Looking For Gems: A Prisoner’s Dream about Discovering Latent Potential for Growth

An inmate from our Dreamwork For Prisoners program shared a dream and gave me permission to post it here.

In the dream, he was in a desert working as a guide. He told me he was wearing khaki pants in the dream and laughed because he was Black and would never wear khakis in real life. As the dream went on, and he guided people through a museum-type building, three large holes opened up in the ground and he, along with all members of the group, fell into the holes. Once he got to the bottom he started looking around. He discovered a cave filled with gems, jewels & diamonds. One of the most beautiful necklaces was on a skeleton. He took a large stick and reached to pull the necklace off the skeleton’s neck.

The reason I like this dream and its metaphors is because it so clearly depicts the process of inner change and growth. We all have capacities, skills & abilities which are latent within us and we have the potential to develop infinitely. When we embark on a journey of change & transformation, it’s like we’re going mining for gems…we go deep within ourselves to discover our potential and then we take hold of that potential and bring it to light.