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A dream & interpretation about hospital

Over the past few years I’ve listened to and read hundreds of dreams and offered interpretations with solutions for turning negatives into positives and creating a new life, a new self.  Recently, someone who has been sending me dreams for more than a year agreed to let me share them here so the message can be shared with others. 
Others continue to send dreams for me to post here too or emailing me personally at I welcome and invite people to post dreams here or email me and I will reply.
Hi Rachel,
So I dreamt I was in a hospital. Not sure if I worked there or was a patient but I lived there. Most likely a patient then but idk for what. Of course there was a girl we were friends and hung out all the time. She had a b4 that didn’t like me as he thought we were cheating but nothing happened. The girl gave me a kitten as a gift. Also there was a little girl in the dream that hung out with us too. Not sure who she was but later in the dream we found she had bed bugs. Not sure why else to say it was a long dream with a lot of detail but it’s fuzzy now. Like the girl that was a friend was my age her bf was 27 she didn’t like him much the girl and I liked each other like sexually but never did any thing. The little girls mom worked in the hospital. The girl that was my friend we would hang out and watch a tv show all the time. I think that’s it
I’m assuming this dream follows the same theme as all the others. Does being in a hospital mean healing? Or like fixing some thing? Like I’m still on the right track? It’s getting annoying there is always a girl and the same plot.
~ Anonymous
HomeBusinesSuccess!Hi Anonymous
What a great dream! Thanks for sharing it with me.
To dream of the same plot repeatedly, or to have a re-occuring dream, means there is an issue in your life (within yourself) which you are working with. This is the Science of the Dreamwork process: when you work with an issue by facing the difficult emotions over and over again then skills and capacities grow within you and as a result life gets better and better and better.
A girl showing up in  your dreams over and over, but she is not someone you know in real life, means that she is a metaphor for a cultural “girl” – it means the issue you have with her can show up in real life with any girl, any female, any woman.
When you get this, it will be as awesome as receiving a kitten, watching TV shows with friends and living or working in a hospital helping others.
The only way to deal with our re-occuring issues is to do the work daily.
It’s really not that easy because the mind has a whole storehouse full of memories of trying to go for things in life and not getting them. It’s okay to remember those things which were painful in our lives in the past because when we remember them we can process the negative emotion around the situation and then let it go.

Letting go is the key but most people in the world do not want to let go of those feelings.

It doesn’t really make a lot of sense but the thinking seems to be something like, “if I admit I have these feelings I might get hurt again, so I’ll deny I have them and then everything will be okay.” Anger, Fear or Devastation come in to try to protect the self from experiencing more pain.
But it never works. Negative feelings are our friends because they are great teachers. We learn so much from them. Acknowledging we have them is the key to transforming them. Pretending they aren’t there leads to sickness. This is why our culture is so dependent on pain killers and anti-depressants, not to mention legalized drugs like alcohol and marijuanna.
Not looking at the negatives in life makes us sick, facing them and transcending them heals & restores us.
When we work through these we can really help a lot of people in the world.
So let’s look at the dream. There are a lot of great metaphors here.
We might talk about them in more detail next time we meet.

In a dream like this, with a mix of negatives and positives it’s good to start out noticing the positives.

The setting is a hospital so that means you are in a process of healing. That is positive.
You had a friend in the hospital that is also positive.
Your friend gave you a kitten. What quality does a kitten have? A cat has the quality of independence. So a kitten in a dream means this quality is starting to develop in you now but it is at the beginning stages. That’s positive.
In the dream you liked each other sexually but didn’t do anything. Liking someone sexually in a dream is a metaphor for intimacy. For that reason, you could say it’s good to have sex in dreams with women you are attracted to because it is a symbol of integrating with a quality they have which you can also have. The laws of dreams are different than the laws of real life.
You can think of it this way. In dreams we travel to a place even though we don’t use our feet or any vehicle to get there; In dreams we are free from time. In dreams, we can fly and sour and bounce and we are free from gravity. In dreams, if we just think a thing to be there, it can be there. This is the way dreams work. They are free from time and space and many of the other laws which govern the earth.

