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My Dream of a Psychopath Covering Up a Death

June 10, 2018
Last night I dreamed of being in a large hotel-type place and I was in a room with an elderly woman who was handicapped physically but very alert & intelligent mentally. It’s not clear why I was there although it felt like she knew something about a crime her husband was involved in or something like that and I was getting info from her at the same time as helping her with some of her physical ailments.
Anyway, at one point she positioned herself on the couch in a bit of a contortion and she asked me to massage sore areas on her back which I proceeded to do (at that time someone came up from behind me but I didn’t pay them any attention) but then she turned herself around without alerting me and she lost her balance and she hit her head on the floor and when I reached to help her I could see the blow killed her. I quickly put her head back on the couch pillow and shouted to the front desk to call 911 even though I knew she needed a coroner not paramedics.
I stood up and went to the door and the attendant gave me thumbs up that paramedics were on their way and when I turned to look back I found that the elderly woman was sitting up in a wheel chair. She was fine. I was confused because she had been dead and I approached her cautiously and turned her around towards me. Then I saw the woman was black and shorter and was not at all the woman who I had just been talking with but the person in the room was saying this was her and I knew it wasn’t. On the one hand I was relieved because her not being dead was better for me because I didn’t want the questions from paramedics since I was the last one to see her alive. If she was not dead then I wouldn’t get questioned. But this woman was not the same woman and the man was up to some sort of hoax and he wanted me to play along. I was afraid of him and I had no idea what to do next and how to be prepared for when the paramedics arrived. How would I explain what was going on? They weren’t even trained to be able to really understand what I would try to convey. The man in the room was a psychopath and he wanted to make me look crazy. I was trying to think of how to tell the truth of what had happened without him harming me or the woman he was bribing to lie and i was wondering what happened to the real woman? Where did he hide her.
So this is another trauma-related dream coming from working with the prisoners. This is about the psychopath behaviour. They are very good at staying in the shadows and then messing things up when they think no one is looking. They also think they can get away with murder. In my dream, I saw the truth of the situation and was not going to let him get away with it.

How is Dreamwork/Changework Like Being a Detective? And what to do when you figure it out

By Rachel Perry

In a murder investigation, the forensics of the body are like a road map to the story of handcuffslogo.jpgthe crime. It’s like starting at the end and working backwards to the beginning. A good detective can see the end in the beginning, see through their own eyes, and see the mystery through until its solved. When it’s solved, it means a person or persons have been identified who have 1) Motive 2) Means 3) Opportunity to commit the crime. With or without a confession of guilt, the offender can be identified. Once identified, the work of the detective is over but often times that’s when the work of the police, journalists, therapists, social workers, prison guards, lawyers & judges begins. Sometimes the detective will have to take the stand to report what she witnessed. Not everyone can articulate their experiences. And sometimes someone can articulate their experiences but the ears of the listeners are not open so what is being expressed can’t be understood. But in the best case scenario, the detective would be able to answer the questions clearly, the jury would understand the events leading up to the murder, and the killer would receive their punishment. The Baha’i Writings state that when someone receives their punishment in this world they are not re-punished in the next. But if they do not receive their punishment in this world, they receive it in the next.

This is how real life detective work goes when solving a murder.

In the Dreamworld and in Changework there are many parallels to this pattern.

When a murder occurs in a dream, it is a metaphor for the death of someone’s Self. It is helpful to think of the Self as our Unique Being. We come into this world with the capacities & potential to develop our Selves. We learn from our families, from our communities and from our culture consciously & unconsciously as we grow through the stages of development from infancy to adulthood. Our Unique and Authentic Self, is like an inner Gem, which gets polished and refined through the challenges & victories in life. With a positive focus and good intentions, with a willingness to change & grow, this Authentic Self can continue to progress towards Excellence. Some believe the progress continues on even into the next world.

The feelings, characteristics or energies which kill the Self are those qualities we would think of as “negative” such as Jealousy, Anger, Frustration, Disappointment, Embarrassment, Fear, Sadness, etc.

What relationship does this have to being detective-like?

Sometimes there are people who, for whatever reason, usually because of early trauma in childhood, decide to live in those negative states – they cling to their strong feelings of jealousy, anger, fear, etc. And they express these strong negative feelings in ways which serve to metaphorically “kill” the Self of others around them.

Usually, just like a real killer, the negative-behaving person tries to conceal their actions, they hide their true intentions, they lie and deceive, in order to get to their true goal which is to hurt others so they can have more power or authority. When living in this negative state, a killer craves conflict and power just like it’s a drug. There is more to say here but not in this article.

So what to do when you see someone in your workplace or family or community who is metaphorically “killing” the Selves of the people around you? Become like a detective and start following the map which will lead you to the person who has the 1) Motive 2) Means and 3) Opportunity to wreak such havoc in the environment.

