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Getting a Negative Person out of my house


I dreamed that I was in my new house.

some man I know to be negative comes over
it seems we are going to get married
he goes into the other room
i follow him and then get really confused
I go back into the first room and speak to someone
in talking to her I recall things about what just happened in the other room.
i realize he had invited others over and sets up a voodoo-thing
invites me into the room
at first i think it is interesting because the leader
cuts the cord between a husband and wife who
were divorcing and the man was set free to
live his i thought it was good.
but then the people surround me
someone i don’t know is walking around me with
eyes like hypnotized speaking non-sense words
and putting face close to mine
then R. holds my left arm down and whispers
repeatedly in my ear “killing…killing…killing…killing” seemingly 50 times
he said “chop chop chop chop” like he would chop me up, or like I would be
forced to chop someone else up.
i’m trying to block out him and the other person at the same time.
when i talk to the woman about this she is sitting on a chair
comfortably, bright window and tall plants beside her,
she is so comfortable and she seems to know what to do about the situation.
i am a bit afraid because i think he trained me to be a killer or that he was going to kill me.
I realize he now knows where i live and he lives across the street down a few blocks.
the woman has lots of ideas for how to regain safety. and she goes about the house
showing me things. Like for example, we vaccuum up some item he left behind
and then throw out the vaccuum. and while doing this i listen to her words
carefully and learn a way of speaking which protects and comforts me.
she trains me to speak in an encouraging way.
at one point, i sit down at a table with someone who in real life i wanted to marry in high school and now just find him an interesting character. i open up a window beside the table. cool air blows in and he wraps himself up and shivers and wines a bit like a baby. i like the fresh air and don’t want to close the window so i hope he will warm up but he stays chilly so eventually i close it for him.
i went back to preparing the house to keep it safe from invaders. she seemed to believe it could be done and had such confidence about her that i believed it could be done too.
it seemed at one point he came back to the window and because of what we had set up he could not get in.
he went away. he could never come back.

My Dream About the Whale Show

This dream is from back in 2011ish but the interpretation is still so meaningful even today!

My daughter and I were at an amusement park and were going down to see the whale show. The bleachers were set up beside the ocean. We go down there and there are 3 orca whales that are interacting with the people in the front row. They are playful and beautiful. So magestic. Grace comes down and is in a great mood then she just jumps right into the water. I’m not concerned at first. I know she can swim. But then instead of coming up to me she swims farther into where the whales are swimming and even past them. A lifeguard jumps out to get her. The whole audience is hushed as they wait. The lifeguard gets her and brings her back. She had swam very deep and very far away. Never coming up for air but not appearing to struggle. I hold her and hug her and say ‘Oh my girl. I love you so much. You scared me.” She doesn’t understand what the big deal was. I don’t know what to tell her.

(In the time when the lifeguard is swimming out to her and the audience is hushed I am feeling ashamed that she just jumped like that and I didn’t protect her. I feel that the audience is judging me and that it appears she doesn’t respect me.)

Thank you Richard.

Dear Rachel,

It is nice to hear from you.    In the first dream you can think of yourself as your daughter, while in the second dream you can think of your daughter being you and it being her.

In the first dream [which appears in the e-book but not here in this short blog post] you (as your daughter’s age) want to speak, but you as the mother want to her stop in a violent way.   So you can say that you are violent with yourself from speaking out more probably in a positive way about the big dreams you have and the things you want to do.    The second dream is clearer about it.   You have 3 big dreams(goals in your life) which are symbolized by the 3 Orcas and at first you can just dive into to achieve them, but then you get fearful of going too deep and too far and begin to panic so you send out the rescue to get yourself back to where you are right now.

The way you are raising your daughter and leading your life is allowing her and you to have big dreams and to go for them but you are fearful of going too deep and too far so then you do everything you can to stop them even being violent as in the first dream.    The fear began at the current age your daughter is (age 6ish) and that is why you are violent to shut it down because you are so fearful that something bad is going to happen to her because something bad happened to you at that age.

So you can say that you are doing a wonderful job raising your daughter and that is leading her and you to be able to have big dreams and aspirations,  but there is a fear that something bad is going to happen that keeps you from going after the bigger things and thus encouraging her to bigger things.
As soon as you address the fear you can be thinking much larger about your life.

