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My Dream of Clouds

October 29, 2018

In the dream, I am driving or running down a street, moving quickly but I can’t remember if I was in a car or running. When I look up at the sky I see clouds spread out across the expanse of the sky and the clouds I see shapes which appear to be like gears within a machine. There are also random objects like spoons and cups and random household objects which are also somehow interconnected into this machine-like contraption in the clouds.

My Eagle Dream

July 18, 2018

Last night I dreamed of being on a First Nations reservation. There was lots going on. Some sitting by a bonfire. Some getting ready to go somewhere. Some playing games. I heard something and looked up and saw an eagle soaring very high above the trees. It was circling around. Others started noticing too. Then another eagle joined the first and it was even higher than the previous one. They circled around and around high above us. I just stared at them, not being able to take my eyes off them because of their beauty. Then I noticed the first one had something in its mouth and as it flew lower and closer to us I could see it was a tiger. I was stunned. “What?!” An eagle carrying a tiger in its mouth!? Impossible, I said to myself. “But there it is! Impossible yet it’s happening.”

By now the eagles caught the attention of the others and an elder beside me to the left was looking up at the eagles and then doing something with the sticks in front of her. She closed her eyes briefly as though in prayer or supplication. I glanced back up and sure enough, there truly was a tiger in the eagle’s beak, being carried in the way a mother cat carries her kittens.

Soon the eagles landed in a clearing nearby and before we knew it the tiger was dropped and surprisingly it was still alive. It started to run at us but we had lots of time to pack our belongings and get in the car although it was packed and we all  just barely fit. The elder was giving us instructions the whole time.

There was a swampy area over further off to the left and at some point we had been playing a game over there, some sort of simple games like catch and tag. I had jumped in for a bit and got out, thinking I’d go back in later, but when we were getting in the car I realized I couldn’t go back to the water today.

So that was the end of the dream, getting into the car, watching a tiger run at us from across a field, with the eagles close by on its heels.

Fire Dream: Being in a Van When an Explosion Goes Off

May 22, 2018

IMG_0723In the dream, there’s a group of us in a 10-seater van. I look behind us and see there’s about to be an explosion so I warn the people in the van to get down, to duck, to get as low as possible. There’s enough room for all of us to duck low under the seats and when the fire goes off and crosses over us we feel the heat but there’s no smoke and no one gets burned. There’s enough oxygen on the ground of the van and everyone is fine.

Later, when we are getting out I see we are at a concert of some sort and I’m feeling disorientated and confused. No one seems hurt or upset as though they didn’t experience the fire. People are lining up to get into the gate but I can’t tell where the gate is or who is performing or if I’m going or not.


Fire in a dream is about inspiration. Finding a low space with lots of air is about being safe and comfortable even when someone else’s inspiration has a potentially negative influence on where you want to go with others.

The solution to the dream is to be really inspired and take others where you want to go.

Dream: Floating in the Clouds


I am swinging on swings and the swing detaches so that I am flung high
into the air. I was filled with excitement as I rose higher and higher
into the clouds. Then I get to a certain point and am able to just
float. I spin around and drift, filled with awe and joy. I was so
happy to be able to do this.

I thought about others and thought it
seemed I was doing something no one else could do and I felt grateful
for the gift for me to be able to do this. I wanted to tell others
about it but thought no one would understand but that I will enjoy
this experience anyways. Then I would float back down and then go back
up again.. It happened several times and when I went high like that I
was released from all fears, all worries, everything. It was just
bliss and joy.
Then later I was talking with my sister. She told me that there was a
weather abnomility reported that day that showed a gust of wind and
air pressure that was in the park where I was in. I said, yes, I felt
that. It lifted me up and I explained what I had experienced and then
I thought she would believe me.

But she didn’t. She looked at me with a condescending expression conveying, “what are you talking about?”

I said, “Oh nevermind.” My sister, like my Mom & Dad, only have a high school education and sometimes complex though paradigms seem to confuse them.

Regardless. For me, I liked knowing that there was a scientific explanation for what I experienced.
14681699_10157746974450595_8501161778339029874_nThe beauty and wonder of the skies when I was up there was amazing.
The blue was the most beautiful blue and the clouds fluffy and soft. I
felt protected and safe by the air. The temperature was perfect. I felt like God was with me, smiling at me, giving me this great experience. I was surrounded in a hug from the air. I was filled with awe & wonderment!

( I wonder: What is air energy? Breath? What do Natives say about air? This dream had a big impact on me when I woke up and it has put back in the fore-front of my mind the sacred nature of life and living and has filled me with a renewed energy and passion for my work.) (April 2011)