Once you find out who is behind the conflict there may come a time when you need to name them & call them out on their negative behaviours. There is more to this too but not today.

For today, it is good to remember that when you are supporting someone through a challenge you can be like a detective and ask questions which will help the person explain where an event occurred which caused brought on the negative feelings. Help them understand the origin of the negative emotion. Ask questions which will help to pin point when and were they first started feeling this way, who was involved? What was the environment like? Often times this goes back to elementary school.

Once you get to the origin of the negative experience with the person you are supporting then you can help them move through the emotions until the positive energy starts to come out. Every negative emotion has a positive opposite.

When someone hurts another, even if it is an emotional wound, and not a physical injury, it is like a murder of sorts has occurred. When we act like detectives to support and encourage those around us, we can get a deep understanding of the situation and can use our own eyes to see Truth for ourselves and move forward with Justice.

Dream: Skunks and a Journalist

10 September 2017

  • was 6 skunks around the garden & house area
  • i climbed up the side of the wall like spiderman and got over to the door and in without them spraying
  • P.S. & family was there
  • inside i was cleaning and first got all the stuff organized and then was getting ready to do a deep wash
  • it felt so good to be cleaning so much
  • it was a big building like an outdoor education center
  • at one point someone i was with, my dad?, told these two people that our family might pioneer and they got really excited and when they found out i was a journalist then they wanted it even more
  • they printed my stories in the paper and i was like “yeah!”
  • I was happy they printed my story but was not happy they thought I would pioneer when I truly didn’t want to







My Dream of Solving a Murder & How To Eliminate Threats To Safety In Real Life Relationships

28 October 2017


Murder in a dream is about the death of a relationship. One of my most re-occurring dreams is about solving murders.

Even in my real life, when I have nothing to do with solving any real murder, still the scenario pops up in my dreams where I am the Detective Inspector and I’m the one everyone is turning to in order to solve a difficult murder investigation.

Last night I dreamed I was a detective investigator getting really close to solving a murder. When I walked in a room I saw a couch and I got a flash vision of the killer having had sat on the left corner of the couch. “He’s been here,” I said. “We’re close. He’s close.”

I can see things other people can’t see. I connect the dots in ways others can’t do. I can get into the mind of a killer the way no one else can.

In these dreams, when I solve a murder and reveal to others the signs which lead us to apprehend the killer others listen to me and when they follow what I say the murderer is found and stopped.

Interestingly, in my real life, there is nothing which compares to that level of trust in my words or vision. All I can think of is that it is because in the real world people are so trained to only value the opinion of people with PhDs, or people with decades experience with one employer, or people with a Management title, or people with a lot of money or prestige, or people with a penis.

In my real life, there has been so much metaphorical murder. I suppose some would clearly see that because of my gender, my “socio-economic” status, and my marital status the cultural pressures on me to fail are astronomical. This has been especially true in the highly conservative city I lived in for the past 4 .5 years.

So what to do?

My dream tells me I’m good at solving murders and to get to it – because a killer is close by …

Here is how identify and remove really big threats to my relationships in life:

1) In my morning dreamwork/reflection I just ask myself where in my life is someone behaving in a way which has killed a relationship? In the dream they had been in the room and then left. So that means what I can reflect on is where someone has come into my space, done something hurtful, and then left.

A dozen scenarios come to mind.

2) Now I can ask myself, “Which one of these people/scenarios pose the most threat to me & Gracie?” This is harder to answer but it is really important. We are in a vulnerable position in our real lives right now and there are threats coming at us from every side. My dream is prompting me to assess the situation and really determine the worst threat.

3) After I do that, then I call to mind the positive vision I have for myself and my daughter where we are living free from threats and can really enjoy more playfulness, peace and security.

4) Then I consider what steps need to be taken to get to that place. What obstacles are there? And then I can figure out just one small thing to do today which will get us closer to our positive vision in time.

5) Then I take that step. Prepared to face the obstacles, the issues, the egos involved, the risk to my safety or others, I just take the step trusting in my Self and in my close personal relationships I just move forward in a positive direction.

This is how really big change can happen over time with just one small step daily. Anyone can do it. Any issue can be solved in this way. Any time.

What is the biggest threat to your closest relationships to those you love, perhaps your children or your spouse? What can you do today to begin to remove that threat?

Think about it. And then just do it. Today.

“Being a Journalist Who Shares Nightmares Online … “

11 July 2017

In 1966 Isabel LeBourdais a Canadian Journalist, published a ground-breaking & highly controversial book called, “The Trial of Steven Truscutt.

For the first time since 14-year-old Steven was sentenced to the death penalty and then commuted to life imprisonment in September 1959, the book surfaced hundreds of concealed details & evidence which had been overlooked by police, lawyers, pathologists, journalists and the judge. Her book brought into question the integrity of the trial and ultimately the guilty verdict.