In real life, to have sexual feelings for someone else’s girl friend is not appropriate.

Even more so to act on them.

This fundamental rule about chastity and loyalty helps to keep marriages together.
Marriages are important because they are the foundation of a family. Family is important because that is the loving environment were children are raised and nurtured. Children are important because they grow and become the adult human beings who advance civilization forward into the bright future for humanity. In this way, we could say that the peace of the world rests on the foundation of strong, loving marriages. It rests on strong, nurturing families.
The problem with our culture, of course, is that marriage is sometimes seen as more of a burden than a foundation for Peace.
I’m going to say something a bit radical here and you can disagree with me wildly if you like.
The biggest challenge that shows up in this dream is when you have sexual feelings for  your friend in the dream and you don’t act on them.
Because it is a dream, to have those feelings and act on them is good. Really good.
Even in real life, if you meet someone who is not married, even if they have a girl friend or boy friend, in a way they are still “spiritually single” and that is because they have not entered into the very special institution of marriage. Our culture would wild disagree but our culture is often wrong about so many things thats how we got into this mess in the first place.
Some people used to say “I don’t want to get married because it is just a piece of paper.” In a way they are right but in a way they are not right. I’ll tell you why.
The point of marriage is to announce to one another and to the public that the two of you vow to be together for life. You vow to help one another become better people, for life, and some believe even eternity. This is a very profound promise.

In a true marriage, the bond goes deeper than the physical intimacy. The two beings become united emotionally and mentally too. They become as one soul, as one being.


The union transcends space and time in that way. There is a majesty and a beauty to marriage for this reason. It is very, very different than individuals who agree to live together and have sex regularly, with or without conceiving children. This is not marriage. It may not even be more than a nice room-mate agreement which meets a lot of physical needs but does nothing for emotional, mental and spiritual needs or development of true capacities.
So we can say in your dream, the biggest challenge you have is wanting to have sex with your friend and not going for it. In the dream it would have been better if you did. Then the little girl would not have gotten bed bugs. Her boyfriend would not have gotten jealous or angry and instead of watching TV all the time the two of you could create a new life for one another.
Now please allow me to be clear about something.
In real life it is NOT OKAY to have sex with friends who have boyfriends. In real day-to-day life, sexual acts create babies who are then born into relationships with people who may or may not be committed to one another. It’s all over our culture now but it won’t always be this way. And what I’m writing might be perceived as radical but it’s not meant to be that way.
What I’m trying to say is that the experience of a child raised in the environment of a loving marriage is different than a child raised in the environment of a loving boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. It’s just different, because marriage actually has a spiritual reality and is actually like a fortress for well-being. 
Whereas a boy-friend/girl-friend relationship is just…more superficial.
Alright, so in the dream you didn’t have sex with your friend, meaning you were not emotionally and mentally intimate or connected with her and that’s too bad, so what happened was the girl got bed bugs, the boyfriend got jealous and you watched TV when you hung out.
How to turn this around?
The key is the kitten.
The kitten is a symbol for independence. Like being an independent thinker.
Since you were a teenager in the dream (if I guess that this is the same at the other dreams with the same theme) then this is about what happened when you were a teenager which stopped you from thinking for yourself independently.

Since there was a little girl in the dream who got bedbugs you can think of her as symbolizing things which happened to you or to your friend-girl at that age. 

