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Dream: Driving into another Car

In the dream, I was driving my little red car down a driveway but the car in front of me had stopped. I kept driving forward at a slow pace and bumped into the car. No one was hurt but there was damage to my bumper. I saw there was ice on the cement but none directly under my tires. I figured insurance would sting me badly for this. I am so glad that was a dream and not real life.

What can be done with this dream is that I can first realize that it is great I was driving my own car. In a dream that signals independence and the ability to plan out a route and get to where you want to go.

To be driving too quickly and not respond to someone who has stopped is a good metaphor for what it is like when you are trying to get somewhere and things get in the way.

Sometimes the things which get in the way are meant to be overcome and pushed through but other times, like in this dream, the thing in the way needs to be respected and my driving changed accordingly.

The dream is a reminder to slow down, to be aware of my present surroundings, and to even stop if necessary.

There are a few areas in my life right now where this message could apply so I will think on that and consider some ways in which I can slow down to accommodate traffic on the path.




Miscellaneous Dream Images

January 15, 2017

  • walking along a snowy path and seeing a baby in pink. picking her up and finding it was a doll
  • there was another baby in pink too but it was real and others showed me. i said someone who didn’t know there were two babies would think this one was real
  • the cold didn’t bother me
  • in another part i was in a pool
  • there was an obstacle course
  • there were two guys from CPS and one was invited to watch a movie with me but then when the time came i told him never mind


Dream: Hot blonde with Great Legs


I dreamt I was working and ran into my buddy C. We started talking about food and he was like omg you have to meet this chick that works here. We go meet her and she is a hot blonde and we hit it off right away. But the chick was a bad ass soup maker. And she made this pork soup and to make it taste right u had to be able to kill the pig in under 24! seconds. Lol so she killed pigs by choking them out with her legs Hahahaha. So any way after that I was walking thru this building and a fighter plane crashed outside. We all seen it crash but it wasn’t sad or shocking it made everyone start dancing and singing. Then I went and had lunch with that chick that kills pigs and we made out a bit. Then later on it was dark and I went outdoor skating on a golf course that had ice trails lol that was my dream.

Whenever I see physical intimacy in a dream, even if it’s kissing or just making out, it is always a signal to me that the dreamer is getting a message from the dream about intimacy. I write more about this in 1008 Dreams & Solutions but here I can just say that sex in dreams, even kissing, is a SYMBOL for intimacy and is not meant to be taken literally.

Because I have worked with this dreamer for many years, I know him well and I know he is a trustworthy and inspiring guy who would never just start making out with some chick he just meets. I also know that the metaphor for being able to skate even in places you wouldn’t expect to see skating, like on a golf course, is a good metaphor for him. It means he can make the best of a challenging situation, mostly because of his optimism & his sense of humour, along with a certain adventurous and playful spirit. This also shows up as a symbol of being able to dance & sing even after a plane crash.

So what is the message about intimacy that this dream is trying to show him? What is the issue? And what is the solution which would allow for the plane to keep flying instead of crashing?

The dream points to a cultural issue about the way men see women. So that’s what I wanted to write about here. When men learn how to be more intimate with women in a way which is not all about kissing and making out then all relationships will get better and better.

The chick in this dream is bad ass. She makes great soup and she’s got a near-miraculous super-human way of creating just the right taste and flavour which involves doing something which involves physical strength, stamina, flexibility, accuracy, courage and a certain toughness. To kill a pig in less than 24 seconds with just the strength of leg power is quite a feat! This girl is amazing!

The right thing for the dreamer to do would be to just enjoy the soup. Or if he wants to learn more he could ask to learn how to make the soup with her. Then he could be out there being bad ass too, killing pigs with his leg powers. Afterall, it would be somewhat easier for him likely, given to men’s natural hunter instinct.

But no, instead of joining her in miraculous soup making he talks with her at lunch and gets to kissing her and making out with her.

That’s why everything went dark afterwards.

That’s why ice showed up in a recreational area like a golf course which is supposed to be enjoyed in warm weather.

He had the opportunity to learn to make bad ass soup with an amazingly beautiful, strong and smart woman and yet all he could think about was getting in her pants.

Now this was just a dream and like I said, in real life, this dreamer is not the kind of guy who would just jump to kissing some stranger. This is not about a real life affair. This is about a metaphor. The metaphor is there to show blocks to deep intimacy.

The real negative parts of the dream are really negative. Plane crashes in a dream are about devastation and loss of a positive future. Being in the dark and cold is about being or feeling isolated and alone. These are not the kind of states anyone wants to spend much time in.

In our culture, there is a common tendency for people to think that going for sex is a good way to eliminate feelings of lonliness or loss but in reality, the key to change and growth is about learning to feel strong within oneself no matter what is going on in the outside world. When there is a certain gentleness and peacefulness internally then all relationships are easier and really cool things can come out of it. The symbol of this is the really great soup that this cool chick makes.

