping better, eating better, exercising more and enjoying life more. As difficult as the journey of healing & recovery has been, I am gaining a new perspective on life. I am able to look back on the past year and see what worked well and take the lessons from the experience.

Having a concussion taught me to slow down and appreciate the small things in life. Having severe chronic pain taught me to detach from expectations and life life more simply. These are some of the lessons I have taken away from this experience. More to come in time.

Dreams From the Box: Having an Adventurous Spirit on the Quest for New Gems of Character

When I listen to dreams from inmates, the first thing I do is remove judgement. It’s not my role to judge or criticize, just to listen and support. Recently, an inmate who calls himself “Money” shared a dream with me and he said he thinks it’s about how he is going deeper into himself and discovering the good things that are there which he never saw before. I got really excited when he shared the dream because it is such an awesome metaphor for the stages we go thru during transformation as we are searching for the positives.
Here is the dream:
I’m a desert, in Egypt, wearing clothes I would never wear, like khaki hiking shorts and a white polo shirt. I go into the pyramid and realize I am the guide, others are waiting for him to tell him what to do and where to go. I’ve been told not to push on the bricks but then I push on a brick anyway and then suddenly trap doors start opening and everyone falls down a hole one by one. They are each going down their own tunnels and falling and I can hear them screaming and yelling and then it stops and I figure they died. But then I keep falling down my tunnel and I land in a treasure-filled room and there’s all these gems and gold and stuff. It’s amazing and I realize it’s all for me and then in the far back part I see a mummy with a really special necklace. It’s gold and diamonds and really valuable so I get up as close as I can and I use a long stick to try to pull the necklace off. And then I woke up. What do you think it means?
This is such a perfect dream for the way transformation works because the energy used when going for change is a lot like being on an adventurous quest in an unknown territory. When we dig deep & have a lot of enthusiasm for the process then we can find “gems” of virtues within us – Courage, Confidence, Assertiveness & Patience – which we can then use in many life experiences.

Changing the “Getting Rid of” Paradigm to the “Adding On” One & When Your Dreams Show You the Way to Shift the Paradigm of Power

By Richard Hastings –

When there a bully in the schoolyard, he takes advantage of the fact that most of the children have a lot of fear.  He can push his weight and size around because he is pretty certain no one is going to challenge him. He gains access to the feeling of power and getting what he wants.   In the traditional approach to dealing with the bully, the bully is the problem that the school has to get rid of. A lot of effort is put into disciplining the bully. What isn’t so apparent is that the bully is only taking advantage of the fact that there is a huge amount of fear.   If the school were filled with the virtue of courage,  the energy it doesn’t have now, then the bully could be easily taken care of.

Courage is the capacity to go for a particular goal where there is a risk involved. If you just look at the above scenario in terms of the bully, then you don’t see that the people in the environment do not have the virtue of going after goals where there is some risk involved.   They shrink into fear because of the risk, and then the bully has its way. If the environment promoted courage, a place where people could take risks safely,  then bullies would go away on their own. Schools traditionally don’t promote courage or taking risks.  They do the opposite. They promote conformity and following the rules because the ability to take risks is such a threat to the established ways of doing things.   If you can promote courage, then when you get rid of the bully, he stays away.

When people have on-going digestion problems,  they have a tendency to go for physical remedies like antacids or digestive enzymes or other medications. The first place they go shopping for a remedy is the medical one.  The idea is to get rid of the digestive issue and return to the good ole days when you could eat anything at anytime.   What if the fear was the cause of digestive issues, that is,  that you live in such a state of fear that the body’s digestive processes just don’t work well? Medication, when there is fear involved,  just gets you relief for a time. Your system can go back to where it was temporarily. After some time, however, the physical remedies stop working, the problems return, and the fear is as present as ever. This happens because the fear which comes from the ego is insistent.  It isn’t going to go away by physical means. It is has an emotional cause rooted in some experiences.   It calls for a new capacity, a new energy, or virtue because the person living with the fear is not fit spiritually to participate fully in what life is asking of him/her. Maybe the person needs determination, but is fearful that going forward means being treated unjustly by bad leadership. If this were the case, then as soon as determination is in place and the fear is gone, then the digestive enzymes would start working because the body would not be held in a tension filled state from fear anymore.

