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Applying the Positives of a Dream to Real Life

18 July 2017

Lately I’ve been having so many positive dreams I can’t even keep up with them all!

I’ve been dreaming about finding things I’ve lost; recovering things that have been water-logged but finding they aren’t damaged; arriving at destinations I’ve longed to visit; meeting people I’ve desired to meet; attending concerts of my favourite musicians and the list goes on and on.

So the positive message is for me to just keep driving forward in the direction I want to go, confidently using the skills I’ve developed and anticipating the best possible outcome/future.

Each day, I just do some reflecting and meditating in the morning, set my intention for the day, move confidently forward and then at the end of the day I do some quiet reflections on the things I’m grateful for and just appreciate life.

From a dream last night I learned that virtues of Nobility, Grace and Forbearance are strong in me and with these I can continue moving forward in the direction of my goals.

Have you experienced very positive dreams before? What qualities showed up in the dream that helped inspire you to move forward? Please leave your dream in the comment section below. Dreams come through an individual but do not “belong” to anyone. They are meant for sharing so a whole community can learn from the messages of the dreams.

How Dreamwork Heals Negative Patterns of Thought

19657021_10159068313760595_621389449189045176_n08 July 2017

What I’m writing about now will likely sound radical to some but will sound like nothing much to others. Dreamwork heals negative patterns of thought which lead to abasement in life by giving the dreamer a new way to deal with negative emotions. Dreamwork is NOT about just getting rid of the old negatives; it’s about increasing the positives.

Dreamwork can really help people who have experienced trauma. The emotional pattern of the trauma/fear is stored in the amygdala in the brain. These fear-patterns show up in dreams in what some people call nightmares. They show up in real life too, when someone decides they will or won’t do something because of the presence or absence of fear.

By working through the emotions which show up in a dream and by taking small steps daily to build up positive qualities such as Confidence, Courage, Flexibility and Peacefulness then new emotional patterns can develop and essentially re-wire the brain. In this way the entire emotional experience of the dreamer can undergo a 360 degree change.


Healing With Dreamwork

21 July 2017

I wish for anyone who has experienced trauma, whether from domestic abuse, or living in war conditions, or dealing with racism & prejudice, I wish for that trauma to be healed and replaced with Strength & Enthusiasm.

So often people who have experienced trauma later have dreams which are nightmarish. They also sometimes change their behaviour or even try to change their identity in order to avoid the pain of the memory.

Dreamwork is an approach which teaches the importance of becoming friends with the pain.

In this way, the negatives can be looked at, healed, and transformed. Forever.

Becoming Your New Self


24 July 2017

I don’t want to over-complicate this even though it is a complex idea. But I want to write about how change and transformation out of the old and into the new can be really positive and empowering.

The goal of all life is to change and grow. That is evident in the world of nature when we see plants growing & reaching for the sun. We see it in animals because they have all the qualities of the plant kingdom but they also have use of the 5 senses and this allows them to interact to an even higher degree. Animals can learn skills and develop capacities with training. Humans have the ability to grow, and the ability to learn AND the ability to grasp abstract concepts which is a skill unknown to animals.

Plants & animals physically “grow” but humans grow in other ways – they grow emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. When looking at a person’s physical self there can be an appearance of no change but there may have been a complete revolution of change within them. They may think differently, speak differently & act differently. They may be an entirely different person even while they appear to look the same on the outside.

So how does this change take place?

The first experience of Self comes in childhood, is further developed in adolescence and then expanded on in adulthood.

When we as adults come to understand limitations of our upbringing, our schooling, or our culture then we can consciously choose to overcome those limitations by learning new skills, practicing our natural talents and uplifting others. In this way, we develop a new Self.

It is helpful to think of human beings as having two natures. One is an animal nature, or lower nature which has a lot of somewhat negative emotions such as anger, fear, revenge & jealousy and the other is a Higher nature which is where Love, Courage, Patience, Inclusion and Determination are found.

As we face the challenges and obstacles in life we can raise above the lower and develop the Higher.

With persistence and commitment, there can be so much change so that it is as though a NEW SELF has been developed which is free from the limitations of the “old self”.

