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Dreams About Money – Steps for Breaking the Fear of Poverty Cycle

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Nov. 25, 2018

For the past 10 years I’ve been studying my dreams, and the dreams others share, giving careful attention to the idea of transformation by understanding the metaphor of the dream and using it to decipher new solutions to old issues. One of the most prevalent issues which comes up for people is around money.

Money is an interesting metaphor because when it shows up in a dream, it is not actually about dollars & cents at all. Money in dreams is a symbol for bounties (from God?) and an also be about close connections in relationships. So when money shows up in a dream it’s not really about the cash in a bank account. It is about the dreamer’s relationships, with themselves and others.

So if money in a dream is not about money in real life, then how is it that a person can solve financial challenges by studying the metaphors in their dreams? There are ways. Here’s one of the ways.

  1. Ask your Self, at a time when you are awake and considering making some financial choices, “How much money is in my bank account right now?”
  2. When you get the answer to your question, whether there is $3.22 or $3022.00 or even $30, 220.00 – just notice the sensation you have when you think about how much money is there.
  3. If you have a fear of poverty, or if there is a pattern operating in your mind or in  your life which leads you to fear poverty, you can feel this negative sensation arise when you think about the exact dollar amount you are looking at.
  4. If you can, try to notice the fear and then think about what is an image which describes this sensation. Do you feel like you are falling off a cliff? Or being chased by a bear? Or being hunted by a gunman? About to be eaten by a snake? Just notice what image best describes the fear when you think about the actual dollars in your account.
  5. Let’s say when you imagine the fear then you get an image of … being in a busy mall and everyone is ignoring you and buying things and you feel as though you need things but have no money and it isn’t appropriate to ask others for help. That could be an image. When you feel like you need things, like food or gas or money for rent, but the money isn’t there, but you don’t want to ask anyone, then what is the emotion which comes up? Is it despair? Frustration? Hopelessness? Abandoned? If you can pinpoint the emotion you are one step closer to unraveling the pattern and increasing your wealth in life.
  6. Once you understand where you fear is coming from, and the emotions attached – such as embarrassment, or shame, or anger or rage then try thinking of the next metaphor which goes even deeper into your fear. When you want to ask for help but feel blocked by fear to get it, what image comes to mind? Let’s say, it’s something like being far down a hole in the ground, and others are standing nearby and you are reaching out your hand to be pulled up but people are looking at you but won’t offer a hand or a ladder. You want to hold that image in your mind and then use it for Step Number 7 to climb yourself out of the metaphoric hole.
  7. Now what you can do is work with the image to change the scenario in your mind. If you can think of a way to get yourself out of the metaphoric hole without the help of others, that’s even better. Why not imagine you look down and notice a ladder on the ground by your feet? What if you change the metaphor in your mind, use the ladder, attach it to the wall, maybe it’s one of those rope ladders, and climb your way up. Imagine the great sensation of taking steps to move upwards, imagine the strength you use to uplift yourself and get above ground.
  8. Since the metaphor in this example was about climbing a ladder, then you can think of the solution to your financial challenges as being a step-by-step approach. With that in mind, now consider your real life financial challenges. You know where the challenge is – a limited or finite amount of money in the bank – and you know the solution involves moving forward, or upwards step by step. Ask yourself, “What step can I take today, even if it is a small one, which will help uplift me towards the financial goal I want to achieve?
  9. When you think of that step then stay with that idea for a while, allow the Determination to achieve that goal to grow within you. When you feel a lot of Determination and readiness to take the step, then get up from your meditation/visualization and take the step.
  10. Once you take the step, you can continue taking more. Keep moving forward until you reach another obstacle and then just start back at exercise #1 and repeat the cycle until you achieve the goal. Of course, then you can set a new goal, and move forward with steps #1 through #10 until you are just cycling through this new flow. As you do this more and more you will create a new pattern of prosperity leaving the old fears behind and welcoming in new opportunities, including financial achievements and new relationships.

Nelson Mandala is known to have said that poverty is a man-made problem and that means it can be eliminated with man-made solutions. This solution offered here is one of many which can really help change things for individuals, families and communities.

Poverty Does Not Equal Immorality

28 July 2017

Recently, I dreamed of being in a marketplace in India where many people were wearing head-to-toe purple outfits which improved their efficiency & their morale.

Clothing in dreams is about roles. Dreaming of India is about dreaming of being in a place far-far away from where I’m at right now. Right now I am surrounded by people who are using their roles and rules to immorally assert their own will over others.

Right now I am surrounded by people who do not understand the true nature of poverty and they do not understand the true nature of immorality. Their spiritual disease makes me sick. I’m bothered by what I see in the material-driven white man’s world and I do wish to be far away from this spiritually & physically.

But where on earth is there a place free from this disease? Where on earth do people truly understand the real nature of poverty & prosperity and where on earth do people live and work in a lawful & moral way?

If I were to truly find a place on earth where people did not use their roles to immorally assert themselves over others, where would that place be?

I am asking myself this question and others today.

