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Dreamwork: How Am I Metaphorically Kidnapping & Drugging My Self?

08 May 2017

Well, in the dream, it begins when I’m enjoying a concert. I see the keys melting, which really defies the laws of physics and yet I figure out a way to stop it from happening. Then the keys come apart and even though I don’t have technical background in the key’s mechanics I still figure out a way to fix them.

This leads me to be in a car driving by a location where a crime is taking place.

Once I’m spotted, I’m kidnapped & drugged.

That’s the end of the dream.

My Dream of Delivering a Pregnant Woman to the Hospital to Deliver a Baby

04 February 2018

I am in a large conference room when suddenly a woman, wearing a bright orange shirt and clearly 9 or 10 months pregnant stands up and says her water just broke. While everyone else is staring at her in shock, I grab my keys from my pocket and say, “Okay, I can take you!” She nods in agreement and we leave the building.

We get to the hospital without issue and the baby is delivered without incident. Then, for some reason, she asks me to watch after the baby while she is in the hospital after delivery. I say, Yes, and bring the baby home and put it to rest in a crib. My boyfriend and I then start tidying up the house, doing dishes and we’re really playful and happy.

Then someone from my past comes to the back door of the house. He’s let his beard grow out and with his jet black long bushy hair he looks a lot like Black Beard The Pirate. But he walks into the house as though he owns it.

My boyfriend looks him over and sees he’s somewhat a threat but also somewhat friendly and he gives me a glance so as to say, “You know this guy? You want me to get him out of here or leave him alone?”

I nod back and smile so as to say, “I’ve got this.”

I greet the intruder and ask how everything is and if I can do something for them.

He says in his gruffley but friendly tone that he heard I’ve been watching the new baby and he wondered how things are going and can he see the baby. I realize he’s there to check in on me but I tell him it’s no problem and we go up to the room.

We go into the room where I think I’ve left the baby and look in the crib and to my horror he’s not there. I shuffle my hands around the blankets and can’t find him anywhere. I look around the room to see if he’s in another bed and I quickly dart my eyes to the floor to see if he’s rolled out but there’s no sign of him anywhere.

Just as I’m about to admit to the terrible horror then I remember that there is another room & I quickly jolt out to check and sure enough, there he is sleeping as soundly as can be.

The intruder/friend smiles too and says everything looks like it’s going fine here and I say, Yes, it’s a big house and I’m getting used to it but all is well.

He says he’ll be going then and my boyfriend and I return to the kitchen to wash and play and laugh.

* The interpretation of this dream makes sense when considered in light of the idea of transformation. When there has been abuse or trauma in the past, it can show up in a variety of ways in a dream. In this case. an intruder coming into the space when it is happy and playful is a lot like the way abuse happens in real life. The intruder/abuser is all full of their negative thoughts, ideas and beliefs and they just want to fill the room with their negative words and actions. The other person doesn’t stand a chance against that high degree of negativity.

This dream shows the progressed state though because even though an uninvited intruder came in, he had a somewhat more curious and interested state, more friendly than aggressive. And what he found was that all was well so he had nothing negative to say and he left. This is what happens in real life when the target of abuse or the target of a narcissist overcomes the issues and develops new skills and capacities. There’s just nothing negative left for the intruder/abuser to balk at.

Another good sign of progress in this dream is subtle and only meaningful to me but I will share it so others will also begin to look to the very subtle and meaningful personal symbols in their dreams.

Many years ago, in about 2012 I started using the metaphor of a “mess” to think of the mess the divorce was creating in my life. A mountainous, messy pile of dishes in the kitchen was the perfect metaphor for my divorce and the left over messy behaviour fro the marriage. It was like I had to learn to leave a “messy pile of dishes” that someone else created and instead of cleaning it up I had to let them figure out how to clean it up. This was the metaphor.

Now, many years after the separation and divorce, this dream is showing me that the issues have gotten so much better that there are no longer any dirty dishes! Not only that, I am enjoying doing them and putting them away with someone I’m in a close personal relationship with and we have fun together putting the mess away.

This image brings so much happiness to my mind and heart and fills me with a sensation of warmth and love.

