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My Dream of Pushing Through a Warehouse Wall & Getting Stuffies

October 26, 2018

In the dream, I’m trapped in a warehouse but I go up to a wall and put my hand through it, then my whole body and I move through that wall. On the other side are a bunch of stuffies on a shelf, like in a store & suddenly Gracie is there with me so I tell her to pick one and I’ll buy it for her.

Dreamwork & Parenting for a bright future

24 August 2017

Dreamwork and Change work can help parents understand who the child’s True Self is and what they want/need as support to bring out their best self. When a parent understands their own issue and works through it so it’s not an issue anymore then they can be even more supportive to their child in dealing with that issue and the child will not inherit or learn to have those same issues. In essence, this is how the world is changed, one generation at a time and this is why the future is just so brilliantly bright.

Dreams Can Give Clues About Parenting

05 July 2017

A parent’s job is to create really positive environments for their children’s gifts to emerge and grow.

Inevitably, because it’s human nature, a parent will see some minor character flaws or issues in their children when they are young. Really fantastic parents can see where their child needs some extra nurturing to develop strength where they are weak and also where they can use some awesome opportunities for using their already developed capacities and gifts.

Dreams from a child or dreams about children can give clues as to what the child wants or needs from a good parent in order to be their very best selves in the world.

In a recent dream, I was sleeping in a relaxing way with someone I care a lot about and he was also sleeping beside me. Then a neighbour came in and woke me up telling me that my daughter and her friend had snuck into a bar called Mojo’s last night. When I saw my daughter I asked about it and she admitted it. I was so angry at first and even swore but I hugged her and told her I loved her and told her I’m glad she told me the truth. The whole rest of the dream was about sorting through how this could happen, assessing the damages and preventing it from happening again. It turned out that my daughter and her friend didn’t drink anything at the bar so that was a relief. At the end of the dream I was preparing to go face the owner and tell him that what he is doing is unlawful and immoral to let minors into his bar.

Alcohol in a dream is a symbol for being intoxicated with the Joys of Life.

In a dream, to be intoxicated is like being really uplifted by your own gifts.

It means that my daughter is ready to explore being happily intoxicated with life, metaphorically speaking.

Some of my own fears because of my own past experiences may get in the way sometimes but the dream reassures me that all is well and everything is okay.

The problem in the dream is the deception and that is where the issues are.

As a parent, it is good to take note of something like this when it shows up in a dream and then work to transform the issues so they are no longer an obstacle for experiencing the Joys of this life in this generation and in the next.


How Can Parents Use Dreams To Help Their Children Unlock Their True Selves

21 August 2017

Whether the dream comes from the child or from the parent about the child, there is some work a parent can do to resolve their  own issues so they can help the child thrive.

  1. When a child tells a parent a dream, the parent can consider – what is the biggest obstacle for the child in the dream and is the situation showing the child in a negative way (not dealing well with the obstacle) or in a positive way (dealing well and demonstrating strength in this area).
  2. Areas of weakness or great challenge can be developed & supported with a lot of encouragement, reassurance & nuturing while areas of strength can be increased by finding opportunities for these strengths to be utilized in day-to-day life.

This is enough to get you started.

When the child is in a parent’s dream the same question about challenges applies but now the parent can take initiative to heal his own weakness and to develop his areas of strength. When a parent deals with their issues then the child is more free to mature without learning/inheriting these issues from the parent.

Dream: Swimming With a Friend

23 March 2017

In the dream, I am swimming in an enormous pool, larger than Olympic-sized. There are lots of people swimming.

At one point I had been sitting on the ground with a friend S.? and we saw the earth move in waves which was made by the actions of the people. I turned to her and said it really looks like the earth is making waves like a pool. I think right after that it turned to a pool and we were swimming in it.

I nearly drowned because of the depth of water, the waves and the people but she swam right close to me and lifted me with her side and thigh so I couldn’t swim yet but I was more relaxed when I saw she wouldn’t let me drown.

We swam around the large pool and then I got even more relaxed and could even swim a bit.

Later we went to her apartment. When I entered I found it smaller than I expected but warmer than expected too. She had candles & incense burning and a small wood fire. Warm colourful carpets & rugs were on the ground and when her daughter came in she knelt in three places to eagle feathers and another symbolic item which I wasn’t familiar with. I asked her to show me how to kneel like that and she did.

After that I relaxed with them for a bit and then went to my own home. I realized we had both moved to Toronto in the city and I was missing my old home. Why did I move? I asked myself. Good grief! Having to settle into a new home again! It was tiring.

But then I started watching a video of Gracie when she was just learning to talk. She was sitting in a high chair and eating a few cheerios. When she looked at me she said “Mommy! Mommy!” and it melted my heart. Yes honey? I asked her. And she wanted to show me something.

When the video was done I saved it under the name “Mommy! Mommy!” and felt really grateful for having such a sweet daughter.