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Finding the Worst Thing & Making It Better

In the dream I was piloting a flying car over water. Both a man and a woman were trying to manipulate me. Eventually I did what I had to do and then left again.

Here is are the key parts of the dream:

-flying a hydro-planing space-craft kind of object an ocean

-East-Indian man gives me tour

-Obese woman gives a tour & wants money

– I don’t have the money for them b/c I didn’t know their kindness was a paid service

-I want to pay them but don’t have the money

-My head spins trying to think of an honest solution with integrity


What is the worst part?

The moment when I realize I don’t want to be associated with that obese woman liar but don’t know where else to go…and I realize the guide I thought was a friend really wants money from me too.

What do I do?

I try to get out of it without making her upset.

Does it work?


So what will work instead?

If I want to get back to flying my own hydro-craft, I can realize that she was in the wrong. I can walk away. I can leave her to herself. When I do that I am not spinning anymore.

If you were to go back to the craft instead of in battle with her, what happens next?

The spin happens when I sit at the driver’s seat – where to go now? What to do next? And I feel lonely.

Where does the loneliness show up physically?

In my gut. Like a blackness, like a black hole of despair. Cold & dark. Like an eel.

So how can you be like a positive eel?

An eel is hard to get a hold of, an under-water snake.

In a positive way it means being able to swim underwater un-interupted.

Where in my life today and this week can I be like a positive eel?

There are certain deadlines and time constrictions this week and at first glance it seems impossible to get through. But if I am like a positive eel it means being able to swim through the environment without interruption.

How is that different than getting in a battle with an obese woman?

It means just flowing in a different way, getting out of a mess before I even get into it. I can make lists, set alarms, set appointments, make calls, meet people, ask for help, at the same time as staying out of things, detaching, listening, and offering support when asked but without reacting negatively and without over-reacting.

What is one thing you can do today to be like a positive eel?

What is one thing I do or one thing I am and how can I do that one small thing rapidly and consistently all week?

I don’t see how I can do what I need to do

a) health/finances/home/car

b) school/education/recreation/Gracie

c) BERTEIG newsletter/team meeting/prep for coach-camp

Is it possible?

What is the one thing I can do, repeatedly and quickly, which will help me to do all of this?

Facebook posts?…..

Let me see if I can….




How To Handle Snake-like Behaviour in Others

01 July 2017

A while back I dreamed of handling a blacker-than-black rattlesnake. Even though the snake was poisonous and trying to bite I could handle it easy like an expert. Someone else tried to show off and say they could handle rattlesnakes too but when they tried they realized they couldn’t. In the dream the snake gave me a tiny bite on my hand but I shook it off with no issues.

A dream like this is one of my favourites to deal with because it deals with a snake, which is a perfect symbol for change & transformation.


In the dream, I am teaching others how to handle rattlesnakes. That means in real life I have an ability to handle a lot of change & transformation AND have the ability to teach others.


So that is what I’m setting out to do in this post.


To begin, it’s useful to think of the difference between a rattlesnake and other poisounous snakes. The rattle makes them very different. They expect that if they taunt their target with the ominous shake of the rattle then the target will either flee or freeze. If the flee, so be it. If they freeze, they become lunch.


So in real life, the rattle of a snake is like the rattle of someone negative making threats and “noise” to try to create a fear response in its target. There are some people, like narcissists, who get a thrill over shaking things up and generating fear in others.


In the dream, the rattle doesn’t turn me away and it doesn’t turn my mom away either. So that means that this gift was given to me by her. It’s something I inherited from her.


The problem in the dream is that she wants to match or surpass my skills and she can’t.


People in dreams are not always about the people in real life. When a person shows up in an dream it can be about a part of the dreamer that is similiar to the character in the dream. So this dream with my mom does not mean it is really about her in real life, although that may be one possibility.


In the dream I handle the snake well and in real life people who have snake-like tendencies often have a lot of jealousy. They often wait and then pounce on prey when least expected and they try to bring others into an fight. It comes from a place of fear, fear of losing something like a position. If they see someone else who they perceive as threatening their position they can attack with poison to try to bring the person down.


