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Finding the Keys To Progress In the Real World & in Dreams

09 July 2017

20170508_130037A short while ago I dreamed of being kidnapped & drugged by CIA operatives. If you’d like to go back and read that dream, you can click here.

In the dream, the keys to my car melted.

In real life, shortly after this dream, I lost a set of keys for the car.

Both situations really bothered me. Losing keys in a dream is a metaphor for having an issue with moving forward in the real world. This inner emotional issue was all the more magnified by losing an extra set of keys in the real world, meaning I literally lost something which I really needed.

Interestingly, just the other day I dreamed that I found the second set of keys! I like when a metaphor shows up repeatedly in dreams because with meditative reflection it can actually show areas of growth.

Looking back when I first had the CIA dream it was just one week after losing my 4th employment opportunity in three years. Surely I felt pained by what felt at the time like some sort of conspiracy against me to keep me in poverty. I’m creating a video about this situation and it can be viewed in time. You could search “From Poverty To Prosperity” & Rachel Perry and find my work in the real world around this issue. There’s nothing remarkable about what I’ve published but it was something I was passionate about for a number of years.

So anyway, my key dreams are suggesting that the issue I used to have with making progress in the real world, in my career, in parenting, in close personal relationships, etc – those issues are now no longer so significant for me.

Have you ever had a dream of losing keys? Where you able to solve it in the dream or did you end up having to find another way to travel?

Please share your dream here and the meaning it has for your life. Remembering, sharing and writing about dreams is an excellent way to work through any issue, big or small.


How a Positive Dream Can Really Make Things Move Forward in Life

12 July 2017

A mere three days before I lost my Management position at a small store in Masonville Mall due to a corporate decision at head office in Los Angles, USA, I had a dream of this big black truck making it through the road-readiness test. A big, black truck is a metaphor for the work I do in marketing and promoting small businesses. The dream was so positive and it had me remembering the skills & gifts I have in writing, publishing and promoting things I believe in.

Then on April 30th I was informed my store was closing and suddenly my income went from $4000 a month to $1800. Just like that.

One of the reasons I didn’t feel too upset was because this dream had me thinking and asking myself the question, “What do I do really well that can help me move through this period of hardship?”

I asked myself how I can use my skills in marketing & promotion in order to increase my cashflow back to a more stable level.

Now it’s July, two and a half months later. I’ve published three short books, improved three blogs, started a KickStarter campaign for a local neighbourhood news service and I’m done research deep into the corruption of Canadian justice system which some people do not even want to touch because the corruption is just so gruesome.

16174804_769401436549570_8140728707016943395_nWithout that really positive dream of this amazing black truck which had me thinking for days about the ways I can drive my life forward in so many excellent directions, then I would not have been able to handle the devastating news of my job loss so easily.

When I lost my job and was catapulted into poverty I just kept saying to others, “Everything is going to be okay. I don’t have evidence of that just yet but I know something really good is coming and things will be okay.”

It was the metaphors which showed up days before my big devastation which gave me the enthusiasm and drive I needed to face what was soon to become the most difficult three months of 2017.

Fiercely Moving Forward

27 June 2017

Dreamwork and Changework is about looking at an issue every day and working on it to such a degree that it seizes to be an issue.

For many people, the work starts with a dream because the issue shows up in a scary nightmare and forces the dreamer to look at something which they find very negative and painful. This is especially the case for those who have been through trauma and are healing.

Other times, the issue can show up in a day-to-day life experience in some form of a confrontation or another with a situation which brings out a lot of emotion for the dreamer.

Writers know that when creating a plot line for a good story there is always a protagonist and some sort of “conflict” which the protagonist faces which moves the story along. If the protagonist changes her Self through the story and is somehow “changed” at the end then she is considered a “Dynamic Character” in literary terms. If she doesn’t change then she is considered a “Static Character” meaning she stays the same throughout. Usually if this is the case, then there will be another character in the book who undergoes a lot of change and that will provide dramatic contrast for the story.

There are 3 main sources of conflict for a protagonist 1) self vs Others – meaning the character’s biggest issue is with something another character is doing 2) self vs Nature – meaning the conflict comes from facing something in nature such as a tornado, or tsunami, or a moutain 3) self vs Self – meaning the character has to face something within their own being which has to be wrestled with in order to overcome the conflict so this could be like fighting one’s own conscious or one’s own internal cultural conditioning etc.