The logic of this approach is so simple and easy to understand.   The physical problems are mostly held in by negative emotional patterns. Fear, anxiety, grief, anger, disappointment, frustration and jealousy cause the body to hold negative tension which cause physical problems. When you replace the ego patterns with higher new ones such as compassion, honesty,  generosity, wisdom, and patience, then the body releases its tension filled energy with new energy that is healthier.

The higher energy is the lure to us. Our spiritual qualities are our purpose in life that never stop developing..  Life is about constant change and transformation everyday. Who you are today will be asked to change tomorrow to someone even better.   It doesn’t ever stop. The higher being, your spirit, will be asking you to change. It will show you your places of change in your negative emotional patterns and the bodies reaction to them. What is your life needing right now to make it work?   Where are you being challenged? Get out of the old pattern of trying to return to an old state of being.  Advance to the new state.

What holds true for the individual also holds true for humanity?   Some leaders are gaining a lot of support these days by trying to get people to go back to old worn-out ideologies like nationalism and racism and sexism because they feel so utterly incompetent in a world based upon cooperation, respect for the rights of others,  equity, and lifting the downtrodden for the same reason that the bully in the schoolyard doesn’t want to have to share a swing. The bully just wants to be able to have the swing whenever it pleases. He is scared to death of having to share.

A lot of people are going to go kicking and screaming into the world of equality and unity and will experience a lot of pain in the process, but the higher self of the world is moving to higher energy.  It isn’t going backwards. It is only going to go forward. Shouldn’t you be doing the same in your life? Find the virtue that is calling to you and let it develop without so much resistance. Try some tranquility for a change.  Or maybe some tolerance. And by the way,  tonight when you dream, your dreams will be showing you the way.


When Your Dreams Show You the Way To Shift the Paradigm of Power

By Rachel Perry

Interpreting dreams is not a new idea. When we look back into every ancient civilization on the planet we see evidence of dreams and the societies which honoured them, gave them meaning. What is new about dream interpretation the way I learned from Richard Hastings is to take the interpretation to a deeper level with a focus on transformation. Quite simply, this means gaining an understanding of the metaphors in the dreams, how those metaphors are providing clues into challenges in day-to-day life and then deciphering the clues to understand how to solve those challenges in a way which leads you to being uplifted, being free from fears, being capable of actualizing your authentic Self. The transformation which occurs is like how the sun rises at dawn turning darkness into day, or how a pearl slowly emerges from the friction within the shell, or how a caterpillar changes form to gradually become a butterfly. The inner transformation is like steel hardening in fire, or like ice melting in the Spring. All around us in the natural world we see examples of transformation from one shape or form to another. When we take a deep dive into our dreams with the goal of transformation, we become like miners deep in the caverns of the earth and with enough search and effort we can come up with a myriad of jewels, gems and golden treasures.

When you think of DreamWork in this way, it is easy to see how the change is about “adding” on the new qualities, about bringing in the new positive energy. You see? First you dive deep into the metaphor of the dream, and then you search around for the meaning and then you find how that message opens up understanding about new qualities, or virtues or skills which you can begin practicing and then you begin trying it out in your day and then you will see change happens almost overnight. In this way, you are adding new qualities to your life to solve the negative challenges. This is extremely different from every other model of personal development which exists in the world right now. Every other framework is about “letting go” of the problem … let go of anxiety, detach from depression, let go of anger, let go of fear, let go of … this and that and the other thing. Many self-empowerment practices include a very soft approach to healing, for example, the practices often promote “finding forgiveness” or “getting to your inner state of Calm”. There is nothing inherently “wrong” with these things but Dreamwork takes the process one step further because sometimes the quality which is needed is not as easy as that. Sometimes the quality needed is Self-Discipline or Obedience or Courage. The mental toughness that is needed isn’t gentle and easy to achieve sometimes. It’s painful and difficult and takes time. The effort is well worth it because when the issue has been dissolved and the new quality or skill firmly in place then so many wonderful and positive things open up in life.

