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Dream: My Mom Dumps Stuff On Me … Again

13 September 2017

IMG_1326In the dream, I exit my front door and find there is a camper-trailer in the front driveway as well as a truck full of things. The front yard is cluttered full of objects. It looks like someone bought 100 broken things at garage sales and then dumped them all on my front lawn. It doesn’t take me long to recognize that my mom has come in the middle of the night, emptied a yard-full of junk because she didn’t know where else to put it and then left. When I ask her about it, she denies it.

But then I see her ex-husband there moving things out and I know the Truth!

This kind of clutter is NOT ALLOWED on my property and I know when my landlord sees it he will be upset and want me to move it immediately. How can I get my Mom to move it immediately when she won’t admit it is hers?

I consider going to my landlord proactively and telling him what has happened but I know that he will find it very odd and he will consider lots of things including that I have made up some sort of lie to cover up something or someone because it just doesn’t make sense to have a bunch of things on your lawn and not know whose they belong to.

If I don’t tell him and just start helping my ex-step-dad then I look like I’m taking responsibility for it even though it isn’t mine and I have no idea why it is there.

If I don’t tell him and also don’t start help moving it out and cleaning it up then it appears to be mine and by that non-action I invite him over to be the one to bring to my attention the issues.

So in the dream, I’m standing there, looking at this enormous pile of junk 7 feet high on my lawn and I am wondering what on earth can I do now?

As I watch, my ex-step-father just keeps moving things onto the truck and preparing to take them away.

My analysis: Clutter & mess is about the ego in a dream. Sometimes someone becomes so full of ego, so full of their false selves, that they create a lot of “mess” in the lives of others around them. Since I didn’t move in the dream but just watched it means the thing I’m learning to get good at is saying NO to the ego-mess caused by people who are full of their negative selves and keep dumping stuff on me trying to make me look bad. I know the Truth though and others who look close enough can know the Truth too. It’s a good lesson for us all to learn and in time it will get easier and easier!

Dreamwork: Sometimes Disaster Strikes When You Try to Clean Something Which Someone Wants to Remain a Mess – Watch Out: You are Dealing With Someone’s Ego

23 August 2017

When I was young the house I lived in was always dirty. It was cluttered and furniture was in need of repair but it was also dusty and mouldy in some places. When I was about 8 years old I started wanting to live in a clean house and I took it on myself to clean a 3-bedroom, two-story home. The other two people I lived with were busy doing other things like reading novels & playing with barbies. There was a third person I lived with and he was usually outside working on something or other. He was doing his share the best he could.

So anyway, this “cleaning” part of myself showed up in my dream last night.

In the dream, I went over to MG’s place and found it was very filthy. The grim on the floor alone made my skin crawl and there was dust & dirt everywhere! At first I started to clean it myself but then I realized since she made the mess she should also help me to clean it.

But when I tried to talk about it with her she ran to the washroom, locked the door and told me she wanted privacy. After some time I just talked through the door telling her we should have a family meeting to discuss & plan some cleaning for the house. She didn’t want that.

So I went to my room and started cleaning.

Then she came out of the bathroom but was angry & embarrassed. She was behaving in a way to tease me, mock me, harm me and make me feel upset so I decided to leave. I could tell what she wanted was for me to leave and a part of me wished I could figure out how to stay and help but the hurtful words were too hurtful. I had to go.

When she saw me getting ready to leave she looked happy.

She had pushed me away and out and that meant she could keep her messy house.

I was okay with leaving. Afterall, it wasn’t even my mess to clean. My intention had been just to help.

My analysis of this dream is that it is showing me how ego works and that now I can see the extent to which other people go to in order to protect their own selves. Even if their “self” is messy & cluttered, it’s like they fall in love with the mess and they want to keep it that way.

The dream shows me there is a part of myself which loves to clean ego messes. That’s why I didn’t judge the dirty & grime and stepped in to help make it better. I’d likely make a really good PSW in real life with these types of skills.

In real life, there is a situation where someone invited me close to themselves and then got embarrassed and angry when I got a bit too close to their “inner & outer” MESS. What they don’t know is that I don’t judge and I wish them no ill-will. I truly do love cleaning houses. And I truly do love working with people to clean their inner ego messes.

In time, this will become more clear. The dream helps me to understand the process and helps me have some patience as I go through the work.

How To See the End in the Beginning – and feel good about it


January 08, 2017

I learned from a dream last night that I have the ability to see the end in the beginning and that if I look closely I will see there are lots of opportunities around me right now to keep moving forward and to keep making things get better and better.

