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My Dream About Smoking

October 27, 2018

In the dream, there’s a lot going on. I’m outside in a large open space, maybe like a large family campground, something like that. The atmosphere is friendly and open. I’m walking from one area to another and then I notice a group of people have all started smoking. I say, “Oh, it’s time to smoke is it?” And I decide to join them thinking if we all smoke at the same time then it won’t bother the non-smokers as much because there’s no secondhand smoke inbetween. When I reach for my own cigarettes I discover they aren’t in my pocket. My sister is there to my left walking beside me and when I start looking for where I put my cigarettes she mocks me and says, “Oh Rachel, we’re smoking now, are we?”

“It’s none of your business,” I tell her and I walk away thinking about where I may have left them. I consider getting a cigarette from one of the other smokers but don’t want to appear that I have none of my own but also by the time it takes me to look for my own and I retrieve them then they will all be done and I’ll be smoking alone anyways. It’s like I have to decide to look foolish and ask for one or look foolish and smoke alone. I decide to keep looking for my own.

I find them in a strange room and I can’t recall the details of what made it strange but it was unusual somehow. Anyway, I found them and go back to the others and I have time to smoke while they are and we finish together at relatively the same time.

My Dream Having a Misplaced Rib in a Snowy Place

October 01, 2018

In the dream I am walking around holding my left rib which has somehow moved outside of my skin. There’s this weird sensation like the rib is supposed to be on the inside of the lung but has moved outside of it, even though in real life that’s not the way it is. That’s how it was in the dream.

So I’m there in this snowy place and someone who’s been there longer is trying to convince me to play in a sprinkler. To me, that’s just bizarre. Why place in water when you are wearing a snow suit and it’s freezing outside. But the woman was trying to convince me that it’s fun.

So then someone comes by, maybe my mom, and I show her my rib and she says it’s no big deal and walks away and I’m standing there thinking, “My rib is outside of my body. How can this not be a big deal?” And I’m trying to figure out how to get myself to the hospital.