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Why the Future World is So Unrecognizable to Us

Published March 23, 2013 Change work , emotions , encouragement , reflections ,transformation , virtues 1 CommentTags: futurevision
O Thou our Provider! Send down Thine aid, that each one gathered here may become a lighted candle, each one a centre of attraction, each one a summoner to Thy heavenly realms, till at last we make this nether world the mirror image of Thy Paradise.       Abdu’l Baha

The future world is very difficult for most of us to imagine because of some of the structures and ways of being in the current world.   For instance, the leadership in the present day society is largely seen vertically. There are a few people at the top who usually act out of self-interest and power and then there is a whole culture trying to climb vertically.   There is a small percentage of people who have an abundance of the resources and then everyone else trying to be like them and worshiping them.     When we are striving to advance to the top or fighting against the top,   we fail to see and participate in the way the future is going to be.     The easiest way to begin glimpsing the world of the future is to look at things around you right now, then think of a world that is exactly the opposite.

A vertical way of operating in the world which the few at the very top love to perpetuate is gradually crumbling.   What is going to replace it is world that is much more horizontal.   Just how that will look is hard to say, but if you add the word shared into things like leadership and ownership and resources,   you can begin to see a new world.   It sends shivers up the spine of the very top, but it is a much happier place for the rank and file and I would guess for the people at the top as well. When you are a leader of a group, if you do something like have a shared agenda rather than one that you dictate, it is amazing the change you can create by that simple act.

The key to living in the future world right now is to stay out of the struggle with those who want to keep things as they are because as long as you are in a fight, you remain tense and are thrown out of the joy and wonder of the new world.     It is better to believe that the new world is already here and it is already functioning.   We just have to find it, be in it, and help it to expand. For instance, the future world is about creativity. When you practice the virtue of creativity and then surround yourself with others who have this virtue, everything changes all the time.   Everything becomes new and fresh.     I think that maybe the most positive aspect of the future is closeness.   When we have unity, it seems as though anything is possible.   So if we are going to live in the new world right now, we need to live in unity with others.

My problem, ever since I first went into the U.S. military, has been that I am in a wrestling match with tradition and authority so that I can bring them into the future with me.   What is finally dawning on me is that the traditional practices that sustain exclusion and favoritism do not want to go into the future.   They get their life blood from being in the past and keeping things the way they are.   When I fight with them to bring them into the future, I always lose.   It is 100% guaranteed.     So the answer to tradition that excludes others is to let it be.   It is hard for me to do. I guess it is because I am a Taurus.

When I let exclusion be, what happens is that opportunities for inclusion open up all around me.   So this is it. The final day of my transformation program is about letting the old world be and finding opportunities at every moment to live in the new world.

Here are the transformation questions.  What virtue do I want the future to have? How can I start acting with that virtue right now? What part of the past traditional practices can I let go of?


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How is Dreamwork/Changework Like Being a Detective? And what to do when you figure it out

By Rachel Perry

In a murder investigation, the forensics of the body are like a road map to the story of handcuffslogo.jpgthe crime. It’s like starting at the end and working backwards to the beginning. A good detective can see the end in the beginning, see through their own eyes, and see the mystery through until its solved. When it’s solved, it means a person or persons have been identified who have 1) Motive 2) Means 3) Opportunity to commit the crime. With or without a confession of guilt, the offender can be identified. Once identified, the work of the detective is over but often times that’s when the work of the police, journalists, therapists, social workers, prison guards, lawyers & judges begins. Sometimes the detective will have to take the stand to report what she witnessed. Not everyone can articulate their experiences. And sometimes someone can articulate their experiences but the ears of the listeners are not open so what is being expressed can’t be understood. But in the best case scenario, the detective would be able to answer the questions clearly, the jury would understand the events leading up to the murder, and the killer would receive their punishment. The Baha’i Writings state that when someone receives their punishment in this world they are not re-punished in the next. But if they do not receive their punishment in this world, they receive it in the next.

This is how real life detective work goes when solving a murder.

In the Dreamworld and in Changework there are many parallels to this pattern.