This is not about time travel or about future or fortune-telling, although it’s fun to play around with those concepts when writing fiction novels. This is about capacity building.

In its essence, when someone learns how to do this skill of seeing the end in the beginning, it means enough skill and capacity has been built up to be able to face obstacles, challenges and struggles in a way which would have been impossible before.

Skills and capacities are built up in two main ways. The first is by noticing when anxiety shows up and instead of feeling anxious learning to remember what you do well and repeat it often so that Confidence is unshakable. The second way is to notice when fear shows up and instead of feeling afraid the key is to learn new skills and develop new capacities so much so that the fear is nearly eliminated.

Then with Confidence and Courage an individual can move forward in the directions of their aspirations.

So my dream last night showed me a symbol of whole chickens in the fridge. There were two in the fridge and one in the freezer. Chickens like this are a personal symbol to me about prosperity, health and well-being because in real life, when I can buy a chicken, and have time to prepare it properly, and have calmness and serenity to sit down to a meal and enjoy it, then one chicken can feed me and my daughter for a week.

First we have roasted chicken with sweet potatoes, carrots and corn.

Next we have chicken soup and chicken sandwiches.

Then we have chicken & rice.

It’s delicious, affordable, easy-to-digest, simple to prepare and gives me comfort all week long.

To dream of having three is a symbol of having three weeks worth of ease and well-being.

How does this relate to the skill of seeing the end in the beginning?

When I open the fridge in real life or in a dream and see one chicken I can see it all the way to the end. I see the end result of a week’s worth of good food in my mind at the same time as seeing one cold uncooked chicken on my fridge shelf.

Having the skill of seeing the end in the beginning helps in every relationship and in every situation.

I’d like to write more about this right now but I also want to get a pot of stew in the crockpot now so I’m going to go do that and I’ll write more about seeing the end in the beginning another time.

1008 Dream: Bus Driver Writing Poetry

BUS DRIVER WRITING POETRY: A woman (from that bus) comes up to me and says she hears I am good at writing poetry. Yes, I say. She says can I give you a line and we can work on it together. I want to create a poem.

So I say sure and we get out paper and pens.

Then she says the first line is “Help! Help! Help! Help Me!”

I look at her like “are you kidding?” but she’s serious…she acts like she doesn’t need help but her poem will be about this topic. So I kinda sigh and think, okay…here we go. I consider “is this the title of the poem or the first line?” and decide it will be the first line.

Some ideas come to my head about this…and I ask her “well, how about you make a list or think about the things that this person in the poem would want to say to ask help for and I will write a line about those things”

She says sure and begins writing lines. Several verses come to mind but I need to hear from her what she wants included first. I put a few lines down on the page. I become aware that as a writer I have a rich vocabulary developing and am grateful for this skill.

What she comes up with is not very meaningful and I find that she is not very self-aware so there is no real connection with her to the words. Hmmm…I’m now stumped. The goal needs not to be for her to create a poem, the goal needs for her to become self aware. I feel like I don’t want to waste my time when the poem will not truly represent her thoughts and feelings and experience. I show her my lines  But she doesn’t like what I’ve written; she doesn’t get it. I don’t think we finish the poem.

And as I was writing this to send to you another dream image came to mind….

Dreamwork Tip: Use the Positives To Solve the Negatives

Dream: In the dream, I am riding an elephant. It felt amazing!

Interpretation & Solution:

richardonmountainYour dream process is part positive and part negative. When this happens, the dream is first telling you to remember and use all of the positive qualities that exist in the dream and then to solve the other images.   For instance, you have your self riding on an elephant in the jungle.  It reminds you that you have an adventurous spirit that can go to the ends of the earth.


Challenge: A mix of negatives and positives are showing up in dreams or in real life.

Solution: Remember and Use the Positives to Solve the Other Images/Issues


  1. Remember the Positives and Use them… Having an adventurous spirit  means not getting frustrated or discouraged when things become restricting, confining, or limiting. It means being willing and able to take risks to start new projects, explore new opportunities, to build new relationships. It means being open to growth in all regards.
  2. Solve the other Issues/Images… At the time of this dream, time and money was limited, some relationships were strained, the future was unclear and uncertain in many regards. Wondering about which direction to go was causing anxiety in the dreamer. Negative images of an uncertain and fearful future filled the mind. When the dreamer remembered she had a positive Adventerous Self she was able to consider new and exciting opportunities and options which were positive and helped to eliminate the anxiety.