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My Dream of a Psychopath Covering Up a Death

June 10, 2018
Last night I dreamed of being in a large hotel-type place and I was in a room with an elderly woman who was handicapped physically but very alert & intelligent mentally. It’s not clear why I was there although it felt like she knew something about a crime her husband was involved in or something like that and I was getting info from her at the same time as helping her with some of her physical ailments.
Anyway, at one point she positioned herself on the couch in a bit of a contortion and she asked me to massage sore areas on her back which I proceeded to do (at that time someone came up from behind me but I didn’t pay them any attention) but then she turned herself around without alerting me and she lost her balance and she hit her head on the floor and when I reached to help her I could see the blow killed her. I quickly put her head back on the couch pillow and shouted to the front desk to call 911 even though I knew she needed a coroner not paramedics.
I stood up and went to the door and the attendant gave me thumbs up that paramedics were on their way and when I turned to look back I found that the elderly woman was sitting up in a wheel chair. She was fine. I was confused because she had been dead and I approached her cautiously and turned her around towards me. Then I saw the woman was black and shorter and was not at all the woman who I had just been talking with but the person in the room was saying this was her and I knew it wasn’t. On the one hand I was relieved because her not being dead was better for me because I didn’t want the questions from paramedics since I was the last one to see her alive. If she was not dead then I wouldn’t get questioned. But this woman was not the same woman and the man was up to some sort of hoax and he wanted me to play along. I was afraid of him and I had no idea what to do next and how to be prepared for when the paramedics arrived. How would I explain what was going on? They weren’t even trained to be able to really understand what I would try to convey. The man in the room was a psychopath and he wanted to make me look crazy. I was trying to think of how to tell the truth of what had happened without him harming me or the woman he was bribing to lie and i was wondering what happened to the real woman? Where did he hide her.
So this is another trauma-related dream coming from working with the prisoners. This is about the psychopath behaviour. They are very good at staying in the shadows and then messing things up when they think no one is looking. They also think they can get away with murder. In my dream, I saw the truth of the situation and was not going to let him get away with it.

My Dream of a Phone Call To a Friend

30 October 2017

In the dream, I was outside on a lawn and there was moisture in the air like just after a rainfall.

A friend, J.L., had given me a flier for an upcoming healing event, inviting me to attend. I called the number on the paper and a man answered the phone. I told him I was calling about the healing event and looking for J.L.

The man said he’s happy to give me some info about the event but that it’s 10pm and JL isn’t in the center and isn’t available at this time. He asked me to call back tomorrow and we could talk about the event.

I replied that sure I would do that and we gave our farewells and got off the phone.

There was a great feeling of excitement as I thought about what would be coming up next.

An Analysis of Two Dreams With Similar Settings But Two Different Metaphors

10 July 2017

This recent dream is a good one to show how an issue appears in a dream & also how strengths appear as well.

In the happy auditorium dream, I am sitting in one of the furthermost seats from the stage and am high up looking down at the stage. People I like in the dream and who I get along well with are seated all around me but none of them are identifiable in this analysis as people I really know.

It’s clear the gathering is about getting ready to go somewhere & a woman beside me is getting ready. I’m encouraging her and we are looking forward to her travel.

In another part of the dream I watch a video which shows me with about a dozen people over the course of a day and it shows how I hold their hand, offer encouragement, over and over and over. Someone else watching the video says that what I do to help others inspires them.

This dream is almost the exact opposite of one I had a few nights ago!

A few nights ago I dreamed I was in a large auditorium/conference center and I couldn’t relate to anyone. They were all just thinking of themselves and to get away from them I went for a swim. The swim was great. Between you and me, I even breathed underwater a bit but I tried not to make a big deal of it. The feeling in the dream was of not fitting in and not going along with the general environment of competition in the conference.

What do these two very different dreams which are similar in setting tell me about myself? How can I use the positive gifts which appear in the dream to deal with real life situations?

This is a topic exploring in greater depth.