Sweet dreams


Dreams For Women’s Empowerment

(This is an expert from the book 1008 Dreams & Interpretations. It shows my letter to Richard about the dream, the dream itself & the interpretation. In the book, I share more about how applying the dreamwork solutions completely transformed my life for the better. In the dream I mention my “husband” but as of  December 2009 we were separated and since then have divorced. He is now my ex-husband.)

IMG_1133Dear Richard,

For so many years my dreams having been giving me messages that I have tried to decipher and no interpretation worked as well as this concept of dreams
being messages for peace. I’ve taken to writing my dreams as soon as I wake up and creating a dream dictionary of the symbols I’m seeing. You know what
happens to me when I pay attention to my dreams like this? They multiply!!
LOL! So I’ve been busy and really enjoying it.

It makes a lot of sense to me that dreams are messages of things to come.
What a comfort it is to be able to prepare oneself with qualities that bring
peace to situations that may otherwise have lacked in them.

It seems I have the qualities of a good “dream musician’ as I have been in
the practice of meditating for more than 15 years. I really enjoy Yoga,
prayer and meditation, and find that unlocking the messages in my dreams is
doing a lot to balance me and give me a deeper understanding of choices that
are before me right now.

Here is something I have wondered about for about 10 years. In 1999, I had
moved to a rural part of Ontario where I had relocated to help form a small
Baha’i community’s first Local Spiritual Assembly (back when that was one of the goals of the 5 year plan).

At that time, I had a dream that I saw a moose get hit by a
white car and then stumble off into the woods. When I awoke I discovered a
white car with a smashed in front hood in my driveway. Later in the day the
owner of the car came back for it and she said she had hit a moose in the
night. I was so surprised! Shortly afterwards, I spoke with a homeopathic
doctor who also did dream analysis and he said that when we dream we have a
type of a “radar” that picks up event energy and that I was sensitive to the
events that had occurred outside my home.

I was wondering if you might have a different way to explain such a

In my observations of my recent dreams in the past month I’ve noticed the
common themes and feel as though I understood many of the messages that were
there. Last night I had a new dream senerio with a completely different
tone, new symbols, and it feels like a new “dream song” altogether. Perhaps
you wouldn’t mind giving your interpretation to get me started on these new
dream images.

Thank you, Richard.

Sincerely and profoundly,


DREAM – Ostrich stones

November 07,09

IMG_1151I am walking down a car-sized gravel road in a wooded area. I approach a
path that takes me off the main road onto a smaller foot path that I can see
go off into the horizon. There are less trees in this direction and it is
more open. An ostrich appears at the entrance way to the foot path. It talks
to me and tells me to leave stones as I go along the way. It says I need to
leave stones along the path and then a vision appears of stones the size of
grapefruits that are set 10-20 feet apart down the path. Then the vision of
the stones disappears. The ostrich then takes 3 separate stones that are
shaped like the legs, body, and wings of an ostrich and it places them
beside a huge boulder at the foot of the path. It says, “this goes here so
that you will always know which way you have gone for the next time when you
come this way again.”
I stand watching the ostrich and trying to understand why I need
ostrich-shaped stones at the foot of a path. As I look toward the horizon,IMG_0881
it appears to me that this is the entrance to a labyrinth, a mystery of
sorts. A German Sheppard dog appears in a vision on the path showing me it’s
the way to go and then disappears.

There is a big stone building. Someone comes to find me and tells me that
they have something for me. It’s the remains/a body part of an old, deceased
relative. When I am confused he says that they have this tunnel on their
property and a service they provide is that people can put a body part down
into it at the beginning of the day and then they research it and find who
it belongs to and give it back to you at the end of the day. Someone had
submitted some manure and it was traced to this woman who is a relative of
mine. And I am given a box with remains inside. I am told to go to a room
where others will be waiting for me.

I get to the room and find my husband is there beside two big long conference tables.

There is a stack of magazines. I’m asking him what we are
supposed to be doing. He just keeps talking about his pink pants and that he
needs a bigger size. When the teacher arrives she is annoyed that we have
not started and I am annoyed that I didn’t know what to do to start. She
tells me to separate each of the pages of the magazine along the table to
put them in order. There are several others there doing the task too. I
begin working on the project. My husband is distracted and I wonder if he has a
hearing problem and that is why he didn’t hear or understand what it was we
were supposed to be doing. He had been given the instructions before I got

As I’m sorting I ask him what he’s doing because he’s still not doing it. He
says he’s liking these pink pants that he just found and do I have a bigger
pair. No I tell him, I don’t. So he leaves to go find another pair. I watch
him go and now he is wearing the pink pants and I like them on him but am
glad he is leaving.