When a murder occurs in a dream, it is a metaphor for the death of someone’s Self. It is helpful to think of the Self as our Unique Being. We come into this world with the capacities & potential to develop our Selves. We learn from our families, from our communities and from our culture consciously & unconsciously as we grow through the stages of development from infancy to adulthood. Our Unique and Authentic Self, is like an inner Gem, which gets polished and refined through the challenges & victories in life. With a positive focus and good intentions, with a willingness to change & grow, this Authentic Self can continue to progress towards Excellence. Some believe the progress continues on even into the next world.

The feelings, characteristics or energies which kill the Self are those qualities we would think of as “negative” such as Jealousy, Anger, Frustration, Disappointment, Embarrassment, Fear, Sadness, etc.

What relationship does this have to being detective-like?

Sometimes there are people who, for whatever reason, usually because of early trauma in childhood, decide to live in those negative states – they cling to their strong feelings of jealousy, anger, fear, etc. And they express these strong negative feelings in ways which serve to metaphorically “kill” the Self of others around them.

Usually, just like a real killer, the negative-behaving person tries to conceal their actions, they hide their true intentions, they lie and deceive, in order to get to their true goal which is to hurt others so they can have more power or authority. When living in this negative state, a killer craves conflict and power just like it’s a drug. There is more to say here but not in this article.

So what to do when you see someone in your workplace or family or community who is metaphorically “killing” the Selves of the people around you? Become like a detective and start following the map which will lead you to the person who has the 1) Motive 2) Means and 3) Opportunity to wreak such havoc in the environment.

Once you find out who is behind the conflict there may come a time when you need to name them & call them out on their negative behaviours. There is more to this too but not today.

For today, it is good to remember that when you are supporting someone through a challenge you can be like a detective and ask questions which will help the person explain where an event occurred which caused brought on the negative feelings. Help them understand the origin of the negative emotion. Ask questions which will help to pin point when and were they first started feeling this way, who was involved? What was the environment like? Often times this goes back to elementary school.

Once you get to the origin of the negative experience with the person you are supporting then you can help them move through the emotions until the positive energy starts to come out. Every negative emotion has a positive opposite.

When someone hurts another, even if it is an emotional wound, and not a physical injury, it is like a murder of sorts has occurred. When we act like detectives to support and encourage those around us, we can get a deep understanding of the situation and can use our own eyes to see Truth for ourselves and move forward with Justice.

How to Apply a Metaphor to Your Real Life With Positive Results

The key to changing is being able to understand the biggest mess in your life, identifying the origin and bringing in a new positive quality to solve the challenge. There is a positive solution to every single problem which can be created in this beautiful world of ours. Whenever a challenge shows up there is always a quality or characteristic within you that can solve the challenge. Always. You can count on it.

The work comes in when its time to look at some things which are negative and being able to have a lot of Patience and Peacefulness about it. Knowing that the outcome will be positive sometimes helps to replace any anxieties with these more calming qualities.

Here is a step-by-step approach to working with a metaphor. Ask your Self:

  1. What is the biggest mess/challenge in my life right now?
  2. When did it start? When is the first time I remember a mess like this happening?
  3. What quality or virtue can help me solve this? Do I need Patience? Justice? Courage? Enthusiasm.

The answers to these questions are the starting point to launching your new life and solving every challenge you face.

Happy Solving!

About Developing Friendliness & Assertiveness

11 February 2018

Lately, I’ve been dreaming a lot about police, being arrested, being questioned and then released, let go, without charges or incident.

This means there is a part of myself which is a lot like a friendly police officer.

When I am acting like a friendly police officer, I am demonstrating qualities of friendliness & assertiveness. When I’m friendly and assertive, things continue going in positive directions in life, as they do and would for anyone demonstrating these virtues.

People who have a hard time being friendly and assertive usually struggle because they are lying, being deceptive, or seeking out alternative motives like power, authority, money, prestige, etc.

Being genuinely friendly & assertive is just about being True to Yourself and having calm determination especially at crucially important times.