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My Dream of Getting Confused & Grieving Over the Loss of a Loved One

December 20, 2017

In the dream, I bought a bunch of winter clothes for Gracie & I, winter jackets, boots, snow pants for us to go skiing and snowboarding in. But then, a couple days later, in the dream I returned to the store with all the things in the cart and I entered through the exit door. When I saw people standing in line suddenly I realized what was happening and I tried to turn around but someone thought I was stealing and so a security guard came out with me. I stopped just outside the door in the exit area and started looking for the receipts, telling her what happened. Because I didn’t think she believed me, and she thought I was stealing, I was having a hard time speaking.

Then I just burst into tears. I told her my Mama G is dying and it’s making me not think straight and once I started crying I just couldn’t stop and it felt good to just cry and cry and cry. I put my hands over my face because I was embarrassed but I couldn’t stop the flood of tears.

I handed her the receipt from the purchase days ago and she read it and understood. She softened her tone with me and I just cried and cried and cried.

Dream: Stalked, Drugged & Kidnapped by CIA gang

08 May 2017

I am watching a Coldplay concert, which if it were real life would be one of the highlights of my life for sure, and when I step out for a moment to the main lobby I check my keys and find the long metal part of the key is melting. It’s just softening and becoming bendy. I toy with it a bit and then it hardens again. But when I return to the auditorium it melts again. I realize it’s the heat of the room which is making it melt.

I go back to the lobby to cool it down. Now parts of the key have disassembled. I return to be seated with the audience and am working on fixing the key. I’m thinking about how if I don’t fix it I do not have a spare one to go home with and I’ll be stuck in this city with my friend who I carpooled with.

Then the key shaft breaks off entirely from the base. It really freaks me out but as I play with it more I think I can keep it together long enough to put it in my car. So I tell my friend I’ll meet her out there.

I go out and insert the key. It turns the car on but then parts of the car are not working and its riding down the street. I pass by a school yard and see people falling, teachers are falling to the ground. I wonder if I should stop and help or keep going. Even if I wanted to stop I’m not sure the car would. I decide to stop and just check it out.

But as soon as I do a street-clothed CIA operative grabs me from the car, covers my head, and brings me into a locked room. I tell myself that even if they drug me, that my mind is stronger than their drug, and in fact it’s true. Three or four men enter and do something to me which disorients me for a moment but I quickly gain control. I realize I’m naked and I locate my shirt and put on pants which are far too big but at least they are pants.

The guard on the outside of the door sees me and comments and I try to speak but find I can’t. It’s the effect of the drug so I just murmur the words and it appears he is like-minded and understands and is trying to help.

I get back into the bed to try to relax and try to make it look like their drug has been successful but then the three return. One puts a pillow over my head and one holds my feet down and one puts a needle into my left thigh. I feel the long needle deep into my muscle and I feel the effect of the drug buzz through my body. Suddenly I feel like I”m on a roller coaster ride and am zooming around.

But then I take control of my mind again, bring my awareness back to my body and realize they are still there in the room. I don’t move. They think I am unconscious but I am listening to what they are planning next.

Then I wake up.

The analysis for this dream will be posted at another time.

Dream: Naked, Taekwondo, Unfortunate Friends’ Situation


07 February 2017

In the dream, I am in an apartment complex which it seems I am the superintendent for. A friend’s 6-member family has had to move out of their million-dollar home an into a 2 bedroom apartment. I am trying to welcome them and they are trying to be positive but I can see they won’t even last two days in this place but they have no where else to go. I don’t know what to do to help them.

Later I’m walking and I get to this fenced in area. It’s a sauna or a garden of sorts. When I get inside I’m ready to go for a dip but some people come around. They notice I am naked and comment. I realize I should have a bathing suit on to go in the water but I left my clothes at home. Someone gives me a towel and I use it to cover myself but one guy keeps eyeing me so after I tell him to stop I just punch him in the eye. It stuns him and when he opens he looks at me and I say, “Did I forget to mention I train in Taekwondo?” I notice that his eye is bruising and I didn’t mean to hurt him that badly.

The people who live there like what I did and exchange numbers with me and say they want to get together again sometime. I start planning how to get back to my clothes.


Daily Dream Diary – Preparing To Board a Flight

The dream wasn’t exactly linear but it wasn’t chaotic either.

I was in an airport and getting ready to go on a flight to somewhere I wanted to go.

It was a nice feeling of being prepared and feeling excited about where I was going and also those around me were prepared and excited too.

Someone commented on my outfit saying it looked nice and I could where it when I arrived. I had on a jean skirt, a white shirt and a colourful scarf and brown boots. I looked artistic but grounded. I laughed and told someone I looked the part and they agreed.

I was going to a conference as a writer. It wasn’t clear if I was presenting or attending but either way it was a perfect fit.

Daily Dream Journal: Visiting a Maple Sugar Bush

(This is post has two dreams in it. It has surprising content in it, not typically shared in public spaces, but for the sake of sharing symbols in dreams I am writing the dream as it was without censorship.)

I had two dreams last night.

In one, Gracie and I went with another family to a maple sugar bush. The kids were playing amongst the trees. Their dad and I were looking at different parts of the process and noticing how the sap is cleaned to make syrup.

The air was crisp and fresh. It was invigorating and refreshing.

In another dream, I was putting on some new clothes but then found they were second-hand and there was a used maxi-pad. I put the pad in the garbage & put the clothes in the laundry. I felt a tad disappointed but it was no big deal.

Although I can’t describe where I was, I had the feeling of being the director and I was getting ready to rest and had a lot to do coming up.