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Dream: Snake, Cancer, Fish, Narcissism

07 February 2017

  • found 2 golf ball sized balls in my pelvic area
    • i sent my mind inside the cancer to see if I could dissolve it, the heat was so hot and it burned up my left arm, i had to rest before i could try again


  • was in water, fish nipping at my feet, more and more of them
    • was with G. as a 3 year old
    • as fish got more and bigger i got more afraid but she didn’t get scared
  • a woman was flirting with a man but then he stuck his toe up her and she started bleeding and then he said he couldn’t be with her and she left and he clean up the blood on the table and bed, i thought she had cancer too


  • we were holding a pretend snake, which then came alive, which then was a snake with fangs, just showing its teeth and i analyzed it, the shape of its mouth, etc


  • was wearing a green party dress like a fairy on a costume day but no one knew what i was dressed up as and they didn’t know if I dressed like that by accident or if i was wearing a costume to go along with the party


  • i was chatting with a martial artist who was a cop
    • i turned on a power drill by accident and it kept spinning but then we got it to turn off
    • i joked about everything having a lot of power around here


  • T.A. was there somewhere
  • G. was driving us in a truck, DN and A as a child where in the front seat
    • a monkey/badger went onto the windshield and G couldnt see, it bothered me that others didn’t mind and i was sitting behind gracie giving instructions


  • Someone had a dream she was on the edge of a cliff, a mountain view, the spot she was sitting on slipped and fell a bit so she was basically falling, she grabbed its tail and it pulled her up, like those big saint bernards.

Dream: A Breaching Whale

11 March 2017

The beginning of the dream was just ordinary and regular. It was one of those mundane kinds of dreams about mundane life things which bore me silly.

Someone gave me $60 and asked me to share it equally between 3 people so I did that.

But then later I went into the ocean. Someone there, like a scuba diver, gathered a school of about a couple dozen fish together. They were not dead but they were also not moving. They just floated on the surface of the water. I was also floating on the surface.

Then the scuba diver just told me to keep the fish together and to float alongside with them. He told me there was a whale under the water and not to be afraid.

Then he swam away.

I was floating and saw the shadowy shape of the whale under the surface and soon it leapt out of the air and breached right nearby. I huddle the fish together after the waves dispersed.

Then the whale breached again. This time right nearby us, even closer.

I huddled the fish together again.

Then when it lept again it soared right over us. I looked up really captivated. It was like it was going in slow motion. I had a hint of fear that it would land without its tail fully passing over us but soon saw that it had enough clearance to land on the other side of us.

That moment of watching this enormous beautiful whale transcend its watery home and fly like an eagle over us was just so captivating. I was awe-struck and mesmerized.

I’ll write more about the analysis of this soon.