Finding the Worst Thing & Making It Better

In the dream I was piloting a flying car over water. Both a man and a woman were trying to manipulate me. Eventually I did what I had to do and then left again.

Here is are the key parts of the dream:

-flying a hydro-planing space-craft kind of object an ocean

-East-Indian man gives me tour

-Obese woman gives a tour & wants money

– I don’t have the money for them b/c I didn’t know their kindness was a paid service

-I want to pay them but don’t have the money

-My head spins trying to think of an honest solution with integrity


What is the worst part?

The moment when I realize I don’t want to be associated with that obese woman liar but don’t know where else to go…and I realize the guide I thought was a friend really wants money from me too.

What do I do?

I try to get out of it without making her upset.

Does it work?


So what will work instead?

If I want to get back to flying my own hydro-craft, I can realize that she was in the wrong. I can walk away. I can leave her to herself. When I do that I am not spinning anymore.

If you were to go back to the craft instead of in battle with her, what happens next?

The spin happens when I sit at the driver’s seat – where to go now? What to do next? And I feel lonely.

Where does the loneliness show up physically?

In my gut. Like a blackness, like a black hole of despair. Cold & dark. Like an eel.

So how can you be like a positive eel?

An eel is hard to get a hold of, an under-water snake.

In a positive way it means being able to swim underwater un-interupted.

Where in my life today and this week can I be like a positive eel?

There are certain deadlines and time constrictions this week and at first glance it seems impossible to get through. But if I am like a positive eel it means being able to swim through the environment without interruption.

How is that different than getting in a battle with an obese woman?

It means just flowing in a different way, getting out of a mess before I even get into it. I can make lists, set alarms, set appointments, make calls, meet people, ask for help, at the same time as staying out of things, detaching, listening, and offering support when asked but without reacting negatively and without over-reacting.

What is one thing you can do today to be like a positive eel?

What is one thing I do or one thing I am and how can I do that one small thing rapidly and consistently all week?

I don’t see how I can do what I need to do

a) health/finances/home/car

b) school/education/recreation/Gracie

c) BERTEIG newsletter/team meeting/prep for coach-camp

Is it possible?

What is the one thing I can do, repeatedly and quickly, which will help me to do all of this?

Facebook posts?…..

Let me see if I can….




333 is Abundance Because it’s the same even when you flip it!

06 June 2017

18813261_10158905010850595_8638673903044553817_nWaking up to abundance is like waking up to a whole new way of looking at things. Humanity is so far behind in this area they are still mostly in the Dark Ages when it comes to having a positive vision of abundance and living in it.

When I woke up to this idea, that to experience abundance in the physical waking world I first needed to have an experience of abundance in my inner world. I became conscious of this in 2011. Only now, in 2017 am I finally at the beginning of understanding the depth of what it means to live in abundance and to be able to enjoy it’s benefits.

My ultimate biggest issue was that I had no interest in money.

That was the root evil of all my eventual suffering.

Do you see the problem already?

By the most part, people have such mixed up ideas of money, most of the beliefs based on fantasy and illusion rather than hard fact and reality, that even when I begin to write on the topic I already begin to stir the pot.

I don’t mean to stir the pot and cause problems.

But I’ve learned to say what needs to be said even if it brings issues to the surface. In that way then the issue can be dealt with and challenges overcome.

So the biggest issue that I had to face within myself is that I believed “money is bad” and “living without money is good.”

The work I did was motivated by a love for the work and the joy of service and the paycheque had little to do with my motivation. That became a problem too eventually because when things got tough I was not motivated by the money. I just switched jobs, sometimes to lower paying ones like when I went from Program Coordinator to Home Daycare Provider in 2012.

Anyway, eventually I learned that “money is good,” so long as it is handled with Detachment. And I also learned that “living without money is bad,” because the physical body does need a roof over its head, food in its belly, and clothes to wear. Not to mention, transportation and other essentials in life.

So, today when I woke up with ‘333’ in my mind I started thinking about Abundance. But not just financial abundance, although that is an important part of it, but Abundance of emotional vibrancy. Abundance of Hope. Abundance of Enthusiasm. Abundance of Courage. Abundance of Confidence. Abundance of Happy Relationships. Abundance of Opportunities. Abundance of Joy.

Just like the way 333 is the same when it is flipped on its head so is Joy the same when it is flipped too.

Abundance is positives multiplied.

That is how I feel today!

What a great feeling.

p.s. There is just $400 in my bank account. $450 in grocery cards and I’m not sure how I’ll pay all my bills or make it through the month of July. But the Law of Abundance tells me to believe all will be well and to keep moving forward confidently. So that is what I’m doing. My happiness is not determined by the amount of money in my bank account.

Daily Dream Journal – Money in the Wallet

November 15, 2016

In the dream, I am holding my wallet open and fingering the large amount of dollar bills. There’s hundreds, near a thousand, maybe more.

I take out a pile of 5s and I start counting out Gracie’s allowance. It feels so good to plan for her. I can easily recall where the money came from and where it’ll be used and I feel so financially secure. Wow. What a great dream.