A Sonnet For my Daughter

Oh! The trauma, the terror, the turmoil…

How I miss my love, my Heart, my Daughter!

Now this joyful heart ripped out; my plans soiled.

Now what has made our connection falter?

Once here, so creative, funny, so sweet,

Now somewhere but where? I seek but can’t find.

Flew on a plane to an unknown retreat?

Haunting visions of loss ghosting my mind.

“I’m here safe” she says – a truth and a lie,

My love, my Heart, my blood, my Everything!

God, guard me from this faulty alibi.

Why’d you go? Why administer this Sting?

Once here, bold & bright like a trumpet blast!

It seemed our Forever yet didn’t last.

Now it’s no blame of yours; no blame of mine,

I miss you – you are in my Heart each day.

Our Life is a journey traveled in time,

I cherish you – in my Heart you will stay.

My message to you if I have just one –

(it’s not a ploy to attract some strange gain)

Don’t waste your young days in turmoil or shun

Life always consists of sunshine and rain

Your quick departure feels like shattered glass,

No matter the pain though, no matter the scar,

Despite My fragmented heart – this shattered mass,

I love you here and I love you a far.

I know that you know that my love is deep & true

No matter the distance I always Love YOU.

[This is a Shakespearean style sonnet with rhyming pattern abab cdcd efef gg and 10 syllables per line. ]

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