There’s not too much to get worried about in a dream or real life scenario with snake-like people. The key is to just be flexible and willing to change and adapt. In this way, new strengths are developed and old skills are called on to deal with the new situation.


When a snake shows up in your dream you can start asking yourself, “Where in my life is there some room for growth, transformation and Change?”

You might be surprised.


Dream: Handling a Rattlesnake

18 April 2017

In the dream, I am handling a blacker-than-black rattlesnake. 

It was curled up in a ball at first but then came out. I am teaching someone how to handle it, how to hold its head so it can’t do a lethal bite. For a brief moment it gets its fangs in but then I slowly pull them out and its under my control.

My mom takes it and wants to make it look like she is as good as I am at handling snakes but she isn’t. She fumbles with it and puts it over her head and it wiggles all around agitated.

The pain in my hand from the bite is brief. 

The first thing I think about when a snake appears in a dream is CHANGE.

The nature of the change is revealed in the dream itself.

Since I feel physical pain in the dream it is a signal to me that I will experience a degree of pain during the change or transformation that is coming up. However, I really have a good handle on this kind of thing now.

The dream is a reminder that I can tolerate a high-degree of discomfort and still be okay with it, and I can even be clear-headed enough to teach others, even those who show out-right refusal to engage in learning, growth or real change.



Dream: Snake in the Grass

07 April 2017

It’s been such a long time since a snake has shown up in my dreams. Haven’t seen snakes in my dreams ever since getting out of the snake-filled corporate environment 6 months ago. So whenever a snake shows up in in a dream I start thinking about transformation and change. It’s good to think of it that way because it takes some of the mystery and fear out of the situation.

In the dream, I was standing in a grassy area, with grass and brush as high as my knees. As I watched the grass closely I could see it moving in a pattern which made me suspect there was a snake there and I said so to my travel companions.

Then we were all looking together in the same location.

Sure enough, when we followed the moving grass then in the distance we saw a snake leap out of the grass into the air.

Not having ever seen a snake do this before we were all startled and began laughing. It’s movement was cartoonish and comical. It was just a garter snake and was no threat whatsoever.

Grass in a dream symbolizes growth. So to be standing in a field of grass is like standing in an area where a lot of progress has already been achieved.

The snake in this dream was no big deal so that means the change & transformation is really is not going to be a big deal.

It seems this dream was just a reminder about how far I’ve come and a reminder that I can continue enjoying the journey fearlessly embracing change, growth & transformation.

Daily Dream Diary – Being Dragged By a Car

Written around October 2016 – posted in February 2017

  • walking through a forest which was other-worldly
  • it was like it was man-made and natural at the same time
  • the trees had rocks on them or were made out of rocks or grew through the rocks
  • the crickets were there but sparse


  • i was being dragged under a car
  • feel the ground on my skin
  • it was dark
  • i felt it & then also backed away and watched it
  • it was quite horrible


I’ll tell you what these dreams mean.

A forest is a metaphor for the mind. For it to have an other-wordly feel means I could go to places in my mind which were different than what is predictable and common. Perhaps some might call this a gift with Creativity and perhaps it might also be called a skill at being able to use my imagination with expertise in my creative work endeavors.

Trees are about growth.

Crickets are small insects and the first thing to come to mind is that they are what we feed pet snakes. Snakes are about transformation and change.

To dream of being dragged by a car means someone is doing something which is controlling the direction of my life and they don’t care if it hurts me or not. Since I had a strong physical sensation of my skin on the ground it means there’s a strong likelihood that what the person is doing will show up in my day-to-day life and I will have some hurt and negativity to deal with.

Feeling it and then backing away and watching it means that I can detach from really negative situations and look at them from a distance which gives me a perspective and allows me to grow and learn from the experience.

The feeling of horror in the dream woke me up to something to be alert to. In fact, something really negative did happen in real life a short time after this dream. I’d like to think that I was somewhat prepared for it and that I handled the situation well, all things considered.