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Prisoner Dreams: How To Release Yourself From Negativity

Recently someone shared a dream with me which has a meaningful cultural message for everyone.

I dreamt I was at a concert and the building caught on fire we started to evacuate but security wouldn’t let us leave and they held us hostage. Me and a couple other guys managed to get away from the main population but some chick wouldn’t shut up she eventually got us caught then we were put to work as prisoners.



Concert – a public space for music & uplifting the soul

Fire – Inspiration

Security – more on this later

Being held hostage – being made to feel powerless

Main Population – cultural norms

“Some chick” – female, feminine qualities or virtues

prisoners – stuck in negatives, stuck in negative emotions



This dream reveals anger towards the female who did something which lead to negative experience for the dreamer.

Anger is a fiery emotion.

In the dream, it burns up the concert which is where the dreamer went to hoping to feel better & be uplifted.

The dreamer & his friends got away from the fire & the main population but they couldn’t get away from the chick.

Some women use sly methods to try to take ownership of the men in their lives as if they are their prisoner, their possession. It can come from a place of jealousy, anger or fear or any host of negative feelings which the woman has left over from experiences in childhood or adolescence when they were not allowed to develop their positive qualities and they learned to be manipulative instead in order to get their way.

Sometimes women use sex as the lure, or sometimes it’s their words or their tone of voice or any number of things which they’ve learned can really hook men. Once they have their man hooked it can be really hard for him to release himself, usually because he will feel bad for it appearing as if he’s abandoned her.

But in fact, he is not abandoning her, he is abandoning the trap. He has to do what is right for him. It might be the only way she would wake up to what she’s doing that is so hurtful for so many.

The woman in the dream, who is not named so it means it is a cultural pattern, in other words it could be any woman, is only thinking of herself. That’s why she gets the men in trouble.

The dreamer shows he has some anger about this type of behaviour in women because even though he has respect for women in real life, he calls her “some chick” when describing her in the dream.

“Some chick” is a good way to say, “some thoughtless, careless, inconsiderate & ignorant woman” wouldn’t be quite.

In the dream, the chick wouldn’t shut up.

And it got them into prison.

So what to do with a negative dream like this?

The dreamer could become like a positive version of the chick. He can go about his day and never shut up but instead of saying negatives he can say positives.

When we spend our time looking for positives we find them. It can be in noticing when someone is helpful, caring, kind or generous and then acknowledging it. Feeling gratitude is also a great way to elevate into a positive space.

Going to a concert might have worked in the past, in adolescence, but it doesn’t work anymore.

This dream is calling the dreamer to be more like some chick who just can’t shut up about how good life is now.

Finding positives and talking about them is one of the best ways to break free from the main population which is by-and-large just going along with things unconsciously and not realizing the main cultural issues which make people feel individually inprisoned. It is one of the best ways to help others. It is one of the best ways to be free to live life, think independently and act with enthusiasm towards new opportunities that exist every day.

Dream: Dirty Couch

In the dream, I’m in a house with one or two others. The room is a bit darker than I like, there’s blinds on the windows.

As we sit on the couch, I become aware that it’s filled with crumbs. It’s really dirty and grimy and I am extremely uncomfortable.

Then I ask if they want help to clean it and they don’t. I keep trying to drop hints and they are not interested. Then I become frustrated and raise my voice and tell them they need to clean this couch and stop dropping crumbs on it.


The problem in this dream comes when I get angry.

I know exactly what this is about.

This week, in real life, I have appointments and conversations and deadlines which are difficult and time-consuming.

In taking care of them all, I do less dishes, laundry piles up, floors need vacuuming but I ignore it so I can meet other people’s deadlines, time lines, and issues.

But then later, after taking care of all that, I will have a messy house to clean up and my free time will go into cleaning and it will make me angry.

I actually love cleanliness and order.

When things pull me away from the time I need to clean my home properly I become really agitated.

That’s like sitting on a dirty couch with people who keep putting crumbs on it.

I am annoyed with that.

But if I speak of it now, I fear others will say I’m “making a big deal out of nothing” and they will not even really listen to what I want or need.

So the dream is showing me this now so that I don’t explode later.

Tears actually came to mind as I write this.

I really wish people knew and understood.

But even more so, I really wish I knew how to communicate this.

Guess I’m learning…..

Dream: Anger, Jealousy and a Bus


In the dream last night, I was sitting and to the left of me was a negative man from the past who had a lot of uncontrollable anger. In front of me was a female who used to get jealous in the past. We were sitting on a bus. The man told me that he was taking the woman to buy something new, new shoes I think. And I said to him and to her. “That’s good…go ahead and buy her new shoes when I don’t have enough food to feed my daughter.” And he got horrified look on his face, that he realized he was spending the money in the wrong way. She looked at me with fury because I had foiled her plan. Then I motioned to her with my middle finger up but made it look like I was scratching my nose. When I looked at her I saw she was doing the same thing at the same time. She deflated a bit. She realized I was “on to her” and she had nothing left. She couldn’t hurt me anymore.


Angry Man = People who want power for power’s sake and use violence to elicit fear so      they can control others

Jealous Woman = People who want power for power’s sake and use manipulation to control others to get what they want which is usually a position of some sort

Bus = As with any vehicle, ask: who is driving? If it’s not you, you want to change that. So in this case, I’m not driving it and so it means I’m “going for a ride” that someone else is taking me on. This is not good and I either want to get off or get in the driver’s seat.


Day 5 – Be a lighted Candle


Transformation # 9 – March 28, 2016 – Day Five – I like this part of the exercise for today: “So one thing you can do is draw a picture of what the ego is like, It may be an angry lion or a dark cloud or a raging fire or a big mess. Then on another paper draw the opposite such as a sunny day, a warm candle, an orderly area. Look at the two pictures together and then just set the ego one aside so you don’t see it anymore. Repeat it two or three times.”

I’ve been thinking about how a lighted candle brings illumination, how it is the opposite of a volcanic fire. It’s a really meaningful image.

Yesterday I went to bed thinking about 9 times that I experienced something really wonderful. Images of nature trails always come to mind when I ask myself this question. But now I can also say I like remembering really peaceful and exhilarating visits to coffee shops. Here are 7 others that come to mind:

  • Playing cards with my daughter
  • Walking in the rain
  • Publishing a well-written article
  • Giving a presentation to a large group of people
  • Knitting a scarf and giving it away

When I first did this exercise from the 19-Day Transformation program years ago, I worked with the ego-issue of “mess” and I remember how painful it was, actually.

Today, I am reflecting on the image of a raging fire, from a volcano specifically, and how being like a lighted candle keeps me connected to my own inner sense of calm even if others around me want to get volcano-ish.

I learned from a dream last night that I have an issue around working on what I want and then following through with the presentation of it. I become afraid of people’s anger and give up.

If, instead of feeling anger or feeling afraid of the anger, I follow through and do so as a lighted candle then that will be progress.

That is what I am working on today.

So far as ye are able, ignite a candle of love in every meeting, and with tenderness rejoice and cheer ye every heart.”   Abdu’l Baha