Bugs are little invisible things which reproduce quickly. In real life, the little things which reproduce quickly are negative comments people make to others behind the back of someone. Negative criticism & fault-finding spreads like bugs and can destroy an environment and make it very difficult to find rest. Bugs in a bed can be about finding it difficult to find rest which is the main purpose for a bed.
In a dream with bugs you can ask yourself: What is bugging me about a little girl’s childhood?
The older jealous boyfriend is probably the reason you didn’t have sex with the girl in your dream. The fear would be that he might attack and do anything to try to get his girl friend back. Our culture teaches men it’s okay to sort of act as if they own their girl-friends. This is such a huge unconscious cultural issue it’s like an invisible insidious pandemic sweeping the nation.
I’m going to write something here and it might be hard to get at first but in time it will be clearer.
Since you are in a hospital, and the girl’s mom works there, and your friend & you get along well & the bed bugs were found so now they can be exterminated then that means there is no more room for the jealous, angry, older boyfriend who just wants to dominate and control things.
In the dream, you think of him but he does not show up. He doesn’t attack. There are no issues there.
So here is the lesson for you with the dream: the painful issues you had around intimacy are based on a memory (from childhood & high school) and because you are dealing so well with it and working through it now with such regularity the pattern is changing and is becoming a non-issue now. 
That is the power of uncovering the secret messages of our unconscious feelings which show up as metaphors in dreams. When we make them conscious, acknowledge them, and detach from them we can heal from any painful event from the past. When we heal from painful events from the past we are free to live with a lot of Joy in the present.
What is the message of the dream then?
You could ask yourself: What can I do today to start to be more like the kitten and think independently?
Or: where in my life am I trying to go for intimacy in relationships and the fear of an angry boyfriend is stopping me from going forward. (Remember: this might not be literal…”angry boyfriend” could also be a symbol for “angry boss” or “angry father”…any seemingly more powerful male figure who thinks he has control over you and your life.
Ask yourself these questions and see what shows up.

My Dream Having a Misplaced Rib in a Snowy Place

October 01, 2018

In the dream I am walking around holding my left rib which has somehow moved outside of my skin. There’s this weird sensation like the rib is supposed to be on the inside of the lung but has moved outside of it, even though in real life that’s not the way it is. That’s how it was in the dream.

So I’m there in this snowy place and someone who’s been there longer is trying to convince me to play in a sprinkler. To me, that’s just bizarre. Why place in water when you are wearing a snow suit and it’s freezing outside. But the woman was trying to convince me that it’s fun.

So then someone comes by, maybe my mom, and I show her my rib and she says it’s no big deal and walks away and I’m standing there thinking, “My rib is outside of my body. How can this not be a big deal?” And I’m trying to figure out how to get myself to the hospital.

E-Book: Dreams From the Box – Prisoner’s Dreams Give Insight into the Power to Transcend Ego

IMG_1483It’s about me when I first got here. I was in the infirmary, a segregated cell, with a glass door. They bring the phone right to you. I’m on a phone in the cell, on the phone with my girl. She’s crying and I’m wondering what’s going on. She told me she was pulled over by the local regional police on the way to drop the kids off at daycare. As she pulled up about three blocks away a cruiser pulls her over. She gets her ID ready, goes to hand him the driver’s license. He says, “that won’t be necessary Linda.” Okay, this dream is her telling me all this. Then the cop looks in the back at our daughter and says, “Oh Caroline, this must be Adam’s precious little girl.” She wonders how he knows their names and she asks. He tells her he knows their whole routine. He knows they are home alone every night. He says they know everything about her and the family. The cop says for her to tell Adam that he doesn’t remember what happened the day of the shooting. Then as she tells this to me she’s crying and bawling saying this cop threatened to kill me and the kids and our bodies would never be found if you reported what really happened. She’s crying. I’m telling her everything will be alright, that I’ll tell them I don’t remember what happened. Then we get off the phone and after that a correction officer comes to the door and says I have a visit. Then I find out it’s a professional visit meaning it’s not the regular public. It’s someone professional. When I walk in I see the cop that shot me was sitting in the room wanting to talk to me. He says he’ll get right to the point: Did you speak to Linda? Did you get our message? I say, “Yes, I’ll say whatever you want me to say just don’t hurt my family.” He says, “You’re not playing with a bunch of street gang kids anymore.” He gets mad and slams his hands on the table and then I wake up.