The magazine is a women’s magazine. It has art and cooking and articles on
empowerment in it. It is interesting to me and I take the job of putting it
in order quite seriously and find it enjoyable. Another woman is a bit
confused at one point and I help her to straighten out some of the pages.
There are about 100 pages.

Richard’s Reply:

In the 7 Sevens, in the Valley of Wonderment, Baha’u’llah asks us
to ponder about the mysteries that lie hidden in dreams that we may
attain to divine confirmations and enter regions of holiness.   He
seems to especially want us to ponder the question you raise about the
dream and then it coming true in real life and meditate on the
difference between the dream world and the real world.

One of the barriers to doing this process is presented in the
dream you had in 1999 and then most recent dream.   Now I think most
people would look at the 1999 dream and look at the part of it coming
true in a literal sense.   This is a good thing to do because it helps
us realize that the spiritual world or the dream world can exist
outside of the laws of time as we know them.   They know that things
are going to happen before they happen in the real world.  After all,
God is All-knowing.   This also helps us to understand that dream time
can be a before time reality to serve as a kind of warning so that we
can change things ahead of time or prepare ourselves.

If you also take that dream at a metaphoric level like native
people would,  then the car, which is white, can represent what
happens when the white culture is driving down its white culture path.
What happens is that it runs into the largest animal that was there
long before the white culture appeared.   So this is actually a
metaphor for what happens when the white, materialistic driven culture
runs into the culture that is already there, both get hurt.

So on the one hand, you could take the dream as literal and that
would be correct and you could take the dream metaphorically and that
would also be right.   The literal part of the dream can usually have
an intercession with prayer as can the metaphoric,  but the important
thing is how the white and the native culture can come together to
create something wonderful and new instead of the destruction that has
occurred in the past.

In the ostrich dream, you can first ponder on the question of why
an ostrich.   It is a big huge bird, not unlike the moose, and it is
asking you to create marker stones so you won’t forget your way.    I
think that the key about the ostrich is its size and that it wants you
to make very visible markers.    Markers are a symbol for memories and
the reason that you need the memories is that the purpose of the white
materialistic culture that you currently live in is to have you forget
what you know so that you will do what others want you to do.    How
many times have you been told to forget what works and is good and
just get with the program of doing what they want you to do?  It is
frightening, but it is the white car that kills the moose.

The german shepherd is about the quality of loyalty meaning that
when you stay true to the path and remember it that you will be
guided.   Then you will start getting clues and be able to decipher
them.   The body parts is about deciphering. It is like being able to
read behavior in others and then finding where they need to go, what
virtue they need.

One of the mysteries of the dream is about your husband.   In
the dream he is trying to put on pink pants.  This means he is trying
on some feminine qualities to see how he likes them, which he does.
It turns out that you end up working on a magazine for women’s
empowerment so this seems to be the metaphor that is your starting

A magazine is a symbol of sharing information and ideas and
so you can say that your current work is to begin the process of
sharing about women’s empowerment which combines all of the things
mentioned in the dream.     This is the reason that the ostrich wanted
you to have the big markers so that you would remember a lot of the
things that are valuable for women.  Without the markers you forget
and slip into the current culture that requires forgetting.

I think one of the major questions that you have is, “What are the
important lessons that you have learned that are important for women?”

Good dreaming


1008 Dreams – Chaos on a Bus

CHAOS ON AN BUS – I am riding on a bus. A girl has a stomach ache. She doesn’t know what it is. She is laying flat and being examined – by me? By someone else? They find she has ringworn. She is really upset. I am concerned about it spreading to the others on the bus. There is a bit of chaos and she jumps up at the same time that others do. The bus driver is a big burly woman and she yells at us to sit down and she is complaining that she has “been on the job for 5 or 6 days and doesn’t want to put up with this. Whose driving the bus? She yells. Me or you?  I am. So let me. Sit down. Shut up.” Etc. We do. And as we do I think how do we get rid of this parasite and how do we prevent it from speading.

Then the girl with it stands up and comes to me and she wants to show me the worm which has coiled itself near the skin. I can’t bear to see it. She lifts her shirt to show me her stomach and I raise a pillow to block the view. I just can’t look. She tries hard for some time but then gives up and starts showing others.