But for now I can just share that whether the environment was negative or positive I still managed quite well. My sense of stability, happiness and freedom was not determined by what others were doing or saying. When things were negative I went swimming and could breath under water. When things were positive I held people’s hands and did Reiki to uplift them from fear and offer positive encouragement.

The dreams suggest that no matter what happens in my day to day life and no matter who I’m surrounded by I am happy and content.

More on this to come!


How To Use Dreams To Understand the Uncomprehendable

15 June 2017

Every night for the past week I’ve dreamed about being a detective and it always is a blissful dream. But when I set out to write about the dream, I find I’m stumped to find the words.

Interestingly, I came across this dream today shared by someone else and I find that a lot comes to mind about the metaphors. So I’ll share.

The nightmare: I was with a bunch of people who were all something like FBI agents. Our goal was to capture someone by cornering him and making him give up.  It was working. We just about had him completely cornered,then the dream shifted to a completely different place where we were searching for the same person in a large building with lots of people and corners and floors making it almost impossible to find the person.  We thought that it was a bit futile.  Then I eyed the suspect walking away with someone else so I stayed in the background so as not to be seen and when he came back in, the room was dark so I went to a corner.   Then the dream went from trying to capture him to becoming extremely sinister and horrifying. He killed 3 young police officers in a very cruel way, then became like a super martial arts guy cutting off people’s heads.  I tried to get away and then woke up.

Analysis: Since this dream has a mix of negative and positive for some reason, then a good place to start is to find the positives so you know what you are already doing well and that will give the solution as to how to flip the negatives. In this case, it’s not going to be like flipping a switch, but more like how the night gradually flips to day but it takes hours. The flip is not in how the sun moves across the sky, the flip is in your own perspective because if you are awake at dawn and facing the moon side of the sky you will just see the dark of night but if you flip your body around to look at the sunrise then you see the day, just like that. It still takes the sun hours to flip the sky to night but in the meantime you can choose which part of the sky to gaze on.


Dealing with a serial killer metaphorically in a dream is like dealing with a persistent relationship-killer in real life. It takes a more sophisticated approach like an FBI agent would need because of the high-degree of planning and strategy which Negatively Expert people can use. Someone who just does a negative thing but then learns from it and changes allows for relative peacefulness inbetween negative behaviours but a Serial Relationship-killer never rests. So the healing and investigative work with them is different too. It has to be because they are not used to anyone ever getting that close enough to even want to help. Once we wake up to the fact we’re dealing with a Serial Relationship-Killer then the real adventure begins!


In this dream, the obvious positive is working with a team of FBI-type agents. This is positive because it is a sign of a high-degree of training, expertise, coordination, support and empowerment. There is likely no more powerful organization on the planet than the FBI because, in theory, they can work overtly or covertly to dismantle any form of criminal activity. So that’s positive.

The other obvious positive is that the dreamer is safe and the harm he sees is to others. Now I don’t say this to appear unempathetic to the pain of others but since this is a dream then it really matters if the pain is to the dreamer or to another. When the pain is to the dreamer than it means the change signaled by the dream, the waking up to a new virtue, will cause significant negative emotion in day-to-day life and there is very little which can be done to prevent it from happening. When the pain is to another in the dream it means the dreamer will have a significant amount of strength, energy, enthusiasm and capacity in regular waking life to deal with the negative things happening around them. More on this topic in upcoming paragraphs.


Here are questions to ask in order to find the very worst negative so that the most positive effect can happen most efficiently.

a) Does the dream have any physical pain to the dreamer? If no, great! That means this is a primarily emotional issue to work through and will not take a lot of time to resolve.

If yes, then ask

1) Where is the physical pain?

2) How is it caused?

3) How long-lasting is the physical pain/how deep the impact?

4) Is there a person who caused the pain, or is it environmental causes, or caused by the dreamer?

b) If there is physical pain in the dream, it is good for the dreamer to meditate/reflect on the metaphor of this body part. Louise Hay writes a lot about this in her book You Can Heal Your Life and this is a good place to explore the metaphors of the physical body.