When we are working on adding a new quality to our lives, we start with our Selves first, then expand out to our family, then our community and then to the world. In this way, amazing growth and accomplishment can be achieved.

Undoubtedly, when change starts to occur, it affects others and the challenge is that not everyone likes change. Not everyone likes growth. Some people cling to the past as though it has all the answers and they refuse to move forward. For an individual who is understanding their inner blocks and removing them little by little, adding strengths and courage and self-discipline and enthusiasm to their lives, they may start to see things change in the institutions around him. Marriages can undergo transformation when this happens, as can work places, and educational institutions, and even penal institutions or governments. Change can affect every area and every institution in society. The exciting part of this process is that it is exactly what is needed for the world of humanity to reach its next stage of human evolution. This is the time in history when old institutions are crumbling and new ones are being built up in their place. The two things are happening simultaneously. The old is being rolled up and a new one spreading out at the same time. People who had grown accustomed to having power in a relationship, or in a corporation, or in a school system, or in a political party, are finding they are no longer able to rule with the threat of a metaphorical sword the way they used to. The old ways don’t work anymore. It’s time for something new. When individuals empower themselves to persevere through the challenges in their lives they can affect positive change in every area of society.

I like the way Richard Hastings describes this process and how it leads to greater health. He writes, “The higher energy is the lure to us. Our spiritual qualities are our purpose in life that never stop developing..  Life is about constant change and transformation everyday. Who you are today will be asked to change tomorrow to someone even better. It doesn’t ever stop. The higher being, your spirit, will be asking you to change. It will show you your places of change in your negative emotional patterns and the bodies reaction to them. What is your life needing right now to make it work?   Where are you being challenged? Get out of the old pattern of trying to return to an old state of being. Advance to the new state.”

Advancing to the new state seems like an “easy” thing to do, sort of. I mean, logically it makes sense that the True Self wants to experience something in this world, that inspiration & ideas come to mind to actualize it, that the ego/Self comes up with fears and concerns about what could go wrong if those ideas are actualized, that the True Self consciously works through the fears, eliminates them and then finds opportunities to make it happen. When a lot of work has been done on an issue and the opportunity to advance is right there in front of you, why is it still hard to just do it? What is the resistance? Why is “adding on” a new quality or skill so much more difficult than “getting rid” of the old ones?

beautiful biology blur bright
Photo by ARUNODHAI VINOD on Pexels.com

The answer seems to reveal itself in the natural world. A great example of transformation is the butterfly – although there are limitations in this example I’ll still share it as a starting point. If we look at a butterfly we can see the biggest difference between it and the caterpillar is the capacity to fly. The butterfly goes through a transformation allowing it to develop an entirely new set of wings and now it can do so much more than it could do before. But really, it loses the “ability to crawl”. It lets go of the old crawling behaviour while acquiring the new skills of flying. In the transformation process, while it is in the chrysalis stage it not only loses the ability to crawl but it doesn’t yet have the new wings added on. It can neither crawl nor fly. Essentially, its body turns into a pocket of “goo” as the cells were busy re-inventing themselves. This process takes time, patience, and trust as the caterpillar essentially “surrenders” to the change.