So what can the dreamer do to solve this issue?

He can start by asking himself where in his life today does he have the chance to go for something really positive with someone and where or how is he holding himself back?

It would be good to explore the metaphor of soup. He can ask himself what does it mean to him?

He can ask himself – in what ways am I like that bad ass soup-making chick and what could I do to bring some of that adventurous and creative spirit into my life today?

In the end, what his dream is calling him to do is to be more like the soup woman – to have her agility and creativity. But he can’t do that so long as he is going along in this pattern which leads to plane crashes, and dark cold golf courses.

In order to have these qualities he will have to look at some of his issues around what is stopping him from feeling peaceful and when he can be more at ease, which might involve releasing some old fears, then he will find more and more opportunities to do some really cool things in his life which will be very nourishing and helpful to many others.




Daily Dream Diary – Adopting Children

In the dream, someone I had a crush on in university kissed me.

In another part, a friend who I’m doing a documentary with asked me to adopt her 3 children. Even though I have less money than her, less space in my home, and less support than she has I still said yes.

We were in a parking lot trying to think of how to get everyone into the car, with their bags and such. As I was talking to the children and prepping them for staying with me then I noticed they all had wet hair and it had an aroma like a special kind of shampoo. Their mother told me that it was an insecticide kind of wash and would kill the bugs they had.

Oh my gosh, they have bugs? I thought. But then I just thought of ways to take care of them and to eliminate the bugs in our home. It was good they had the wash so that no new ones would develop and the old ones could be killed, starved off.

The entire parking lot was surrounded by large snow banks. When I examined them I saw there were rainbows in them, in the snow crystals and it was really beautiful.


Violence in Dreams: How To Flip To The Positive

(Warning: This blog post talks about violence. Don’t read it if you don’t want to. There will be another softer topic tomorrow.)

12596832_10156573581925595_2111687810_oSince 2009 I’ve been deeply studying and reflecting on the mental state of an individual which can lead them to a pattern of acting with violence. Violence used to show up in my dreams a lot. I dreamed of being shot at, beaten, raped, killed in car crashes, drown in water, tortured. What was tricky for me to consider then but now with enough practice comes somewhat easy, is to detach from the negative emotions which come up around violence (mainly fear) and consider ways to do the positive opposite of the violence in my real life.

What I mean is that if I dream of being shot at by a close range gun for example, then that is a sign to me that I will bring happiness and support to others by saying or doing positive things in close range, such as calling someone and offering encouragement or support.

I can think of it as shooting positive guns of encouragement and when I do this it moves things forward at home, in the community, and in my work.

In our culture, we tend to easily find fault and talk about it behind the backs of others but why not find strengths and acknowledge them? I was trained how to do this as a Virtues Facilitator back in 2005 and I consistently applied the approach in every area of my life since then.

Anyway, what more of violence in dreams?

Recently I had a few more which really took some time to be able to process. Here are the key elements:

Dream: Train Collision and Icey Mountain

  • in a car in a train wreck
  • a train goes by and tears people to part
  • it rips at the top of my head then stops

I am in a car which goes high up a mountain, someone else driving but I am cheering them on.

I also climb high up a mountain on an icey path and get to the top

In these dreams, I saw people getting torn apart physically. It was gruesome and disturbing. The symbol of that means in real life I am seeing people get torn apart by negative conditions, circumstances or words.

In the dream, I was sitting in the back seat of a car and I leaned my head forward to protect myself and a train came by, smashed the car and ripped off layers of my scalp, like slicing a tomato.

I could feel the pain as if it was really happening and I realized that if I didn’t do something different I would die.

So I lifted my head up and started thinking of ways to get myself and others out of the wreck.

This is a symbol for being able to be in really painful or scary situations in real life and being able to keep my head together, keep my thoughts together, stay focused, to find the best solution for everyone.

The good parts of the dream say more…

We are in a car going up a mountain, and although I’m not driving (which in a dream is ideal) still I have an active role in encouraging and helping the driver. That’s really good.

In another part I am physically climbing an icey mountain and I get to the top. That is also a good sign.

So the dream tells me: Do what I know how to do to help and encourage others and use the skills I have for setting my sights high and going for higher goals & aspirations and then I’ll get to the victory.

The shift here was between the means of transportation being by train or by car. Trains are good if you have one way to get to where you are going but they are not so good if you need flexibility and many choices or options, which cars are better at.

This dream says with the particular challenge ahead, cars are needed and even physical climbing.

So the flip is for me to stay away from “one-track thinking” and move with my own skill & strengtprofilecarh in ways which have many options & choices.

In this way, no one gets hurt and we all achieve our desired goals.