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Dreams: Ah-ha Moment, rage, photos

  • A man finished watching TV and as he came away I said to myself, his wife was the reason he behaved in a negative way…she was to blame more than anyone else. She was the evil one.
  • I was at a huge gathering and people were giving gifts away – A man who was related to my ex gave $200 to everyone but when it came time for me he said he ran out and was sorry. I got really angry because he could have given everyone less in order to give me some. I rattled off something inappropriate to him and went into another room where there was a lot of food and started eating. I said someone had done something which hurt me and they gave me sympathy. But then the shelf with all their food & supplies fell down.
  • There was another scene where we were going up into a room and taking pictures, looking at pictures from the past and making images for people in the future.

Dream: Crowded trailer, family conflict, resolution

11 June 2017

In the dream, I’m visiting friends in a trailer for several days. On the last day things happen which suddenly make conditions so cramped and as I’m trying to leave things just get so claustrophobic and I start making mistakes.

Someone cooks all the beans instead of keeping them in the cans. Someone tries to pack things to help but they go into the wrong box. Someone tries to help by giving me soap but I get the soap in my food and when I try to wash it off I interrupt someone with jealousy issues. This causes the Jealousy-Person to over-react and cause a great commotion in the family. Then they are all in a hustle trying to calm things down.

I watch it all and see how the Jealousy-Person controls the family but can’t control me.

I am questioned and at first my answers upset the Jealousy-Person because I’m not hiding her bad behaviour but the truth of my words make people realize what’s going on. They stop interrogating me. I tell them that I see nothing wrong with the mother and it is the daughter who is causing problems and if she continues I will stop talking to her.

This shocks them because it seems exclusive but in fact when someone has continued bad behaviour time and space is needed in order to heal.

Soon afterwards I see the two family members who were in greatest conflict sitting with a member of a Local Spiritual Assembly member and calmly working through a resolution. I feel like I want to be in the meeting since it was my being there which caused the uproar but then I realize it has nothing to do with me and I just find a quiet corner on a stair case and I say prayers for them.

They come out of the meeting both appearing content with the resolution and they continue on through through the day.

But for me, the space is so crowded I cannot think of what to do next. All I want is to just get up and drive away immediately. But I know that wouldn’t be good because Gracie is with me and there are valuable things for us to collect. So I have to figure out how to be in that cluttered volitile environment, retrieve my belongings and get out while still remaining strong.

As I’m praying I’m asking my True Self what is the best solution here. Answers come.

Dream: Being Smothered

In the dream, I am laying on my back and someone from my childhood who used to be really angry often lays across my chest and I can’t move. I feel angry but her body is heavy and I can’t budge.

Outside the house, there is a huge storm and a bolt of lightening hits the tree beside the house. Then we all run out. I help Gracie by coaching her and encouraging her verbally but when we get out in the rain we see she doesn’t have the right boots. We can go back in and get them, I tell her and that’s what we do.


The first message of a dream like this is to think about how I can flip the negative to a positive. Instead of getting negatively smothered metaphorically, I can positively go after and go into situations in the real world where I can help uplift others.


Dream: Bathroom, Processing Emotions

To understand a bathroom dream, it is useful to remember it is a metaphor. It is a metaphor for releasing anger or other negative feelings such as fear. If you haven’t read more about bathrooms yet, it would be useful to do so now before reading this dream as it will be easy to misunderstand or confuse the real meaning. If you want to go ahead and read it now, that’s okay too. Just remember: a bathroom is a metaphor for letting go of negative feelings.

  • sitting on the toilet, feeling like no one is coming in, i can take all the time i want, it’s clean, it’s safe, it’s okay
  • I let go
  • i notice the big bathroom around me, under construction, it’s the old friend’s house, the one which was under repair for so long, now has been fixed and is ready for final touches, i am so happy for them
  • i see flooring which is old hard wood, needs laminate, an old tub which they like and will make a bathroom around it, the family uses it together, their shampoos are all on the site, a bright window, the outside, the trees, the yard,
  • the toilet is like a johnny-on-the-spot and the stuff goes far down and splashes but nothing comes up – it’s so great!

in another dream, i am in the entrance of a big symposium and am about to go in, there’s a little issue about the person i’m with, a friend who may be trying to smuggle something in and i don’t know what she’s got in her bag, the check in finds a lot of meds and i say i don’t know where they came from or what she’s on or whatever.

she had gone to get my shoes which were beside a bag which i had left there in a crowd.

just lots going on, people singing ABCs with children, a performance, things being sold, i feel like i belong.

i get in and they say they will deal with my friend.

there is a conversation between me and someone who says my team reported on something in correctly and i say okay what needs to be changed and they are surprised that i handle it so quickly. there’s this kid 13 years old who i am training for the job.

something like that.

also a police officer calls me and asks me about reporting on a murder/suspicious activity.

Transformation #9 – Day Two – Playfulness


This is an excerpt from a transformation program journal entry from 2016. I’m posting it here to show the process of identifying a virtue/quality and then considering how to apply it in many areas of life. With diligence, it becomes easier & easier to experience the positive virtue/quality and let go of the negative feelings around a significant challenge.

The activity today is to make a list of the various parts of your life and then describe how the virtue of Playfulness will assist you in each one.

  1. Education/School Community – They want a meeting with me in about one/two months. To be prepared I need my taxes done. I also want to be ready to have a conversation with them. A playful way to approach this would be to have a presentation ready for them. Of gratitude but also of the current situation. An article.
  2. Taxes/Finances – The only way to make this playful and fun is to write articles about it as I go. It might take longer than usual but I will learn a lot and share with others.
  3. Expense Reports – I just need to do this. How do I do it playfully? Take photos. Write about it.
  4. Pay my phone bill – Talk to them. I paid $150 yesterday on my passport and then on the same day my phone service was disconnected. I need to gather the money owed and send in an expense. I don’t really know where to start. How do I try to make this fun?
  5. Try to sort it out by Monday – when there is a team call at noon.
  6. Anger – When I deal with money directly I often experience a high degree of anger. It makes me think I can’t cope with life and that everything will come crashing down like an avalanche. I often don’t like to talk to anyone during ┬áthis time.
  7. Running – When I get angry I like to run. But I am trying to learn to run before I am angry. It will be better.
  8. Working – I am trying to learn to stay with a task for a long period of time even if I am angry or people in the environment are angry. Playfulness will help me smile in these circumstances.
  9. Relationships – Generally, if I have harmony in these other 8 areas all my relationships will be better, no doubt.