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Dream: $300 & Confronting White Male Priviledge

Dreams give insights into things happening in culture which need changing. If we think of a dream as belonging to us just because we are the one who experienced it then we are sorely wrong. Dreams belong to everyone. A dream comes through the dreamer and has lessons for the dreamer but the messages are for everyone. The metaphors in dreams help us to understand important messages for our own personal growth and for the growth of a family, community or nation. 

These dream images have a lot to do with money and feelings of safety or security. In the old paradigm, women used to depend on men to support them financially. Alternatively some women would try to collect charity to help them get through rough times. In some cultures, family members who earn the most money share with their parents and siblings. The important thing to remember is that women’s equality is the most important social justice issue of our time and one of the most significant parts of this equality is financial. 

The metaphors in this dream series show where there is strength of character, in stating that there is no need to depend on a man for money.

23 May 2017

In the dream I received an envelop from my mom and as I looked at it more closely I saw it was also from my sister, dad and ex-husband. It had a $25 gift card in it. As I looked more closely I saw it had cash too – $300 in total. “Huh,” I said to myself. “That’s a good amount of money to receive.”

In another dream, I was watching an animal show which people were getting entertained with. I could not understand how they could find it entertaining to watch animals behave like people. There were some eagles in the show.

As I was watching through the gate I saw a monkey who was dressed in overalls put some sunglasses on. At first he flung them off distastefully. Then he went back to them. When he was reaching for them, my sister grabbed at them through the fence. Then the monkey looked disappointed. My sister threw them back over the fence but when they landed they caught the attention of the crowd. The monkey waddled over to the glasses, curious and wanting to still play with them, but a bigger monkey came along and grabbed at them. The smaller first monkey just waddled backwards, like waiting in line. But I could see the bigger monkey was going to keep the glasses for himself.

I felt such pity for that first monkey and was puzzled by the behaviour of my sister which would do something to mock and hurt the feelings of this small monkey. It was almost as though she took pleasure out of toying with him.

That was my dream.

In another part I was talking to a wealthy white woman who made her way to the top by connecting with a wealthy white male. She was trying to give me financial advice. I looked at her right in the eye and I told her that her way doesn’t work for me.

She looked pretty stunned and backed away. She tried to make excuses and I said, “Look! I like you and I appreciate what you did for us when we were children but I don’t like who you’ve become and I don’t want to be like you.”

I admitted mistakes I made with her – I told her I was sorry for turning to her when I needed help. She said she understood.

Then  again, I was walking down the street with a woman who is Asian and married to a wealthy white male. She tried to talk to me as though I was like her and I just said, “Lookit! What you say and do has very little value to me. I’m not doing it the way you do it (ie sleep with a wealthy white male in order to gain prestige and prosperity).” I showed her this little Elmo toy I was playing with.

“See this! That is the extent to which I value your high-end stuff. I’d rather play with children’s toys than talk about what you are talking about.”

I could see in her eyes she knew I was right and that I was stronger than she was and that she wished/wishes she could do it like me. But she couldn’t. She was too attached and too tangled up. It was hopeless for her. She was so jealous of me.

Our conversation ended like that.

Dream: Snake, Cancer, Fish, Narcissism

07 February 2017

  • found 2 golf ball sized balls in my pelvic area
    • i sent my mind inside the cancer to see if I could dissolve it, the heat was so hot and it burned up my left arm, i had to rest before i could try again


  • was in water, fish nipping at my feet, more and more of them
    • was with G. as a 3 year old
    • as fish got more and bigger i got more afraid but she didn’t get scared
  • a woman was flirting with a man but then he stuck his toe up her and she started bleeding and then he said he couldn’t be with her and she left and he clean up the blood on the table and bed, i thought she had cancer too


  • we were holding a pretend snake, which then came alive, which then was a snake with fangs, just showing its teeth and i analyzed it, the shape of its mouth, etc


  • was wearing a green party dress like a fairy on a costume day but no one knew what i was dressed up as and they didn’t know if I dressed like that by accident or if i was wearing a costume to go along with the party


  • i was chatting with a martial artist who was a cop
    • i turned on a power drill by accident and it kept spinning but then we got it to turn off
    • i joked about everything having a lot of power around here


  • T.A. was there somewhere
  • G. was driving us in a truck, DN and A as a child where in the front seat
    • a monkey/badger went onto the windshield and G couldnt see, it bothered me that others didn’t mind and i was sitting behind gracie giving instructions


  • Someone had a dream she was on the edge of a cliff, a mountain view, the spot she was sitting on slipped and fell a bit so she was basically falling, she grabbed its tail and it pulled her up, like those big saint bernards.