In time, the “crawling” skill changes into the “flying” skill and the butterfly’s life suddenly becomes better than ever. If the butterfly could talk, it might say, “Wow! Look at me! I’m flying! I can’t crawl anymore but that’s okay, now I can fly.” Well, if we take this metaphor and compare it to the way many self-help approaches focus on the “getting rid of” part of the change. It would be as if there would be self-help groups for butterflies who were feeling depressed because they can’t crawl anymore. It’d be like, “Hi, I’m a butterfly and I’m a crawl-a-holic” or something like that. Clinging to the memory of crawling and dealing with all the issues about not being able to walk on twigs and tree branches anymore. Nevermind you now have the skill to FLY to the tops of the trees, lets cry & grieve about not being able to wiggle like you used to. Now I’m being a bit facetious & flippant here but just to exaggerate the problem with the “getting rid of” mentality. Think about it – if there were to be promotional signs for people joining a “Transformation Program” which told caterpillars they could “get rid of” their crawling issues would that be more effective then telling them they could “add on” the ability to fly? The “getting rid of” paradigm permeates our culture. Get rid of depression; get rid of anxiety; get rid of PTSD; get rid of nightmares; get rid of violence; get rid of alcoholism; get rid of drug addictions; get rid of anger; get rid of co-dependency; get rid of passive aggressive behaviour and the list goes on and on and on. But true, authentic, long-lasting change will never work with this approach alone. It would be like talking to a butterfly about “getting rid of” their crawling behaviour. How much more effective to teach a butterfly to soar in the sky than teach it to “deal with” the loss of its caterpillar self.

blue and black butterfly
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

So how this translates to human transformation is that as we move from old limiting behaviours and grow into new ones, we are essentially letting go of the old and embracing the new. We are learning new skills, adding to our repertoire of skill-sets to draw on throughout our life experience. We are adding on capacities. We are developing new traits. We are discovering talents which are latent within us, lying in potential, just waiting for the opportunity to expand. Just like how a caterpillar has the potential to fly within it, so do we have the potential to do amazing things which have not yet been actualized.

The reason I used the butterfly as an example is because the interesting thing about a butterfly’s change is how it has that third chrysalis stage when it is neither a caterpillar or a butterfly. It’s in-between. It’s in process. It’s growing. It’s changing. I think humans go through this type of process symbolically as well and when people say they “don’t like change” or they “can’t handle uncertainty” this is what they are talking about. During the “inbetween stage” you cannot see any trace of the former caterpillar nor can you discern the butterfly. It’s just goo. If we are going through a growth process within our home, or our work environment, or our community we can see there are these “gooey” stages as well. Sometimes the fear of uncertainty is so strong for some people they may quit their job, or fire others during this stage. In marriages, some people may give up, go for divorce, or go for affairs. Someone going through personal transformation in a jail setting might find this stage nearly unbearable because the old behaviours are gone but the new ones are not yet fully established leaving a tremendous feeling of uncertainty and this can be a vulnerable place to be in, especially when surrounded by authoritarian figures. But in time, the wings start to grow, and in time the butterfly breaks free, and in time it’s easy to see the process was well worth the effort because flying IS so much better than crawling after all.

So this is why a butterfly is a good metaphor for change. If a butterfly were to show up in a dream, it would be a good symbol for this type of personal evolution of adding on new skills and letting go of the limitations of the former life before the new skills were added on.

As Richard described in his post, sometimes there is a bully-type person in an environment who likes to put people down. Bullies usually do not like change, growth, development. They like things to stay the same because they felt they had a control over things. What if there is a lot of growth and change in an environment – what if there is Courage instead of fear? What of the bully then? Well, either the bully changes too or he gets out. Most times, if there is enough positive change in the environment he will leave on his own will because he just can’t handle not being in control and power anymore.

antenna beautiful bloom blossom
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

So this is what the “adding on” paradigm shift is about – allowing for the process of change, and being patient while qualities such as Self-discipline or Obedience or Determination are being developed. In time, old fears, anxieties, and patterns of thinking can be dissolved and replaced with new more advanced capacities which transforms the life of the individual, their family, their work and every area of their lives. The effort and patience required is definitely worth the effort.

Dreams About Money – Steps for Breaking the Fear of Poverty Cycle

Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com

Nov. 25, 2018

For the past 10 years I’ve been studying my dreams, and the dreams others share, giving careful attention to the idea of transformation by understanding the metaphor of the dream and using it to decipher new solutions to old issues. One of the most prevalent issues which comes up for people is around money.