When the metaphor is understood as best as can be in the time available then ask the next question –


The very worst part of the dream is 3 officers losing their lives in brutal ways. It means in order for the dreamer to flip this, they will have to do the opposite of the brutality. There are no details in this description so I will make up some examples. Lets say the killer uses a knife to slice at the neck of one of the victims. This means that the dreamer can be like a positive knife cutting into the experience of helping another person. The neck is useful for air flow, eating and speaking. So that means the dreamer can help the killer to cut of negative speaking, to cut out negative foods metaphorically, and to cut off the air supply when the killer is doing negative actions.

In this way, the dreamer becomes the Serial Relationship-Life Bringer.

Remember that these are all metaphors still – air flow, nourishment/food, voice.

Air is about future so cutting off air supply for an activity means ending a project or a plan abruptly.

Eating is about feeding an activity or project – when it’s positive the activity grows but when it’s negative the activity loses morality or integrity. Cutting off ability to taint a project helps to stop the Relationship Killer in their tracks.

Speaking is a powerful tool or weapon. Killers will use it to create fear and threats. Healers will use it to empower and to plant positive seeds of growth & opportunity.


The solution to this comes when the bad guy does Martial Arts to get away with his devices. The reason this is a perfect metaphor is because a Martial Artist is skilled at doing a few things which mystify an untrained civilian. They can:

a) Deal with multiple opponents simultaneously

b) Handle several weapons simultaneously

c) Defy gravity with agility and grace

d) Either be quite like a Ninja or loud like a Samurai depending on what is needed

So the solution for the dreamer is to become like a positive Marial Artist so that he too can do all these 4 things with skill to help heal the negative person in his life.

In all honesty, if someone has become a Serial-Relationship Killer metaphorically then in real life they likely have traits of a Narcissist and/or Sociopath. Surprisingly, there are more of these types of people wandering around in our families, schools, and workplaces then we would like to believe. And they get away with most of their negative behaviours because they are just so skilled at what they do.

However, this dreamer has all the skills and capacities he needs to deal with his narcissist and the solution is to become like a positive Martial Artist, able to handle multiple opponents, weapons and threats simultaneously.

When he does that, then he becomes even better in his FBI-type role because honestly, all FBI agents have some training in Martial Arts for when they get into situations which they really need to take physical action to be safe. Even a Martial Artists, trained in the art of combat can still stay out of combat.

The reason for this is because there is a pattern to the training of the movements in Martial Art. When you practice the pattern it is like going into a meditative state and going through the movements. You practice with no opponent but later when there is a real opponent you can still be in your meditative state and practice the movements without even giving  thought to the other person. They might feel as though they are in combat with you, but your experience can be as though you are just in training and then there is Detachment and Empowerment.

It renders everyone incapacitated. It works every time.

When these questions are answered and the strategies used then what happens in the dream where the scenario flips to a whole new environment with walls, corners and floors won’t happen anymore. It happened in the dream because the killer knew he had Martial Arts tricks up his sleeves and the dreamer had no idea what was coming.

But when the dreamer knows to start out with Martial Arts from the beginning, which he already does since he is an FBI agent but he just forgot it was part of the development of his role, then the dreamer can have more control over the environment and he can capture the suspect easy as 1-2-3.


Dream: Bloody Injury, 911, Ex-Roommate

Dreamed and published on 07 March 2017

My work and writing challenges what people think about roommates, life partners, and spousal relationships.

One way to think of it is this – Imagine I had a roommate for 10 years who wanted to have sex with me whenever he wanted and it didn’t seem to really matter to him if I wanted to or not. Emotionally this would be devastating for me. If I told you this was a roommate who was doing this action you might perhaps say “that’s rape”…and if I told you that it was a husband who did this action to me then you might say “well, he is your husband afterall…so as a wife it’s your duty isn’t it?”

Is it? Is it really?

Is it my duty because I’m a woman to just give up my mental, emotional and spiritual Strength to surrender my body to a man just because he has a desire for physical pleasure? Even if it devastates me and takes days or weeks to recover from the uncomfortable and unfortunate situation? Even if it takes weeks and during that time I cannot focus on work, or child raising, or participating in community events? Even if the recovery from such an uncomfortable situation is so time-consuming and challenging that I cannot tend to my financial responsibilities as an adult? Even if those unfortunate events destroy me financially – is it my duty to do this because I am not just a roommate but a spouse?

