Where were you on September 11, 2001?

Recently, I dreamed about being a detective in a building with bombs going off. It had such a strong FEELING of what I imagine it was like for the thousands of people in the World Trade Centers on the morning of September 11, 2001. So I’d like to share where I was that day, how it affected me, and what comes to mind on this day twenty years later.

Part One – Beginning to Understand Metaphors in Dreams

Want to read about metaphors instead of watching a video about them? Check out this brief summary below.

Every person, place & thing in the dream is a SYMBOL/METAPHOR for something else. Dreams "speak" the language of metaphors to tell us about ourselves & the world around us. When we understand what the metaphor stands for then we can understand what the dream is telling us about ourselves & our lives. 
A good example of a metaphor (which shows up in my dreams often) is a forest. Trees in real life have a lot of strength and they have the ability to grow to great heights over long periods of time. So when there is a tree in a dream it is a message to the dreamer to have the ability to do a lot of growing, in a slow, steady way, over a long period of time. Water is about being fluid, flexible, accommodating in relationships - water is about relationships & life. Rocks & stones are about being solid, unbreakable, etc. We might dream of rocks when we need to be very confident in our beliefs, for example. 
So the steps go like this: 1) We have a dream with a metaphor of a tree   2) We think about what QUALITIES trees have 3) We consider if we tend to have a lot of those qualities or do we struggle with those qualities? 4) If those qualities come easy to us already then we can ask ourselves

How to Overcome Obstacles the Way I Do it

Last night a number of dreams came to me with one common theme: overcoming obstacles.

The unique way I overcome obstacles is to not shy away from the negative but to learn from it, to embrace it, to seek to understand it because in doing so I can discern the CODE which unlocks the very positive potential within me or the people I’m working with.

The unique way I overcome obstacles is to not shy away from the negative but to learn from it, to embrace it, to seek to understand it because in doing so I can discern the CODE which unlocks the very positive potential within me or the people I’m working with.

Here are the obstacles in my dreams last night (in no particular order):

  • A man showed up on my property falsely claiming to be from Stats Canada but he was really someone from the past who I couldn’t remember because of post-concussion syndrome. As I was talking to him I realized my conditions were worse than expected.
  • A bomb was set to explode at the camp I was at…I ran the fastest to get away but then had to go back because we all needed some sort of device to protect us … my running away skills were useless
  • A bunch of wild animals inhabited the area I was living in and it was very uncomfortable. Wild dogs, elephants, a rhino, hippo, ostrich – stinky, annoying creatures who I couldn’t get away from. Every time I thought they were under control something worse happened. More and more animals kept coming out and it was worse than I expected.
  • Upon graduating from a renowned university, I discovered I owed them tens of thousands of dollars because my post-concussion brain forgot to make payments … somehow someone did something to have my fees waived but then she was annoyed with me (Leslie from FM). I remembered that there was a financial “glitch” but didn’t recall how bad it was. When I realized how bad it was I felt very embarrassed.
  • My “odd” behaviour caught the attention of a bartender who started asking a lot of questions about having post-concussion symptoms. As I answered him I began to realize just how bad things were for me, how long it takes me to process, how difficult it is to communicate, how fragmented my memory is, hard it is to remember a plan and stick with it, how short-lived my energy & focus is, how often I don’t follow through with commitments. The bartender was like, “Hun, you can’t go at this alone. This is really bad. You need support.” I had thought it was manageable but as I spoke I realized it was not.
  • Tony was looking at something I’d drawn (a vintage record player) and showed me that my description did not make any sense. His ex-wife said it’s okay and showed me how she figured it out.

It’s easy, at first glance, to take the post-concussion issue literally. But this is a dream, not real life, so we must take the metaphor first.

So what is the symbolism of a post-concussion brain injury?

A diagnosis of Post-Concussion Syndrome is appropriate if the symptoms of the concussion do not subside after 4-6 weeks from the time of the injury. Symptoms include:

  • headache
  • dizziness
  • vertigo
  • fatigue
  • memory problems
  • trouble concentrating
  • sleeping problems
  • insomnia
  • restlessness
  • irritability
  • apathy
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • personality changes
  • sensitivity to noise and light
My post-concussed brain is a lot like an abstact image of chaos & beauty

In real life, I have all of these symptoms and have had them since a car collision in March 2019 when a truck pulled out of a side road and T-boned my Ford Focus.

The most common obstacle in all these dreams is “post-concussion” symptoms.

The way I can dive deeper into the metaphor is to go back to the symbolism of a car crash, which was the cause of the concussion in the first place.

Cars in dreams are about getting from Point A to Point B. Sometimes people with a really strong ego will do anything or hurt anyone in their path to Power. A common metaphor for this is a car collision.

There is someone in my life right now, who is so full of ego that it seems nothing of her True Self is left, sadly. Her actions have caused a “crash” in my life in that I can no longer go from Point A to Point B because she has metaphorically crashed my vehicle.

So that is what the dream is telling me: That the damage done by this woman is more traumatic than I realized and has had an even worse affect on my brain/mind than what I was aware of.

Well, what do I do with this information?

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The positive solutions are in the negative images from the dream.

Richard Hastings
  1. What is the biggest challenge in the dream images? What’s the biggest threat? The most dangerous situation?

Answer: In every dream, I am embarrassed to some degree. But in every situation, the obstacle is resolved without danger or harm to anyone. So that tells me that there is no immediate risk or threat to my real life physical world and what I can focus on instead is the development of inner capacities so I can better deal with the challenge at hand. Therefore, the biggest challenge is the wild animal dream; each animal represents a quality of Strength, Courage, Power, etc so these are the qualities which are still innate within me but not activated in their fullest potential in the real world. (Other people who dream a lot about animals will be familiar with this concept.)

2. What is a situation in life that needs you to have more Courage, Power, Strength? If you had these qualities developed to their fullest what would you be doing differently?

Answer: The Canadian Family Court System seems to be calling me to it. If I had more Courage, Power & Strength I would definitely take bolder actions to advocate for families.

3. What can I do today to practice and demonstrate some extra Courage, Power or Strength?

Answer: Today it ‘s taking a lot of Courage to Write & Share these dreams publicly. I’m doing it anyway. My aim & intention for writing and sharing my dreams is to shine new light on an ancient tradition of gleaming insight from the dreamworld, from our dreams, from our unconscious. I am not afraid of or embarrassed about the actions others have taken in a cruel plot against me. Still, I hold fast to my goal to share with others the guiding inspiration of dreams, using my dreams & real life as an example.

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