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My Dream About Slowing Down

In the dream, I was driving & someone I knew was behind me. Maybe Mark. I drove over a hill and then down a street where there was construction and a new subdivision development. A man dressed in his First Nations regalia was crossing the street from my right to the left. He was beating a drum & chanting. He was protesting against the new subdivision and giving voice to the need for respect for the earth. Tears welled up inside me as I approached the stop sign and I called out the window that I was sorry. He turned, surprised, and looked me in the eye. Then when I turned the corner I stopped the car and he approached me and invited me back to his family’s home.

I guess I was driving along to his place and then came to construction on the road and there were 3-4 officers with speed guns pointed right at me. I was taken aback by them but wasn’t speeding so I just passed through slowly. They were wearing bright yellow jackets and pointing these guns at me so it startled me at first because I thought they were real guns but then saw it was officers positioned around the construction to be sure drivers adhered to the reduced speed limit.

Once there, a few things happened. For one, I met his mother or auntie and we had tea. There were a lot of people coming and going. It seems I left for a time and then returned and found people were dusting the house and someone said they were done, or nearly done, and I saw where they missed a spot on the lamp but didn’t know if I should mention it or not. I wanted to help but didn’t want to offend.

In another part of the dream, I was talking with another First Nations man about my whiteness and about wishing I could remove it. Stuff like that. There were about 4 of us, hanging out in the kitchen, just chillin’. It was casual and relaxing. But being relaxed made me nervous that something would happen and I wouldn’t be prepared for it. That’s just how I felt.

My Dream About A Small, Warm Cabin in the Woods

January 04, 2018

In the dream, I’m in a room with First Nations friends. E.E. is sitting to my right, relaxed but thinking deeply about a solution for something. R.G. is sitting to my left, sort of chatting. The room is small and cozy, like a cabin, warm as though there’s a fire burning in a woodstove but I don’t see it. There’s just casual chatting and even some singing. Someone is smoking a pipe putting a wonderful aroma into the air. I feel as though I belong here and am not separated by race or skin colour, as though I am seen for my true self and not for just being labeled as “a white.” Also, in the dream, I feel like I have shed my guilt and shame over what “whites” did/are doing to First Nations peoples and there is just such a loving feeling of connection and unity in that little cabin in the woods. The other thing is that I feel respected as a woman too. The way I am treated is as though I am an equal to the men but my role as a mother, an educator, a healer/helper is appreciated and known. That feeling of equality feels so genuine and so appreciated.

Then in another part of the dream it’s not so good. I’m trying to talk to a tall white man and he won’t listen to me. He’s about 6″4, with an angled chin, dark curly hair like Tom Selleck and he seems too busy to give me any of his attention. I become agitated & frustrated in the dream.

There’s another part too, also with a  high degree of frustration, which I can’t recall the details of now but it has something to do with trying to do something which can’t be done in the time I have, or trying to make something fit which isn’t the right size. Something like that.

Dream: Planning to Drive Up a Steep, Icy Hill & Planning to Pray with an Elder by a Tipi

27 May 2017

  • Am at a family gathering, auntie asks me how old I am and says I’m older than him and then she realizes she doesn’t even know his age and leaves to go ask him
  • I am in an area where there are kids playing and a small tipi and kids are a bit chaotic. An Elder sits at the front of the tipi in a cross-legged prayer pose
  • I leave the room
  • Someone from the family tells me he is praying there and invites/tells me to go back
  • I am back in the room with the Elder praying and I don’t know what to do next


  • I am at the bottom of a large sky-scraper with a tall and steep driveway, covered with ice and snow
  • I am thinking I want to go up that hill but there are cars parked all the way up
  • I see a large truck maneuver down the hill on a path through the cars
  • I See I could drive my car up there
  • I hesitate because it’s steep and slippery
  • I watch several trucks go down and see it’s possible to do the same going up


  • I am driving on an road and someone infront of me has been doing drugs
  • A friend behind me is texting to watch out for him and to help him out
  • I am thinking my friend is fine at first but then I see him swerve and stuff
  • We stop at a traffic light
  • I text something like “Stop Driving. Get off the road” but I don’t send it
  • He crosses the road and has a collision on the side of the road
  • I pull over to help
  • I answer questions to other police
  • I realize when I said I saw he was having issues that the reason I was aware was the texts but I shouldn’t have been texting when driving.
  • I am lying and say I didn’t text.
  • I am realizing I have to tell them I texted because they may check my phone and I think of making a joke about the texts I did make.
  • It is true that I didn’t text AND that I did. Hard to explain though.


  • I am seeing kids getting high on some cheap drugs and I notice what they are doing but it seems harmless so I let it go.



