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Positive Dream About Receiving a Gift

15 September 2017

In the dream, a guy and I are walking outside of a building to a yard where he has a collection of special items which he treasures. He shows me one and it’s beautiful. I tell him that. He picks it up and shows me details of it. It’s sort of like a music box with a very detailed scene on the top with figurines. He tells me that he bought it for me as he uses the tip of his fingers to polish in a few spots. Somehow it feels like the most special gift I’ve ever received and I tell him thank you. I love it.

When we turn to walk back he puts his arm around me and I put mine around him. I feel so close to him right there.

My analysis: Sometimes positive dreams come as a reminder of the good times so that it is easier to call this to mind when something comes up in the day which makes it easy to forget.

In this case. the dream is reminding me that sometimes the very simplest of gifts can  have a huge impact and be very meaningful. Gifts in a dream are symbols for gifts of character in real life. A music box is something which plays music and lifts the spirit. So the dream is reminding me to notice how sharing of gifts, of skills, in relationships can lift the spirit.

What I can do is think about what relationships in my life can be uplifted and how I can share my inner gifts with others to bring joy.

Sometimes a positive dream like this shows up to remind you of something you are really good at because you will need those skills for what is coming up next.

What is a positive dream you’ve had lately? Can you think of how it applies to a gift you have in real life? Please share your comments below!

Dreams of Resorts & Crime Scenes: Learning About Healing & Development in the Real World

10 June 2017

Today I want to write about some thoughts which came to mind when I read Richard Hastings’ post Healing or Development.

I can think of no two environments which are more polar opposite than a resort and a crime scene. Interestingly, these are the two types of environments which have the greatest impact on me when they show up in dreams.

Here’s a fun fact about me though. Do you want to know my idea of a really enjoyable afternoon? Relaxing on the beach and reading a crime-filled book like Frankenstein. It’s strange isn’t it?

This didn’t really make sense to me until I read Richard’s post about Healing and Development.

Let’s put the real description of my enjoyable holiday aside for a moment and just look at the metpahor of the resort and crime scene.

In a recent dream I had of a resort I was a resident there – lived in a state of healing – and a negative person showed up with a task for me which appeared impossible for me to accomplish. It took me out of my relaxed state and put me into work mode. In the past this used to make me feel angry.

But now that I am understanding the difference between a resort as a metaphor and opportunities for development better than I can see there is nothing to get angry about when opportunities for work come up. When a negative person shows up in a dream and brings “work” it means there has been some sort of unlawful action and the work is to get to the heart of the matter by understanding what principle was infringed on, where the bad behaviour showed up and how it can be prevented in the future.

In real life, people have done some bad behaviour to me or around me which has resulted in some negatives and some positives. The most negative is that it has led to my condition of seemingly-endless state of poverty and the most positive is that it had developed in me a keen ability to assess criminal behaviour, to understand the criminal mindset and to move forward through every wall which arises so that I feel a general sense of fulfillment in my life, despite not having a lot to “show for it” in the way most people judge success.

No awards. No big house. No fancy car. No brand-name clothing. No elaborate holidays. No shiny hubcaps. No valuable collections of anything. Nothing that meets the status quo for “success.”

But what I can do is spot a criminal in a crowd. I do it when I’m dreaming and I do it when I’m awake.

I can identify one lie in a sea of truths.

I can also spot one truth in a sea of lies.

I can look at humanity’s most ugliest truths head-on and I can slice through illusions like a sword through fabric.

I do it so easily it’s like I’m vacationing even while I’m dealing with gangs, cults, killers, and thieves.

This kind of work, in a dream or in real life, requires being open to developing at every moment. It’s work because you always know something and also don’t know everything.

There is a willingness at every moment to learn new facts, new information, new ways. You can’t walk into a crime scene and be close-minded. All your senses are on alert at every moment. Listening. Watching. Observing. Smelling. Touching. Tasting. There is no more alert state I can think of than when walking into an environment when a human life has been taken and the answer to how and who is right there in front of you if you just pay close enough attention.

I can’t think of a state which is more opposite from being at a resort than this. If a resort is healing, than a crime scene is development at it’s height.

In real life, I’ve been working on investigative work into crimes on a part-time basis since I was 19. Only in the past year have I started to be more open about this work that I do because it’s just time to share the results of what I’ve been investigating.

It’s my hope that one day when I take vacations I can rock climb, and bungie jump and scuba dive and do really fun adventurous things. But at the moment, my work life is so intense that when I vacation I love the physical rest and relaxation.

But I go to the beach and bring along Sherlock Holmes. Go figure!



Dream: Resort, Negative Person, Car

13 April 2017

In the dream, I’m a resident at a place like a conference center/resort/camp. There’s a bit of chaos and I handle it but then there’s a knock on the door and the person wants to give me something to pick up and I say yes but truly realize I won’t be able to do it after all.

Then I go into this small bathroom with a curtain and when I try to use the toilet someone comes to talk to me. She sees I want to use the toilet but keeps talking anyway.

Then I go outside and am getting in a car. My extended family is there and so is my mom. She has done really cruel things to me which no one in the family knows about and so when I see her I am uncomfortable because she had abandoned her responsibilities as a mother and failed in her duties. She feeds off of the conflict and gets a sense of power from it. So she likes that she can tell I am guarded with her. That gives her more fuel for her fire.

So she smiles and says Hi politely to make it appear to observers that she is a good and peaceful mother. I smile back and say Hi too.

I never used to be able to do that. Be polite even though I had been hurt by someone so she is surprised. She wanted me to get angry and make a fool of myself. Instead, she looks like the fool.

I get in the car and am ready to go. She’s in the back putting stuff in the trunk.

Metaphors in this Dream are Worth Exploring in More DEPTH

03 June 2017

royalpacificThe environment seems to be at a lodge, in a woodsy-type area.

E.N. is there orchestrating things. I’ve prepared a dinner at the last minute because I wasn’t expecting guests. He puts a boiled potato in his mouth and spits it out. Someone else tries the peas and spits them out too. I know that I’ve eaten bad food for so long that I can’t tell anymore what others would say is good or bad and I feel embarrassed.

He finds something else to eat and devours it and so I know for sure he has an appetite and that my food was the issue.

Later, he puts up a big sign and something in the sign really resonates with me. It speaks to coincidences and syncronicity and I attempt to mention it but then someone puts a cloth around my head and jaw and they tell me to “Try Now” and I can’t move a muscle in my face. They convey that this is how it should be now. I understand that I don’t have to talk about everything.

A time later, I am on the deck of a large Olympic-sized swimming pool. At first the pool is empty but then lots of people are given hoses and water starts to fill in. I drop my wallet but figure it’s okay because there’s no water and then I go to another room. Then it dawns on me that water is filling in and my wallet would soon be wet. When I return to the room I expect to see puddles but instead the pool is already half full. I spot my wallet at the far left corner and I start off walking but then dive right in and go right to it. I scoop it up and once back on the deck I look inside. Miraculously, there is only one small part which got wet but the zipper and pockets protected my ID cards and there’s no issue.

I’m feeling so grateful.

Later on, there’s some sort of presentation with E.N. and others. The work he’s doing is really inspiring and I find myself listening attentively.

Randomly, at one point I was in a room and started floating. An elephant walked in the room at the same time and I bumped into it’s large forehead area. I started laughing. It nudged me like a balloon and I let myself float back down to the ground.

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