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My Dream of Running an AirBnB

September 30, 2018

In the dream, I’m running an AirBnB. After the visitors leave I go into the place and find they’ve left it in complete disarray which gives me a feeling of frustration. I get busy cleaning it and it takes a long time to get it back to its original condition.

Dream: a Roller Coaster, Vacuum & Bicycle

October 11, 2018

black and white roller coaster
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In the dream, I am on a roller coaster track, climbing the rails, racing someone else who is doing the same. We’ve got equal abilities so it’s hard to see who is winning.

At another part, I’m at the home of the Woodward’s, where I spent a lot of time as a child. Dust is everywhere and a fan is blowing them around. I tell the mom I’ll clean it up and I keep trying to find a way to do that. Finally I find a vacuum which will clean it up.

The mom is happy and leaves donuts & coffee for us. I collect them from the front porch and bring them to my friend, who is her daughter. I’m better at cleaning than she is so I’m hoping the treats make up for it and alleviate her jealousy.

Also there’s another part where I’m crossing a busy road on a bike and I make sure there are no cars coming and then cross. When I’m halfway across I spot a cop car parked on the shoulder about a block down. I hop off the bike and rush to the other side of the street. The cop doesn’t take issue with my jay-walking and I get back on my bike and continue on my way.


Dreamwork Tip: Use the Positives To Solve the Negatives

Dream: In the dream, I am riding an elephant. It felt amazing!

Interpretation & Solution:

richardonmountainYour dream process is part positive and part negative. When this happens, the dream is first telling you to remember and use all of the positive qualities that exist in the dream and then to solve the other images.   For instance, you have your self riding on an elephant in the jungle.  It reminds you that you have an adventurous spirit that can go to the ends of the earth.


Challenge: A mix of negatives and positives are showing up in dreams or in real life.

Solution: Remember and Use the Positives to Solve the Other Images/Issues


  1. Remember the Positives and Use them… Having an adventurous spirit  means not getting frustrated or discouraged when things become restricting, confining, or limiting. It means being willing and able to take risks to start new projects, explore new opportunities, to build new relationships. It means being open to growth in all regards.
  2. Solve the other Issues/Images… At the time of this dream, time and money was limited, some relationships were strained, the future was unclear and uncertain in many regards. Wondering about which direction to go was causing anxiety in the dreamer. Negative images of an uncertain and fearful future filled the mind. When the dreamer remembered she had a positive Adventerous Self she was able to consider new and exciting opportunities and options which were positive and helped to eliminate the anxiety.