We get off the bus and walk for some time. The walk iss energizing for me. I am carrying a very large load and others look at me surprised and I say I’m good and I can manage. Which I can. I fasten a belt around me which makes the load feel lighter and I walk ahead of the group. We are walking up hill. I get to a place where it is quite damp and there are two directions to go. I don’t know which one is the best on but then a neighbhour tells me which path leads to the right area which is a small hidden pathway and then he is leaving. I am about to go that way but I consider that if I go there, the others won’t know which way to go and will think the other more obvious way is the best. So I wait around for the group to join me and then when they are ready I go through a tight passage way. We walk through a cave area and come to an opening. The doorway is high and we have to pull down the stairs.

Pulling them down reveals a knome and the woman says something funny about the knome being there. He jumps up and starts talking. He wants a job but he is the one that I saw at a festival (in waking life) that I didn’t like and had a mental problem and had his busker licence revoked. I shake my head no to the friend so she doesn’t fall for it. We climb up those stairs into another room and have to wait for something, a guide, I think. As we are waiting, another worker comes by and she says they have discovered a new arrangement where they have put the lions with the turtles and the bears with the penguins in new enclosures. The calmness of the turtles makes the lions calm and the lions treat the turtles with gentleness. The penguins do the same for the bears and result in less violence. (As I write this part, another dream image comes to mind but I’m not sure in which order I had it — the image is of a big black grizzly bear running at me and then biting me. I pretended I was dead and closed my eyes and waited for a woman who was calling 911 to come. It didn’t hurt so much but there was intense pressure on my arm and I felt paralyzed. I wondered how big the bite was and how much damage there would be.)

So we climb up the stairs and go into a building. I head to the washroom. There I find that when I have a bowel movement there is a worm also. It’s big and white and mucasy. As I am leaving I wash my hands and am trying to think how to get rid of it and a woman at the sink tells me that it must be big because it made my breath smell bad even.

So I leave and am thinking “Damn, how do I get rid of this?” And a tall First Nations man approaches me and says that I am good at identifying parasites and they have had some found in their food. He asks, “Could I please stand at the table and let him know if I see any?”

“Yes, sure,” I say.

So I go there and after a few hotdogs served, sure enough I see one in a hotdog. I show it to him expecting he will toss the whole thing but he doesn’t, he peels away the worm and then goes to give the dog away. I interrupt him and say I would like that one. So that I take it and toss it when he’s not looking.

After that, I find another one which is like a centipede and by this time I begin to have fun feeling good about making their food safer.

Then it is time to go. I am told my apartment is ready.

As I am opening the door to my apartment I am told that they painted while I was away and I find that the colour is now an army green colour instead of the sunny yellow that it was before. And I find there were things that weren’t put away when I left that I now have to tidy up.

I go to the washroom and find another big long parasite comes out. I take a long stick and move it to see if it is alive. It is the kind where even if it breaks both pieces still stay alive. Yuck, I think, I’ve got to get rid of this. THEN I WAKE UP.

As I am reflecting on the message in the dream and the implications in my life another dream image came to mind…

1008 Dream: Bus Driver Writing Poetry

BUS DRIVER WRITING POETRY: A woman (from that bus) comes up to me and says she hears I am good at writing poetry. Yes, I say. She says can I give you a line and we can work on it together. I want to create a poem.

So I say sure and we get out paper and pens.

Then she says the first line is “Help! Help! Help! Help Me!”

I look at her like “are you kidding?” but she’s serious…she acts like she doesn’t need help but her poem will be about this topic. So I kinda sigh and think, okay…here we go. I consider “is this the title of the poem or the first line?” and decide it will be the first line.

Some ideas come to my head about this…and I ask her “well, how about you make a list or think about the things that this person in the poem would want to say to ask help for and I will write a line about those things”

She says sure and begins writing lines. Several verses come to mind but I need to hear from her what she wants included first. I put a few lines down on the page. I become aware that as a writer I have a rich vocabulary developing and am grateful for this skill.

What she comes up with is not very meaningful and I find that she is not very self-aware so there is no real connection with her to the words. Hmmm…I’m now stumped. The goal needs not to be for her to create a poem, the goal needs for her to become self aware. I feel like I don’t want to waste my time when the poem will not truly represent her thoughts and feelings and experience. I show her my lines  But she doesn’t like what I’ve written; she doesn’t get it. I don’t think we finish the poem.

And as I was writing this to send to you another dream image came to mind….