When I received this dream from a prisoner I thought it was just so awesome because this dream captures some of the best metaphors to explain the goal of this book. The goal of this book is to present a step-by-step process for transformation. (It’s like the next step to the 19-Day Transformation Pgm … but even if you haven’t read that book this one will still make sense and be helpful.) The good news is that everyone on the planet is in need of transformation.  The even better news is that the very best opportunity for growth and change comes when something in life goes differently than we planned. When we are planning something and our vision doesn’t manifest itself we get a range of negative emotions like fear, anger or disappointment. Everyone on the planet experiences these emotions to one degree or another. It’s what makes us human. However some people can become so entrapped in their negative emotions it’s like they create a cage around themselves, a barrier, a wall, and they feel safe within that protection and they can convince themselves that they didn’t want what they were going for afterall. They didn’t want that job, or that relationship, or that house. Or maybe they tell themselves that it doesn’t matter ~ that they wanted it before but they don’t care anymore.


These strong negative conditions such as anger and fear come from a lower part of the human nature. Some call it ego. It is the animal-like nature which is a natural part of the human condition. Unlike animals though, humanity also has the potential for rational thought, for inspiration and for expressions of the Higher Nature, the True Self. The highest potential for humanity is to attain qualities which free it’s Self from those lower conditions. To experience Patience, to practice Courage, to demonstrate Enthusiasm ~ these are some of the highest aspirations a human can strive for.


Every single human being on the planet has the potential to acquire more and more of these virtues and qualities which bring Joy to themselves and to others around them. The natural skills we are born with, combined with those we learn throughout our lives give us the tools and equipment necessary in order to build and construct the type of lives we want for ourselves.


Going for what we want and experiencing pain or trauma instead because of actions of others, or because of rules or laws, or because of our own shortcomings we can become imprisoned within our own disappointment or grief. We can give up on ourselves, on our hopes, our dreams for our lives, or for our children’s lives. We can succumb to the pain of loss and weighted down by the metaphorical chains of despair or anger can give up altogether.


Any human being can become imprisoned within their own Self. Every human being makes mistakes. Every human being falls short of their truest potential. No one is perfect. No one knows all the answers. Not only that but the culture we live in is not perfect either. There are very old systems in place which are outdated, antiquated, and erroneous. Many of these old systems are falling and crumbling around us, day by day and at the same time new systems are taking root in the society around us. Families are coming together in unity. Communities are taking ownership of themselves and empowering one another to thrive. And cities are transforming, becoming more reflective of the equality which is inherant to every human being. (fix this part somehow) Humanity is waking up to its potentialities. Casting off the shackles of the past and forging forward as an ever-advancing civilization.


Listening to dreams from people who are imprisoned and offering interpretations for transformation not only helps release the dreamer from their unconscious fears and anxieties but in sharing these dreams & interpretations we can get a glimpse of key elements which would help free those who many physically live in conditions of so-called “Freedom” but who are imprisoned within their own fears.


The reason Adam’s dream is so great is that it shows that where he and his partner want to go in life is having a safe and comfortable family. This shows up in the dream when his wife is driving their daughter to daycare and he is saying he’d be willing to do anything to keep his family safe. These are the highest aspirations of the dreamer’s True Self. These are noble and honourable wishes. The role of a father is to support and protect their children so the dream shows he aspires to fulfill this role.


What stops him in the dream will be explored in this book. The things which stop him are the very same things which stop everyone. No one is exempt or free from this test in life. When we face a challenge, we can either give up or we can embrace it. This dream shows that when the dreamer sets his intentions to overcoming challenges he has a tremendous capacity to be able to achieve amazing things. He has the ability to take authority over the fears & anxieties which limit him and he has the capacity to be a loving and supportive father. His dream so perfectly shows the double challenge which prisoners have in real life. They have the nightmare they are living within the prison walls and they have the inner nightmare of facing some pretty difficult things to face, like cops shouting and slamming their hands on tables.


