About Dreamwork

Rachel Czifra Perry

My Healing Path includes:

  • recovering from drug & alcohol & nicotine addictions
  • healing from childhood sexual abuse
  • recovering from childhood trauma
  • recovering from divorce of parents and from a spouse of 10 years
  • recovering from kidney & liver ailments, including life-threatening food allergies
  • surviving a miscarriage
  • career interruptions beyond my control
  • relocating to 3 new provinces
  • healing from PTSD & severe physical injuries in 2 car accidents
  • surviving the Covid-19 pandemic

Hey Dreamworkers! Here are some who, what, where, when and whys of who I am, what I do and what this website is all about.

Beginning in 2015, I started sharing dreams daily on this blog. However, I’ve been recording dreams regularly since 2009. One category in this blog is 1008 Dreams & Interpretations which documents a few years of personal healing and transformation using a Dreams For Peace approach to dreamwork.

The purpose of sharing dreams openly is to remind people of the mystery and magic of life. When we remember a dream we are remembering a part of ourselves which exists outside of time and space. We remember that there is more to life than what can be seen and touched with our physical senses. We remember the Spirit and we remember who we really are and what we are really going for in life.

The intention is to openly share fears, conscious and unconscious ones, and how these fears are transformed. The aim is to become very comfortable with the process of change and growth. I share openly because I believe dreams do not belong to a person. They come through a person but have a message for everyone.

I have found that in being a student of Dreams For Peace, by remembering dreams, understanding their message and applying the proven strategies, I have created so much Peace within myself, within my home, my family, and communities.

I share openly to contribute to an ever-advancing culture of transformation.

“The idea is to take the work beyond what people think of as dream interpretation to being more solution-oriented and as a way to delve deeper into the transformation experience.” (Richard Hastings)

[To hear Richard describe how he created his approach to Dreamwork you can click on this link to a radio show where he shares insights on Dreams For Peace.]

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Learn how to heal trauma by understanding the secret messages of your dreams

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