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How To Break Free From the Mother of All Fears

Dec. 04, 2018

IMG_1280Old Pattern

  1. Get an idea
  2. Fear of it not working out comes up (fear of abandonment/Mother of all Fears)
  3. Give into the fear & give up on the goal
  4. Go for the goal but so unorganized can’t succeed.
  5. Back to bed with illness


New Pattern 

  1. Get an idea
  2. See the obstacles
  3. Feel foggy minded, unfocused
  4. Move slowly thru the fog in meditation
  5. Envision the solution, getting to the other side
  6. Feel Enthusiastic & Empowered with Determination to get there
  7. Take an immediate step towards it’s accomplishment as though it’s already done.


The animal which shows up in dreams when working thru this pattern, when developing Enthusiasm & Empowerment is the horse.



My Dream of a Flea Market & Old Car

22 January 2018

I am at a Flea Market, hired in to clean up the huge, multi-roomed area. The guy who was supposed to do this before didn’t achieve what he set out to do and the reason is he had his own agenda in mind, and had been expanding it for his own purposes. So he wasn’t too pleased with me coming in and getting rid of his stuff and cleaning it out.

But I just kept working at it, and directing a team to keep moving stuff out and cleaning up. It was going well.

Then I went outside to get a car which I had left in a field a month or so ago. To my surprise, it was covered over with moss and weeds as if it had been there for years. Plus, someone had stolen a part from the hood. I started pulling the weeds off but said to myself and the person with me that this wasn’t going to work; we can’t use the car as planned.

Dreamwork: Dealing With Someone’s Ego Mess and Moving Forward

13 September 2017

Dreamwork requires asking questions of the dream metaphors.

For example … What is a Mess On The Front Lawn?

The front lawn in the part of the yard seen by everyone. It is the most public part of a home-owners space.

A Mess is a good metaphor for the Ego. An Ego Mess is what happens when someone’s negative ego is trying to make someone else look bad to hide their own weakness & mistakes. The mess can be made up of lies, half-truths, deception, trickery, degradation, mocking, humiliation, chastisement and outright abuse.

A Mess On The Front Lawn left by someone else means someone is doing something which is making a mess of things for me and they are doing it by dumping a lot of stuff on me that doesn’t belong to me.

So what is it that someone can be doing that is making a big mess of my life and making me look bad, ruining my reputation with my landlord and creating issues between me and my neighbours?

There is someone in my life who is related to me who does exactly that. However, the battle with her is over now. When the dream shows up with her in it, I know it is left over feelings about the way she used to be, the way she used to treat me. And as I let go of the old negatives then I make room for new positives.

Everyone has dreams or nightmares about what happens to them when someone creates an ego mess in their lives. The way we learn to deal with the negatives strengthens our own character and is a breeding ground for seeds of positive growth and change.

The solution to this dream is to not stand still frozen on the lawn wondering what to do next. The solution is to 1) ask the owner to take her things off my lawn 2) talk directly to my ex-step-dad to see if he’ll take it all off 3) report the situation to the police 4) throw all the stuff in the trash and be done with it.

The key is that there are always options. Standing still and frozen does nothing for anyone.

When someone brings a big ol’ mess into your life, just assess the situation, make a decision and keep on movin’.

Getting rid of the clutter and trash is a great way to begin opening the doors to many more great opportunities.

Positive Dreams Mean Just Dive Right in!

04 September 2017

Positive dreams are positively wonderful! They do not need work to transform or flip. You can just have a playful attitude and dive right into whatever life is offering you.

Playfulness is something which comes easy to children but adults sometimes have forgotten how to play or feel playful. Children do not have a lot of negative memories so they can easily play and feel safe. Adults, on the other hand, have accumulated years of negative memories where they wanted to be playful or do something which brings them joy and instead find themselves shut down. Eventually, some adults just stop trying to even have playfulness in their lives.

With dreamwork, however, Playfulness is a wonderful virtue which emerges especially after an issue has been dealt with. The lightness and joy which replaces what used to be fear and worry is quite remarkable. 

The dream I had last night is a good example of this. After working through some serious issues which showed up this week as ghosts and violence, it is so refreshing to have a happy dream of playing on a waterslide! The effort is so worth the reward!

Here is the dream:

21270863_10159400625215595_8931026667273683921_nThe setting was a waterpark and I was riding the tubes over and over with my daughter and a friend. At one point we got to a part of the tube where the water was rushing fast like rapids and there were several directions the mat could go. I stood up on the deck looking down at what was to come and realized I was happy with whatever happened one way or another. I dropped my hat and watched it flow with the waves in a certain direction but then when I got in and went down I went down a different path then my hat had gone and I was okay with that.

Inbetween rides I went to my Taekwondo club and used the washroom. I went into the males’ washroom because the women’s was being used. I noticed how grimy the floors were and the sink was not clean. When the women’s washroom became available I went there and then noticed it was really clean. I wondered if I could help by doing some cleaning for the club. It was quite, as it is on Saturday mornings. Not too much going on.

Back on the water slides, I was considering which way to go next and a man approached me about doing promotion for their website. A fellow Martial Arts student was standing behind him and started to give advice. I just looked at him right in the eyes and told him, “I’ve got this,” and showed him it wasn’t his place to interrupt here. That this was “my thing” and he was surprised at first at my assertiveness and wasn’t taking me to seriously and I stood up and moved forward towards him a slight bit and jokingly said, “stand down, my friend. I said I’ve got this.” And with that he turned his gaze back to the plate he was holding and continued snacking on whatever was there.

Then I returned to the conversation with the website guy and it seemed like things were going to work out well.

Dream: Bus on a Mountain

23 May 2017

The perfection of the dreamworld continues to bring me a sense of awe and gratitude. I’m amazed at the way the dreamworld can reveal such important Truths for this Day we are living in when Humanity is waking up to their gifts and advancing daily towards greater conditions of Peace. 

This dream has the metaphor of an icy mountain. It’s a fine place to be if you have skies but not so fine if you are driving a bus. Ice in a dream is about the cold which shows up in a relationship when someone is only thinking of themselves and their selfish gains. A mountain is a high piece of land which takes great determination and diligence to climb and has a wonderful view at the top. 

A bus is a way of getting to where you are going with a lot of other people. So this dream is about overcoming the conditions some people have caused with their cold-hearted behaviour and then sharing the learning with others so an inspiring view and perspective of achievement can be discerned.

chiefmountainHere is the dream: I dreamed a bus driver maneuvered us on an icy mountain slope. Later I was talking with someone about what she had done and was saying, “She is really amazing!”

Someone on the bus who was negative in real life (J.J.) asked me for help and I gave it. I told them two places where they could find a map to where they were going. They were grateful.

Analysis: To dream of this bus driver using a lot of skill to get us to safety means I can see ways now to get through challenging situations without getting harmed. Gaining the respect of someone who disrespected me in real life shows evidence of the power of the human spirit to overcome challenges and arise to a more collectively peaceful condition.