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Dream: Swimming With a Friend

23 March 2017

In the dream, I am swimming in an enormous pool, larger than Olympic-sized. There are lots of people swimming.

At one point I had been sitting on the ground with a friend S.? and we saw the earth move in waves which was made by the actions of the people. I turned to her and said it really looks like the earth is making waves like a pool. I think right after that it turned to a pool and we were swimming in it.

I nearly drowned because of the depth of water, the waves and the people but she swam right close to me and lifted me with her side and thigh so I couldn’t swim yet but I was more relaxed when I saw she wouldn’t let me drown.

We swam around the large pool and then I got even more relaxed and could even swim a bit.

Later we went to her apartment. When I entered I found it smaller than I expected but warmer than expected too. She had candles & incense burning and a small wood fire. Warm colourful carpets & rugs were on the ground and when her daughter came in she knelt in three places to eagle feathers and another symbolic item which I wasn’t familiar with. I asked her to show me how to kneel like that and she did.

After that I relaxed with them for a bit and then went to my own home. I realized we had both moved to Toronto in the city and I was missing my old home. Why did I move? I asked myself. Good grief! Having to settle into a new home again! It was tiring.

But then I started watching a video of Gracie when she was just learning to talk. She was sitting in a high chair and eating a few cheerios. When she looked at me she said “Mommy! Mommy!” and it melted my heart. Yes honey? I asked her. And she wanted to show me something.

When the video was done I saved it under the name “Mommy! Mommy!” and felt really grateful for having such a sweet daughter.

Daily Dream Diary – A Christmas Group

In the dream, I am standing outside on a hill. A large group of about 100 ppl are in a circle, mostly wearing red & whites, singing songs. They appear to be happy but I realize they are not. I say to myself that they are not happy because they think what they are doing is all that can be done and they see it no other way. I decide to tell them that the Promised One has come and this is the solution to every problem. Then in the dream I watch myself approach the circle from the north of it where elders approach in First Nations tradition. The circle doesn’t open because they see no significance in my being there and I get ready to tell them something which will change their world.

In another part of the dream, I go to a group gathered who I want to gather to bring to a devotion but I see they are already getting ready for something else. I am sitting beside someone who is about to be married. Her finance comes over, shakes my hand, and then goes back to where he was seated. They begin the ceremony and they appear so happy. It is a bride who in real life I thought would never get married. But afterwards I realize I sat in the groom’s place and it must have looked so rude but no one said anything. It was sort of embarrassing.

In another part, I was in a shower which was like a home-made shower and it was weird.

Dream Interpretation – Facing an Army

Someone sent me this dream recently:
It wasn’t that it was a violent sad dream. Me and my buddies where there. It was like back in the day with swords and horses and we were lined up against a army bigger then ours.
All my buddies from real life were with me and and they said they were scared and I was too but I told them that whatever happens I’d see them again.
And they all noded and we rode in almost all of us died.
I died slow in my dream. We won but I died just sitting there look at the clouds and the sun and I was happy for some reason.
And I shut my eyes and I woke up here lmao.
I have lots of those
In my dream to i had tatooes all over as well.
And WG was right by me told me that life and death come and go just the way of our nature
It was an odd dream.
Idk lmao I don’t know if dreams like that have meanings.
The first thing to say about the way I do dreamwork is that I get really excited when I have the opportunity to work deeply with fear. The reason is that when we understand our conscious or unconscious fears and work to transform them then it is like creating a whole new and positive self. The way to transform even really enormous fears is to notice what is the most challenging part and then flip the negative into the positive opposite. That’s what keeps working time and time again.
A dream like this is so good because it is the perfect metaphor for the fear we have when it seems like the odds are stacked against us but in truth history is filled with ordinary people who did remarkably positive things, even when they had obstacles which seemed insurmountable against them.
The really positive thing for this dreamer is that it shows he has the ability to help calm others who are afraid even when he feels afraid himself.
Dying in a dream is about growth, change and new beginnings. It is about dying to the old self and being reborn in a new self, a new life.
It is a metaphor for growth and change. It signals opportunities for expanding and developing new capacities, new energies, new positive qualities.
Since you were happy in the dream, looking at the sky and clouds and enjoying the warmth of the sun than that means that you are comfortable and happy throughout the changing process. Not everyone is.
This is likely w

Daily Dream Diary: War, Media & Healer

September 26, 2016

In the dream, I was in the mist of a war or a natural disaster. There had been a big episode and then we thought everything was fine and joined together in an airport, mall & parking lot. But then an announcement came to all of our social media that it was coming again so we all turned and went back to our cars.