If a dream is thought of in these terms then it is somehow easier to empower your Self because you can ask yourself 1) What is the main source of conflict ? a) Others b) Environment c) the Self. And with this answer decide if it would be best to a) stay the same and move through the issue or b) change something about the situation and move through the issue.

To move through any issue takes Strength, Empowerment & Determination. When I was in my early 20s I used to repeat the mantra “Be Strong. Be Calm. Be Grateful.” And that helped me to stop drinking and move away from a coping pattern I had inherited from my genetics and my environment. I was a “dynamic character” in the story of my life in my twenties.

Lately, I’ve been more of a “Static Character” and in this way while I am staying the same the conditions around me are changing a lot. People are changing. Communities are changing. Employment conditions are changing. Financial situations are changing.

This is allowing me to go forward in the direction of the positive dream I have for myself in life.

It’s not going to be easy because I’m up against so much social conditioning in the people around me who think that the kinds of dreams I have for myself are impossible. But for those who have watched me come this far, they will certainly be able to believe I can go even further.

The key to moving forward now is to be able to identify what I am worried about, what causes the most anxiety and then working through it using strategies which work so that the worry can completely vanish and I can experience the type of life I’ve always wanted for myself and my family.

It will take a quality of fierceness like a wolf to get to where I want to go because it is a lot like breaking out of a prison which has been established around me and I am refusing to be imprisoned anymore.

The more I can move in fiercely positive ways towards achieving my goals the better things will be for me and my family.

The key to this is fully experiencing my Strength & Empowerment every day and then moving with Confidence in the direction of my dreams.

Dream Analysis: Detectives in the Attic

17 June 2017

In the dream, I’m with other detectives in an attic and we are close to catching a criminal.

Analysis: This type of dream has been re-occurring every night for the past two weeks. If it were negative then I’d have an issue needing to be dealt with but since it’s positive it means there’s a lot of opportunity to use my skills right now. In truth, there is.

For the past five years I’ve been working as a community researcher to investigate into a certain city’s social engineering strategy and it’s relationship to heinous crimes such as child-trafficking and cult crimes. Recently, I’ve been given opportunities to share the results of my work. It’s rewarding and challenging at the same time.

However, it feels really great to put some of my deductive reasoning skills to work to protect children and to dissolve criminal activity. I’m grateful to be able to contribute in this way. And I suspect that’s why it keeps showing up in my dreams.

Daily Dream Diary: Visiting Another World

18 February 2017

In the dream, I am in a place so different from this earth that when I set out to describe it I can’t find the words in English to do so.

The biggest difference is not so much in the physical environment, it’s in the way people treat me.

In the dream, I am treated with respect. I am running, directing, orchestrating, managing a large enterprise independently.

When someone wants something done, they ask me.

When someone does something wrong, they turn to me for solutions.

When someone can’t overcome a challenge, they seek them from me.

Nothing happens in the location without my understanding of what is going on.

So there is this broad-wide feeling of working with hundreds of people on a common vision. There’s a feeling of trust, respect, joy and connection.

I can’t describe what is the organization. Or what we are doing. Or who I’m doing it with. Somehow those details escape me.

But just this strong feeling of being so connected, trusted, respected lingers.

There was nothing negative in the dream.

The negative is when I wake up and remember that I live in a world called Earth, where women are treated less than animals. Where systemic racism prevails. Where the gap between wealth and poverty appears to widen daily. Where families are disintegrating with the advent of technology.

When I see these negatives, I force myself to remember that they are illusions.

Positive virtues, qualities and characteristics are real. They are rooted in our True Selves and they are Powerful.

Anything negative is an illusion which stems from the ego and the ego is just a false-protection which covers up our Truth with fear-based responses to the unknown.

So today, I refuse to allow my ego to paint a negative picture of the world, as it used to to in the past.

The reality is that the world is a good place. There is good in it. There are good people in it and our lives are getting better and better daily.

I see positives all around me now and am so eager to explore, play and discover the good that this world has to offer.

That is the Truth.