Money is an interesting metaphor because when it shows up in a dream, it is not actually about dollars & cents at all. Money in dreams is a symbol for bounties (from God?) and an also be about close connections in relationships. So when money shows up in a dream it’s not really about the cash in a bank account. It is about the dreamer’s relationships, with themselves and others.

So if money in a dream is not about money in real life, then how is it that a person can solve financial challenges by studying the metaphors in their dreams? There are ways. Here’s one of the ways.

  1. Ask your Self, at a time when you are awake and considering making some financial choices, “How much money is in my bank account right now?”
  2. When you get the answer to your question, whether there is $3.22 or $3022.00 or even $30, 220.00 – just notice the sensation you have when you think about how much money is there.
  3. If you have a fear of poverty, or if there is a pattern operating in your mind or in  your life which leads you to fear poverty, you can feel this negative sensation arise when you think about the exact dollar amount you are looking at.
  4. If you can, try to notice the fear and then think about what is an image which describes this sensation. Do you feel like you are falling off a cliff? Or being chased by a bear? Or being hunted by a gunman? About to be eaten by a snake? Just notice what image best describes the fear when you think about the actual dollars in your account.
  5. Let’s say when you imagine the fear then you get an image of … being in a busy mall and everyone is ignoring you and buying things and you feel as though you need things but have no money and it isn’t appropriate to ask others for help. That could be an image. When you feel like you need things, like food or gas or money for rent, but the money isn’t there, but you don’t want to ask anyone, then what is the emotion which comes up? Is it despair? Frustration? Hopelessness? Abandoned? If you can pinpoint the emotion you are one step closer to unraveling the pattern and increasing your wealth in life.
  6. Once you understand where you fear is coming from, and the emotions attached – such as embarrassment, or shame, or anger or rage then try thinking of the next metaphor which goes even deeper into your fear. When you want to ask for help but feel blocked by fear to get it, what image comes to mind? Let’s say, it’s something like being far down a hole in the ground, and others are standing nearby and you are reaching out your hand to be pulled up but people are looking at you but won’t offer a hand or a ladder. You want to hold that image in your mind and then use it for Step Number 7 to climb yourself out of the metaphoric hole.
  7. Now what you can do is work with the image to change the scenario in your mind. If you can think of a way to get yourself out of the metaphoric hole without the help of others, that’s even better. Why not imagine you look down and notice a ladder on the ground by your feet? What if you change the metaphor in your mind, use the ladder, attach it to the wall, maybe it’s one of those rope ladders, and climb your way up. Imagine the great sensation of taking steps to move upwards, imagine the strength you use to uplift yourself and get above ground.
  8. Since the metaphor in this example was about climbing a ladder, then you can think of the solution to your financial challenges as being a step-by-step approach. With that in mind, now consider your real life financial challenges. You know where the challenge is – a limited or finite amount of money in the bank – and you know the solution involves moving forward, or upwards step by step. Ask yourself, “What step can I take today, even if it is a small one, which will help uplift me towards the financial goal I want to achieve?
  9. When you think of that step then stay with that idea for a while, allow the Determination to achieve that goal to grow within you. When you feel a lot of Determination and readiness to take the step, then get up from your meditation/visualization and take the step.
  10. Once you take the step, you can continue taking more. Keep moving forward until you reach another obstacle and then just start back at exercise #1 and repeat the cycle until you achieve the goal. Of course, then you can set a new goal, and move forward with steps #1 through #10 until you are just cycling through this new flow. As you do this more and more you will create a new pattern of prosperity leaving the old fears behind and welcoming in new opportunities, including financial achievements and new relationships.

Nelson Mandala is known to have said that poverty is a man-made problem and that means it can be eliminated with man-made solutions. This solution offered here is one of many which can really help change things for individuals, families and communities.