This is the way we grow & develop as adults into our Higher Self. First by identifying the negatives, working through them to develop new skills, and then flipping those negatives to the positive opposite so that a whole new Self can be experienced.



Dreamwork Method: How To Calm The Mind During What Feels Like a State of Emergency

This is an email to me from about Fall 2009. I post it here without the dreams I shared which elicited this response so that the focus can just be on how the Dreamwork Method is described here. An e-book will be published in time with the dreams included.

Dear Rachel,
I first want to tell you a few things about my method.  Well, the
first requirement is the ability to sit or meditate on something for a
long time.   This would be equivalent to reading a Hidden Word and
then going out and keeping it in your mind all day and letting it
reveal its meaning to you.    Having the quality of peacefulness and
calm is what seems to be what I am really gifted in.  I just seem to
have the ability to go in and hang with something for a long time.
It is not a quality too highly valued nor trained so you have to find
your way with it.   I am really good at being introverted meaning
being able to go inwards.    Actually it is a one of our daily
required activities, meditation that is.   So the better you get at
reflection, the better you get at dream work or therapy for that matter.

You can develop that ability by slowing down your mind and
figuring out metaphoric or symbolic meaning.   I first started doing this with with Native American myths.   This was the hard part for
most teachers, getting what the myth means.  Most people don’t have
enough self discipline in their minds so they tend to go for literal
meanings like Noah and the flood.  It is just so much more interesting
to go for symbolic meaning.   I have just done a lot of dreams so now
they come fast to me, but if I haven’t encountered a symbol before, I
just spend the time to figure out what it represents.  You just say to
your self, What is a …..? like what is a mountain or what is a river
or what is an otter, etc.  Then the meaning starts to reveal itself.

The third part is extremely important and I am just so surprised
that more people have not found out the secret of it like I have.
Human beings are dueled natured, true self and ego, spiritual and
material.   The engine of the ego is negative emotions, while that of
the true self is virtues.   They act in ways directly opposite of each
other so this gives you a formula for solutions.    So in your case,
when you feel panicked and in emergency mode, the solution is
peacefulness because one is slow while the other is really fast.
Every ego state or every issue has a solution.
Working with dreams is a lot like learning to play a musical
instrument and if you think of it that way, you can get good at
working with yourself.

So what about your dream?    Being in an emergency mode and needing
to call 911 should be the first clue for you.   Now there is a
possibility that you are gifted at emergencies and that is your
calling, but since peacefulness is your issue, you can assume that the
dream is trying to get you to a more peaceful state so that you can do
some other things.

The first part of the dream seems to tell you that when people are who
close to you are having an issue, that your family treats it as if
nothing is wrong.   And when you start to deal with someone’s issue,
you find that the problem is that who you thought they were, has
changed.   The left side of the body indicates that something is wrong with the right brain and this is what makes them disabled.    The
right brain has to do with creativity and seeing the big picture, and
when someone only has a functional left brain, they just seem to go
along with the way things are around them.
This is the problem with your family.    They just go along with
the way the world is so they don’t see people who are having
difficulties expressing the part that is creative and wants things to
change as a big deal.     You see it and you try to get help, but they don’t.   The peacefulness part has something to do with being able do
the work without being an emergency mode.   The right brain requires

In the second part of the dream you are really exactly right about
the son and you can think of him as the part of you that somehow
became disconnected when you were a youth.   The dream shows you that
when you are calm with him, meaning calm with yourself, that the parts
of you that needed to come out in the past will listen and start to
express themselves.   This means that your adolescent self is ready to
come out, your inner adolescent.

So the first major issue of your life is how to get into a calm,
peaceful, non-judgmental place which was unattainable as a child.  Now
you are making that progress and getting into a place of peacefulness.
When you use it, it lets the adolescent out.   Above all else,
adolescents need adults who are non-judgmental and calm.   Believe me.
If you have this gift, then they will flourish with you.  So you can understand from the dreams that as the peacefulness is consolidated
that the adolescent will appear as your adventurous self.

Your inner adolescent was probably blocked because of living in an
environment of judgment.

Anyway,   you seem to be doing all of the right things and you seem to making good progress so keep with it.