I watched how others reacted. Not thinking for themselves, just doing what they were told & what they saw others doing.

Gracie told me her friend with blond hair had been in an accident, maybe even died. It was tragic but we had to keep going.

I had this moment of being crouched down on the pavement and bombs were going off around me. But it seemed like I was imagining it & it didn’t really happen. We got home safe before anything dangerous happened.

In another dream, I walked into a room and found it full of First Nations friends and they were chanting, drumming & doing a ceremony. The chief stopped when he saw me come in even though I was trying not to draw attention to myself.

He tapped a skull of a buffalo with his staff and said, “At last you are here. The one who bridges the white man and the red man’s teachings. We’ve waited for you.”

I turned to him and said, “There is nothing special that I do. It is you who are the bridge.” And I was bowing to him saying Miigwech & Namaste and he bowed back and neither of us wanted to be the one to stop.

Then I sat on a bed & A.L. came over. I was so happy to see her, a friend. She had a shell bowl & burning embers. And she waved her arms up like a heron or an eagle and uttered words like she was summoning all that was good in the world and I was just so grateful. Someone came over to her to assist her.

It was so refreshing.

After that the conversation & ceremony went on. Even though I didn’t know for sure that this group knew about the war I had the sense that what they were doing was directly helping it.

How To Deal With Robbers – Metaphorically & Literally

Cell phone = modern communication

Last night I dreamed Y.E. entered my house with the intention to rob me. As I was trying to find a phone and a place to call 911 two others entered. They were very tall First Nations men who wanted to rob the house and maybe kill anyone who got in their way. 

I was trying to get the people out of the house and to safety and found my sister making out with Y.E’s brother. But I was able to pull her away. Eventually I found a phone, called 911 and got through and even gave the right address. They said they were on their way.

Then I left out the front door to escape because I didn’t want to wait around and get hurt. As I was going down the long stair case I had to walk really slowly because the steps were filled with little ceramic garden gnomes and trolls. I managed to get to the bottom without breaking anything and ran away.

When a robber shows up in a dream like this and it is somewhat negative, two good questions to ask your Self are 1) In real life, who is trying to take something from me and also 2) Where in my life am I robbing my own Self?

Answers to these questions help to move through the issue, identify the threats, acknowledge the fears, flip the negatives and strengthen the positives.

This dream is like so many others I’ve had. It’s a re-occurring issue for me. The fear of being robbed and shot at sometimes prevents me from doing what I really want to do in life.

Being shot at is a metaphor for being shot down with negative criticism. In my past there were many people who spoke negatively to me or behind my back. Now that my story is becoming more and more public people seem to think that they can say anything they want about me and unfortunately, our culture seems bent on trying to make others look bad in order to try to make themselves look good.

Since one of the figures was an actual person from my past this dream does force me to consider the way in which a negative figure entered my life, and I can look at how I allowed my Self to be robbed of who I really was and what I really wanted in life.

This issue likely comes up a lot for women who have been in relationships where the man had an ego which liked to put him on top all the time and he didn’t care who he hurt on the way up nor who he hurt in the battle to stay on top.

Calling 911 in a dream and getting through is important because in real life reaching out for help is such a good way to change, to learn from the negative past, and to create a positive future.

In my dream I called 911 and I also made sure everyone was safe and I also fled. This shows a bit of progress in my own development because in the past I would have called 911 and then waited around for them, even if it meant I got hurt while waiting.

To leave indicates I am free from that old pattern now. It means that even when things are a bit challenging I can figure it out and do what I need to do so that I am not robbed, nor is anyone I care about.

When I write e-books and posts about self-defense, this is the reason I am doing it. I am seeking to share what I have learned through personal experience in a positive way to others who are still learning how to get out of negative situations so that their Self is protected and stays strong.

In upcoming posts I will continue on this theme and explore in more detail how I do what I do. I share openly because we are all connected and all learning together.