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My Dream of a Psychopath Covering Up a Death

June 10, 2018
Last night I dreamed of being in a large hotel-type place and I was in a room with an elderly woman who was handicapped physically but very alert & intelligent mentally. It’s not clear why I was there although it felt like she knew something about a crime her husband was involved in or something like that and I was getting info from her at the same time as helping her with some of her physical ailments.
Anyway, at one point she positioned herself on the couch in a bit of a contortion and she asked me to massage sore areas on her back which I proceeded to do (at that time someone came up from behind me but I didn’t pay them any attention) but then she turned herself around without alerting me and she lost her balance and she hit her head on the floor and when I reached to help her I could see the blow killed her. I quickly put her head back on the couch pillow and shouted to the front desk to call 911 even though I knew she needed a coroner not paramedics.
I stood up and went to the door and the attendant gave me thumbs up that paramedics were on their way and when I turned to look back I found that the elderly woman was sitting up in a wheel chair. She was fine. I was confused because she had been dead and I approached her cautiously and turned her around towards me. Then I saw the woman was black and shorter and was not at all the woman who I had just been talking with but the person in the room was saying this was her and I knew it wasn’t. On the one hand I was relieved because her not being dead was better for me because I didn’t want the questions from paramedics since I was the last one to see her alive. If she was not dead then I wouldn’t get questioned. But this woman was not the same woman and the man was up to some sort of hoax and he wanted me to play along. I was afraid of him and I had no idea what to do next and how to be prepared for when the paramedics arrived. How would I explain what was going on? They weren’t even trained to be able to really understand what I would try to convey. The man in the room was a psychopath and he wanted to make me look crazy. I was trying to think of how to tell the truth of what had happened without him harming me or the woman he was bribing to lie and i was wondering what happened to the real woman? Where did he hide her.
So this is another trauma-related dream coming from working with the prisoners. This is about the psychopath behaviour. They are very good at staying in the shadows and then messing things up when they think no one is looking. They also think they can get away with murder. In my dream, I saw the truth of the situation and was not going to let him get away with it.

Dream: Traveling With E.N. and Learning As I Go

24 July 2017

In the dream, I am traveling with E.N. who I usually have a lot of respect for. But then he begins to behave oddly. I can’t recall a lot of the details of what he did but I remember being in the hotel room and he wanted in and I didn’t want to let him in. He was pointing at things and saying, “Come on, Rachel” and I just said No.

And it occurred to me that this must have been what happened to others when they were working with him. The nature of the work pushes us past ourselves & most people do not want to be pushed so far. It seemed I understood why people would quit working with him.

There are so few images I can recall. The only one which comes to mind was that he had a box of toys and he held out one that he invited me to play with. I said No.

So I was learning about him and what some options were but I didn’t want to play. I hadn’t decided to leave but was hesitating to move forward also.

Daily Dream Diary – Fighting Stance

January 08, 2017

  • with V.P. in a livingroom/hotel room – i go into fighting stance with him, see i can kick his butt and start giving him instructions as to how to properly spare
  • a bouncy castle, one just for me
  • being a teacher in a room and being told the kids were messy with paints but i told her i was a supply and it wasn’t my plan, etc
  • the kids did a good job with painting a house and I saw how an idea came to fruition and the parents were proud
  • in the middle seat of a truck, gracie talking to Aunt Colleen on the phone, telling her she quit smoking, me talking to her too
  • a lot of chicken in the fridge to cook