Intruders, abusers & negative behaviour doesn’t stand a chance in the warm & positive environment of a loving relationship.

That’s why I really like this dream and am happy to share it with others.

I hope in time, more people will also share their dreams here too. It’s just so great to share with others and keep growing all the time.

Positive Dream About Receiving a Gift

15 September 2017

In the dream, a guy and I are walking outside of a building to a yard where he has a collection of special items which he treasures. He shows me one and it’s beautiful. I tell him that. He picks it up and shows me details of it. It’s sort of like a music box with a very detailed scene on the top with figurines. He tells me that he bought it for me as he uses the tip of his fingers to polish in a few spots. Somehow it feels like the most special gift I’ve ever received and I tell him thank you. I love it.

When we turn to walk back he puts his arm around me and I put mine around him. I feel so close to him right there.

My analysis: Sometimes positive dreams come as a reminder of the good times so that it is easier to call this to mind when something comes up in the day which makes it easy to forget.

In this case. the dream is reminding me that sometimes the very simplest of gifts can  have a huge impact and be very meaningful. Gifts in a dream are symbols for gifts of character in real life. A music box is something which plays music and lifts the spirit. So the dream is reminding me to notice how sharing of gifts, of skills, in relationships can lift the spirit.

What I can do is think about what relationships in my life can be uplifted and how I can share my inner gifts with others to bring joy.

Sometimes a positive dream like this shows up to remind you of something you are really good at because you will need those skills for what is coming up next.

What is a positive dream you’ve had lately? Can you think of how it applies to a gift you have in real life? Please share your comments below!

Dream: Invited to Give a Presentation to Tens of Thousands of People


15 August 2017

Sometimes a skill or capacity shows up in a dream which the dreamer didn’t know they had. When I was working through a dream I had recently, it occurred to me that one of the things which most people fear is something which totally excites me. The dream of being invited to give a presentation to thousands of people reminded me that I am unique in this way that I have very little fear of public speaking, while it seems to be on the top 10 list for most others.

Positive dreams like this one don’t need to be flipped the way negative ones do. Instead, a positive dream is an encouraging nudge from the dreamworld to just keep on doing what you’re doing! Sometimes dream scenarios are meant to be taken metaphorically but sometimes there is a message for application in every day life. I can’t help but feel a bit excited about the idea of one day experiencing the thrill of giving a presentation to thousands of people.

What might be considered a worst nightmare for many would be a dream come true for me. Odd isn’t it?

An Analysis of Two Dreams With Similar Settings But Two Different Metaphors

10 July 2017

This recent dream is a good one to show how an issue appears in a dream & also how strengths appear as well.

In the happy auditorium dream, I am sitting in one of the furthermost seats from the stage and am high up looking down at the stage. People I like in the dream and who I get along well with are seated all around me but none of them are identifiable in this analysis as people I really know.

It’s clear the gathering is about getting ready to go somewhere & a woman beside me is getting ready. I’m encouraging her and we are looking forward to her travel.

In another part of the dream I watch a video which shows me with about a dozen people over the course of a day and it shows how I hold their hand, offer encouragement, over and over and over. Someone else watching the video says that what I do to help others inspires them.

This dream is almost the exact opposite of one I had a few nights ago!

A few nights ago I dreamed I was in a large auditorium/conference center and I couldn’t relate to anyone. They were all just thinking of themselves and to get away from them I went for a swim. The swim was great. Between you and me, I even breathed underwater a bit but I tried not to make a big deal of it. The feeling in the dream was of not fitting in and not going along with the general environment of competition in the conference.

What do these two very different dreams which are similar in setting tell me about myself? How can I use the positive gifts which appear in the dream to deal with real life situations?

This is a topic exploring in greater depth.

But for now I can just share that whether the environment was negative or positive I still managed quite well. My sense of stability, happiness and freedom was not determined by what others were doing or saying. When things were negative I went swimming and could breath under water. When things were positive I held people’s hands and did Reiki to uplift them from fear and offer positive encouragement.

The dreams suggest that no matter what happens in my day to day life and no matter who I’m surrounded by I am happy and content.

More on this to come!