About Dreamwork

To hear Richard describe how he created his approach to Dreamwork you can click on this link and hear him talk about it on a radio show.

Beginning in 2015, I started sharing my dreams daily on this blog.

The purpose of sharing dreams openly is to remind people of the mystery and magic of life. The intention is to openly share fears, conscious and unconscious ones, and how these fears are transformed.

On this blog, you will find the dreams categorized by symbol, or by various names, actions and concepts. There are also tags on the dreams for easy reference.

Dreams are also stored by date, which you can find by clicking on the calendar. Sometimes the dreams are published right after they were dreamed and sometimes they are published long after.

There is also a category for dreams which have been made into e-books.

When we remember a dream we are remembering a part of ourselves which exists outside of time and place. We remember that there is more to life than what can be seen and touched with our physical senses. We remember the Spirit and we remember who we really are and what we are really going for in life.

I share openly because I believe dreams do not belong to a person. They come through a person but have a message for everyone.

We are all connected and I hope that in sharing the journey along this Path I can offer inspiration and hope to others on theirs.

I have found that remembering dreams, understanding their message using Richard’s approach, and applying the strategies has helped me to Create Unity within myself, within my home, within my family, within my community.

I share openly to contribute to an ever-advancing culture of transformation.

“The idea is to take the work beyond what people think of as dream interpretation to being more solution-oriented and as a way to delve deeper into the transformation experience.” (Richard Hastings)


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