DreamWORK: Dealing With Jealousy

14 July 2017 I learned from a dream last night that when I feel connected and empowered I used to get a bit tripped up by others who get jealous and try to use guilt to get me to do what they want me to do which is to direct my attention towards their selves … Continue reading DreamWORK: Dealing With Jealousy


Dreams are Before Time Things

Dreams show scenarios of situations which could happen in real life, negative or positive. This message really came true for me in 2009 when I was having a lot of dreams about my life being ruined by someone and then in real life they did try to ruin my life. Lately I've been having Dream … Continue reading Dreams are Before Time Things

Diving in Deep Even Though It’ll Be a Disaster & Other Oddities About Dreamwork

07 July 2017 The other night I dreamed I was diving in deep into a pool. I held my breath at the bottom. Then I launched like a rocket back to the surface, exhaling as I traveled. Once re-emerged, I got out of the pool & dried off. I was surrounded by 1000+ others. No … Continue reading Diving in Deep Even Though It’ll Be a Disaster & Other Oddities About Dreamwork

Children’s Dreams: A forest full of animals

October 09, 2016 An 11-year-old told me this dream. That there was a forest full of animals and they were wild and her friends couldn't calm them down. Then she got there and she hushed the animals and they calmed down. Then her friends saw what she did and were grateful and a friend came … Continue reading Children’s Dreams: A forest full of animals

Daily Dream Journal

October 07, 2016 In the dream I am eating at a table with a friend & his wife. I see she has separated her noodles from the sauce or her cereal from the milk & she looks sad. So I offer her some of mine and put it on the plate in front of her. … Continue reading Daily Dream Journal

Having the Willingness to Change

In order to change, you must be willing to change. Many people start out the process of change through dreams & dreamwork but later come to see there is Changework to be done even outside of the issues which show up in dreams. Deep and profound change is long-lasting when it is approached daily with … Continue reading Having the Willingness to Change