Dream: North wind, Ocean Storm, Mountain Climb

20 March 2017 6:29am – Spring Equinox (Equal Night!)

  • Doodled quickly during a game & when I was done I saw an image of a young girl’s face blowing air like the North Wind
  • I also doodled a plant in bright light, mid-sun and one in the dark & dying
  • In one scene I am floating on a boat in a stormy ocean and know my way
  • In another scene I have climbed to the top of a very high mountain range ~ it’s stunningly beautiful but I was trying to get to a neighbourhood so then I say to my travel companion we have to keep going, I think the neighbourhood is that way
  • In another scene I’m resting after a long journey, in the cold, and am with a few other travelers ~ there is just one or two blankets we are all sharing and I do not have enough to cover me so I keep pulling it over and they keep pulling it back. I try to just let it go but it’s far to cold with nothing so I have to insist


This dream series has extremes in positive & negative. When I woke up I felt refreshed & renewed & invigorated like I had just been on a long hiking vacation and was back now with really great memories and new enthusiasm for day-to-day life. The funny thing is that in real life I haven’t traveled or done much outside of my own home town and yet my heart longs for that experience. It’s kinda cool though that I had it in my dream last night.

The most positive is the feeling when I arrive at the top of the mountain range. The beauty was so magestic and I was just captivated & awe-struck at how amazing it was. I had mixed feelings though because it wasn’t the goal. But I’ve never seen such beauty in my life. The mountains spanned all across the horizon as far as I could see. White snow capped mountains everywhere. And in some places the rock had formed in a curl which looked like the curl of a wave. It was amazing. So this means I can go to great heights in my path of helping others.

The most negative of the dream was trying to sleep in the cold north and not having enough blankets. I didn’t want to disturb the others who kept taking the blanket yet I could not sleep with the small amount they were giving me.

So that is a metaphor for the cold ways people in the past have treated me. Because I forgive easily and have the capacity to tolerate a lot of negatives sometimes people can do or say extremely negative things and get away with it.

The dream reminds me that sometimes, if the person doesn’t take a hint when the message is small, like me tugging on the blanket to get more, then something more direct will be needed, like me telling them “Hey, I need more blanket.” It’s not a big deal to need more and ask for it.

The other part of the dream, when I doodled and unconsciously drew a face, I guess that is just a message to remind me that even when I’m focused on one specific thing then another thing can be accomplished and it can be really cool.

Dream: Making a Movie

In the dream, E.E. and I are in a movie together. We’ve been given parts as husband and wife. He’s sitting on the couch and I’m standing beside him. Secretly I think he’s one of the most handsome and loving men I’ve ever met but our paths are different and we aren’t meant to be partnered, just friends. But I wonder to myself, how will I use my natural attraction to him in the role for effect but also not make it obvious that it is coming from my real feelings.

The director signals it’s time to start and I sit on the couch to his left, figuring I’d snuggle in. The director asked me to sit on him but I didn’t think that was a good idea. Too close. But when I sit beside him that’s not good either. The couch is too soft and I sink too low and our embrace isn’t natural or comfortable. So then I say okay, I’ll sit on your lap.

I sit on his lap and he positions his arm so I can lean against it. He’s strong and supportive. I just relax into him and his other hand reaches over to hold mine. Our fingers entangle together. The soft and sensuous touch is so calming.

On the flip side of this very positive dream was what some would call somethings which were negative to the extreme. In a situation like this, the very positive is the solution to the very negative.

The very negative situation was where I had stopped by to visit someone and my sister was there. In the dream, she did something which caused the charger on my computer to severe in half and become unusable. It was impossible to repair it and I also didn’t have time or money to buy a new one. I calculated that I had about a day’s worth of charge in the computer and wondered how I would solve this in a day so I would have a working computer by the time the battery needed to be charged.

As I was thinking about that she went into a manic state where she was talking loudly, acting unusual and causing a lot of disruption. It got everyone’s attention quickly. My challenge with that was when I wanted to talk to someone about what I needed I couldn’t because they were all absorbed in her nonsensical behaviour.

So – how to solve this?

The problem begins for me when I go into an apartment of someone who has done me wrong in the past. I go there with good intentions to bridge things and they have other ideas which are mainly just to make me look bad.

The difference between this negative scenario and the positive one in a moving-making set is that when we are all sharing a common collective understanding of what we are doing and what we are making then the process goes smoother for everyone.

When I go into a situation and there is no unity of thought I leave without a charger and everything gets chaotic.

The main problem with people who are jealous is that they just try to always bring people into a conflict with them so they can make someone look bad. Staying out of a conflict with them is the key to moving forward charged up and getting really good work done.

For those readers who are new to dreamwork and changework I can imagine some of the concepts in this post are somewhat advanced and without a basic introduction to the work it might seem a bit overwhelming. There is a really good description given by Richard Hastings on this radio show.

For more advanced readers, the basic concepts will be familiar. The idea of using the positive metaphors to flip the negative ones is fundamental. As is the concept of sensual interactions between men and women as being symbolic for intimacy in relationships and integration of qualities.

There is nothing more frightening on the planet then a jealous woman. Her destruction can tear apart dozens of people in a large family. What to do when you go into a situation expecting to help and support but find someone is intent on destroying you?

The solution in this case is to put fears and awkward feelings aside and move forward in positive ways with the right people. Then the right environments open up for true growth and progress in ways that work for everyone.

In that way, the work is not only easy and enjoyable but also continuous and steady. Those old ways can stay in the past where they belong.