Is he my owner? Does he own my body? Is that what makes marriage into Marriage? Is that what differentiates a roommate from a spouse? The degree to which they can take possession of the woman’s body without legal or social consequences?

These are questions which came to mind today as I reflected on a dream I had about an ex-roommate.

Here is the dream. People will find it useful to research into things such as narcissism, self-defense, and positive parenting after they read the type of dream I had last night and wonder how to turn the negative behaviours of others into positives for your own self and growth.

Here is the dream:

I was on the 6th floor of a building. A woman wearing black and white stripes entered the room which had a feel of an office but was also very casual. I noticed immediately that there was fresh red blood on her shirt above her heard and below her collar bone. I mentioned it to her to offer to help.

Surprisingly, she covered up the area with her hand and then told me there was no blood but I knew what I saw. There was blood. She was lying.

She proceeded to flip through papers on her desk and I reached for my red First Aid bag telling her I had First Aid and I was going to help. Others in the room saw her deception and they didn’t know what to do so they stood back which was good as it gave me space to work but the bad thing is that they then started criticizing my work. Usually when in a first responder situation the person with training stays with the victim and instructs someone else to make a call to 911. But in this case, no one would call 911 as I instructed.

That left me scrambling to try to help with the blood which I was afraid was coming from the heart and also reaching with one arm into my pocket rendering me looking a bit foolish. Instead of helping, the others called me foolish-looking.

As I was calling I learned that there was someone else in the bathroom bleeding from a larger wound, like a knife wound. It was even more serious and more urgent. So I reported this in the call too.

When the ambulance arrived someone did inform me and I was grateful for that. They even helped me make sure I had everything that the patients and I needed when we got to the hospital. I ran down 6 flights of stairs to get the ambulance which nearly left because we were taking so long to get there.

Eventually both patients got to the hospital and everything was okay.

Later I fell asleep in a truck with Gracie.

Her dad approached, saw I was sleeping and lured her out of the truck with promises of “fun things” so she got out and I then got up too.

I approached him in the parkinglot and went into a strong fighting stance asking him, “What’s going on?”

“Nothing much,” he said casually, trying to deceive me.

“Well it looks to me like something much is going on,” and I made myself really tall. “I’m the senior here and I’m the one in authority,” I told him “and Gracie isn’t going anywhere.”

And he said, “Yeah fine. Whatever.” And he backed away.

Then I was like, “Yeah that’s right. That’s how it is.” And I took my daughter’s hand and we went back to what we were doing.


So the important thing when working with dreams and metaphors is to remember that the person in the dream is a SYMBOL for something and that it doesn’t necessarily mean there is a literal application immediately. In time it becomes clear what is to be literal and what is not.

The person in this dream who was trying to take my daughter away from me is just a symbol of narcissistic behaviour and you can learn more about destroying that kind of negativity in your life at this link  to YouTube videos by Aydin RD.

This dream reveals the two ways in which people can deal with injuries. They can cover up the bleeding and pretend its not there, like the first woman, and this behaviour comes across as deceptive and dishonest. Or they can just obviously bleed out and while it is somewhat more messy and potentially embarrassing because it is obvious it is a more honest situation and is therefore actually easier to clean up and deal with.

If we think of the two types of injured people in my dream we can see two ways which narcissists act – one is to be overt with their bad behaviour symbolized in the dream with the woman bleeding in the bathroom and the other is to be covert and hidden with their bad behaviour such as the woman who lied about being injured.

It is much harder to deal with the covert negativity because it is hidden. But it can be done, as my dream shows.

Communication is the key. That’s why I was reaching for my phone in the dream.

That’s all I can say today.

If you have dealt with a negative person in the past or are dealing with it now, please feel free to write about it in the comments section and lets see what strategies work to keep your self protected so you can grow your own positive qualities and enjoy the life you were meant to have.