This book will go deeper into the metaphor of police officers, cop cars, prison cells and at the same time will explore how the dreams are bringing messages to the dreamers about the positive qualities they have within themselves which they can discover and use in their real life as they deal with the day-to-day challenges of prison life. As challenges are overcome and strengths are developed the fear of other people’s anger can be dissolved and no longer cause distress. We will look at a dream from the box which has the dreamer in their mother’s home trying to rescue all the treasures and gems she collected throughout the years and we’ll explore how this is a metaphor for the gifts, skills & talents of the dreamer and how he can start using these more and more now to fix issues with what used to bring up anger in the past. We will look at how bringing out our hidden skills can be so fulfilling and can really change everything.


DREAMWORK WITH PRISONERS is an initiative which enables prisoners to share their dreams, receive interpretations for transformation, and walk through steps which can change their lives for the better. For more information or to pre-order the new book contact

Dream: An Attacker in the Hospital/Police Station

30 March 2017

In real life something disturbing happened a few years ago.

My step-father entered my secured building without my signing him in, then he knocked on the door to my apartment without calling me first. When I opened the door he said a host of rude & crude things to me and tried to degrade me. He used verbal and physical force and while pushing me back into my apartment tried to pin me against a wall.

I quickly ducked down and ran to a friend’s apartment who let me in without any questions. He came to the door but then left.

That event really scared me. I reported it to the police but I never told anyone else about it until years later when the trauma was showing up in what people would call nightmares and I worked through the fear with a therapist.

Last night, that person was in my dream. So now when that happens it really gets my attention.

In the dream, at the beginning it is my birthday and I’m in a hospital room getting a check up. I don’t feel a lot of pain, but whatever the issue is, it is causing significant enough discomfort to warrant a doctor’s visit and they are willing to check it out.

Before this, I had been enjoying my birthday. Rhett & Link and Gracie and I were hanging out. Link was riding down the cement railing of an outdoor staircase, like a skate-boarder without a board, and Rhett was nearby encouraging him. We just had fun, hanging out.

Then in the hospital room I was asked to change but the blankets were all mixed up. I had an over-sized jacket, a sheet, a warm blanket and a hospital gown I was trying to make sense of and the doctor mentioned the jacket and there was something about being careful that the button hole didn’t show my nipple.

So I get the gown, jacket & blanket all sorted out and the doctor comes over. But right at that time this step-father shows up and maybe my mom and sister too. He sits down in a chair and is rattling off his mouth. I try to ignore him at first but then I see he won’t stop. I tell the doctor I am afraid of this man. The doctor doesn’t understand.

I stand up and I say “this man is a threat to me. I’m afraid of him and he has to leave.”

So then I now have the doctor’s attention and as I walk towards what I think is security I find the police station is attached to the hospital and I see a woman police officer who I worked with before.

I tell her there is a man here who is a trheat to me and she responds, “Good timing. We just brought someone in for questioning do you want to see how we do it?”

I say sure and I continue walking to follow her. She takes me into a small room with 4-5 other officers who welcome me with nods and smiles and then I see the person who has been arrested. She’s a woman with long hair. I take a seat in a chair nearby but out of the way and start taking notes.

That’s my dream.

There are some neat symbols in this dream. A hospital, a police station – places of healing & protection. Rhett & Link…symbols of people who are creative & successful not just in business but in friendship. My birthday…a metaphor for growth. Blankets…about how we cover up our self, protect ourselves. My step-dad…I guess he is a metaphor for how people can do something when no one is looking and think they can get away with it.

So a dream like this reminds me of a few of my strengths – creative & loyal like Rhett & Link, capacity to heal & recover, and capacity to point out a wrong and go for justice & protection.

My biggest issue is around the blanket/jacket thing but I seem to get it sorted out just fine.

It would be tempting to think of my step-dad as a literal situation and there are steps I can take to continue to follow up with what he did back then but even more interesting than this, and perhaps this is where the learning is, is to consider where in my life now is there someone who is like my step-dad and what kind of threat might he pose to me?

It means to consider ways in which the dream shows the metaphor for the same type of situation which is happening in real life, right now.

In other words, who is he a symbol for in real life?

The answer is not immediately clear. I’ll think about it.