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Dream: Spreading My Name

In the dream, I go into a convenient store and as I’m buying something the woman cashier recognizes me and says hi. She tells me that O.E. had just been in there a few minutes earlier and was talking about me, all good things. I smiled at the thought. Then she said he’s not really trusted or respected and I was like “oh” cause that means even though the things said were good about me that because they came from an untrusted person then I wasn’t respected. “Okay,” I said, “Thanks for letting me know.”


This dream is a good reminder that what makes a good person good is the integrity of their actions and their trustworthy character. What people say or don’t say is irrelevant.


My Dream About Starting a Fire in a Mall

11 February 2018

I am at a mall, with my daughter, and we are holding a powerful canon, pointing it down a long alleyway, not unlike a bowling ally. We release the canon but something has gone wrong and when it’s halfway down the alleyway it bursts into flames. I watch for a moment to see if it’s possible to put out the fire but it’s not and we turn to run away.

It’s then that I notice we are naked and before going outside we need to put clothes on. We had been changing clothes to get ready for something that was coming up when the fire started.

We quickly find a store with clothes our size and put them on. The store owners are scrambling to get out and it’s no time to be able to pay for the clothing so I make a mental note of the store name so I can return and pay for it.

We get out of the mall without being hurt as does everyone else.

There is another dream scenario too … something about my loading a trailer, getting the right things on and off of it, but the details are not clear.

That was my dream.