In fact, Isabel’s book pushed the federal government of Canada to ask the Supreme Court of Canada to re-examine the trial and verdict because there was strong evidence to support Steven’s innocence and strong evidence to indicate police falsified prosecution’s evidence which resulted in the guilty sentencing.

Although the Court of Appeal did meet with Steven in 1966, prior to Isabel’s book, they did not change the verdict or sentencing and he remained imprisoned until he was 24 in 1969. I

n 2007, the 60-year-old Steven brought the matter to court again. This time the Court of Appeal found there had been a gross “miscarriage of justice” which needed to be “quashed” and his sentence was revoked. Later, in 2008, he was granted $6.5 million for compensation for his ordeal.

What does this all have to do with dreamwork?

Isabel is arguably one of the most important Canadian journalists in the short history of this nation. Her work contributed to the release of a young man who was innocent. Her book was so controversial at the time that she truly put her life in danger by publishing what she did. But she did it anyway.

I was thinking of Isabel this morning.

How differently would things have been for her if she had access to an internet? To a blog? To social media platforms?

The really unique thing about what I do as a journalist which I’ve never seen anyone else do, is that when I investigate really tough-to-swallow cases like organized rape & murder of children or rape & trafficking of children, then I have nightmares. It would be impossible for me to see the photos I see, watch the footage I watch, listen to the testimonies I do without it having an effect on my psyche. I’m absolutely sure that the reason detective investigators have this stereo-type of being reclusive alcoholics who isolate themselves in dark, smokey rooms with a pipe and a bottle of whiskey is because the nature of the work is so damn hard.

But I don’t drink. Have no interest in drugs and really enjoy social gatherings. But some elements of the cases I research sometimes trouble me. I am always in awe of how perfect the dreamworld is.

What I’ve come to learn is that when a case really bothers me, like the events leading up to the murder of Kristen French in St. Catharines, Ontario in 1992, or Tori in Woodstock in 2009, or Lynne Harper in 1959, then I have nightmares which shed light on my unconscious fears. When I work through these real life and dreamworld nightmares I gain capacities & skills which make me stronger and better able to work on some of the most horrific cases of crime in our nation.

I don’t like horror movies; they give me nightmares.

But I like investigating into the mind of real serial killers because when the nightmares come it actually strengths me as an individual and as a journalist.

The bridge where Steven and Lynne were last seen together.

I recently visited the location of the bridge where Steven Truscott & Lynne Harper were last seen together on June 09, 1959. He said he dropped her off at the corner of HWY 8 and saw her get into a late model Chevy. Police said he never crossed that bridge and instead took her into a field where he raped and murdered her. Within 2 days of finding Lynn’s body 14-year-old Steven was arrested and incarcerated. At a 15-day trial in September an all-male jury found him guilty and sentenced him to the death penalty – this was the first time the death penalty had been given in Canada sine 1875. Four months later, the death penalty was removed and he was sentenced to life imprisonment. Remember though, fifty years later he was proven to be innocent and in fact he did just as he said he did – he rode Lynne to the corner and then returned to his circle of friends half an hour later.

When I went out to the location of this crime, which occurred just one hour outside of London, Ontario, I had a few nightmares afterwards (which I wrote about and scheduled to be released on this blog in the next couple months).

The real nightmare is that the real killer got away. While the police, RCMP, media and entire city of Huron County were turning against Steven & his family, accusing him of some of the most heinous and unthinkable crimes, the real killer was sitting back and watching the news. He got away with it. More details of the real killer have surfaced since 1997 and evidence has surfaced which points a finger at the most likely suspect who was a military man living and working nearby the place where Lynne was killed. He had a history of sexual deviancy AND trained ability to carry out the crime in a way which was consistent with the evidence. He died in 1975 of alcoholism.

I’ve included a few photos here of the small residential area just outside of Clinton, Ontario where Steven and Lynne lived in 1959.

Visiting this area made me feel physically sick and I had a headache for two days afterwards. My dreams following the visit were messy & chaotic. I felt disorientated and weak for 48 hours. What baffles me the most is how an entire county could overlook the common sense logic that it was IMPOSSIBLE to do what the OPP & RCMP were suggesting was done. And an entire county, no, the entire nation of Canada persecuted this young boy, accused him of guilty, before he was even given a fair trial.

How did the RCMP, RCAF and OPP get away with covering up the real details of this crime and how did they get away with “selling the public” the falsified and IMPOSSIBLE story of a young 14-year-old boy doing what was impossible for him to do?

It’s these questions and others like it which compels me to continue doing the work I do.

So, I’m an investigative journalist and I share my nightmares online. That’s what I do.

Standing at the corner where Lynne was seen getting into a Chevy around 7:30pm, facing the bridge where Steven & some others were swimming, catching turtles and enjoying an otherwise regular evening on June 09, 1959.