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The Science of Dreamwork is about Going into the Challenging Spaces and Dealing with the Negatives so they can be eliminated

28 August 2017

Today when I was doing dreamwork around the issue of home invasion I realized something.

Last month I had two dreams about a home invasion. In the first I was able to protect all the windows & doors and keep the invader away. But in the second, the invader got in and held a shotgun to my daughter’s face. This means there is something my daughter is doing which allows an invader into our space. A house in a dream is about Self and a bedroom is where we rest & relax. To have an invader in the bedroom means we are not able to rest or relax because of someone doing/saying things which have a negative influence.

In real life, training in Taedwondo has given me some skills to deal with the negatives. When I am “taekwondoing ” the negative energy it’s about pushing the negative energy/figure away and that is why I was successful in the first dream.

But there is a second process needed in order to help my daughter keep out the negatives. This can be achieved with dreamwork/change work approaches.

When I work on issues which appear in dreams and I minimize the negative effects on me then I am better able to to support my daughter and I can teach her to not let them in or get targeted. The key with this kind of work is to get really close into the space of the invader.

I figured this out when I was training in class this morning because I learned that as soon as someone has a knife or gun the key is to get really close to disarm them.

It takes a high degrees of skill to move into a space when there is a weapon rather than running away which is the first natural instinct. But dreamwork/changework is like a positive weapon that allows a person to confidently get in the Self space of someone else and effectively disarm them.

The more I learn to do this with my daughter the better it will be for both of us. The reason it’s so challenging is because her negative self is so much like someone who tortured me in the past. Now that I have learned to “teakwondo the negative” I can leap into her space and disarm the intruding negative thoughts.

I do this by working through my own issues and fears around the memory of being tortured and practicing simple meditation exercises which really help!

Anyone can do this and can find their own path for empowering themselves. The key is to turn up the positives in life and turn down the negative. With this, anything is possible.

Having an Adventurous Spirit Helps

23 August 2017

Having an adventurous spirit helps to take the boredom out of every day routines. Not only that, it helps to put a firey flame to ideas and dreams.

Without an adventurous spirit, life would be bland and uneventful. The mind would be soley occupied in the hum-drum itty-bitty details surrounding meal preparation & clean-up, avoiding traffic to and from work, getting kids to extra-curricular activities and doing something somewhat relaxing at the end of the day like watching a TV show.

But WITH an adventurous spirit anything can become a game. Routine becomes meditation. Necessary tasks can become like a sport. And opportunities for exploration and inquiry are always welcome!

Having an adventurous spirit even helps when someone gives you anger, jealousy or fear. Instead of running away upset, think about getting playful & try having an adventurous spirit about it. You never know, playfulness might turn the whole thing around and an entirely new experience can open up for everyone.

Having a playful & adventurous spirit can even re-frame the mundane and make every day life fascinatingly interesting.

Go ahead. Give it a try. When you are doing a mundane, every day task today add a little Playfulness and Adventure then wait and see how different things become!! Describe your experience in the comments below.

The Metaphor of a MESS: How it Symbolizes EGO & What To Do To Deal With It

22 August 2017


This has been a topic I’ve avoided writing about for some time.

I’ve written about the “mess” I inherited & learned in early childhood but I haven’t written directly about how messes show up with others and how to deal with it in a way which is long-lasting and permanent.

So messes can show up in a dream in a variety of ways.

If there is a mess in a house it means there is something happening with the ego which is affecting the positive development of the self.

If there is a mess in a yard it means there is something negative happening which influences or is influenced by others in a more public way.

If there is a mess in a building or in office place then it is about how the ego is affecting productive development between people who are working together, in a profession or in any type of agreement or working arrangement.

A MESS in a dream means someone clearly has an ISSUE around the area, be it the Self, or the Work, or the Social Setting.

When someone has an issue it means there has been an early experience of trauma in that area and the memory of it is still really strong in the mind and affects the person regularly. It means they have a negative part of themself which shows up when they are afraid of something and this negative part creates a so-called MESS of some sort which has the effect of slowing or stopping the relationship, the progress, the work, etc.

When this is understood, then it is easy to help people through their fear-based trauma reaction by offering encouragement, reassurance, patience, kindness, etc. When the trust is re-built and the fear dissolved then work can continue in whatever area needed.

So if you dream of a big mess, in your house, or your work space, or your neighbourhood then you can start asking yourself, “Where in my life is the biggest mess?” and try to discern “Who am I having the biggest challenge with right now?” What is someone doing that is causing a big mess and what does it lead you to do?

When you can start to understand their fear and their ego-mess you can have increased patience and loving-kindness towards them.

Incredible challenges can be overcome with this approach.

Go ahead. Give it a try. And feel free to write about the experience in the comments below.

DreamWORK – It’s not all fun & games … but is worth it in the end

17 August 2017

I’m going to write this to give you an idea of the way I work with a nightmare in very specific detail.

The dream scenario was that I was in my room and sensed something was wrong in my daughter’s room. When I went into her room I found a man had invaded our house & was standing over her with a shotgun pointed to her face. I froze.

So to work through this dream first I have to understand the threat of the man & the gun.

Since it is a man unknown to me then this means it is a cultural issue and it not showing up in one specific man who I know but that all men have this potential threatening part to them. That’s pretty easy to understand since we live in a culture which is still male-dominated and incredibly debilitating to and for women.

I freeze in the dream and that means that the solution will be about my learning to move, spiritually and literally.

So how do I get out of the mental habit of freezing when I am threatened? How do I learn to keep moving even when things are a bit scary?

That’s where the WORK part of dreamwork comes in.

First I worked through the issue in a session with Richard Hastings from Dreams For Peace. He gave me some homework to do and now whenever I feel myself getting stuck I just do the homework.

Here is an example:

I can ask myself:

  1. What is the biggest challenge I am facing today? or What is the biggest challenge facing my daughter today?
  2. How does it make me freeze?
  3. When do I remember this type of challenge first showing up (usually in childhood or teen years)?
  4. What did I do in the past to deal with this challenge? What can I do differently now?

In this case, the fear I have is that someone will hurt me or my daughter. This is a natural fear any mother has. My own personal fear is heightened because I face many financial obstacles which leave us a bit more vunerable than if we had a bit more money at our disposal.

So I can think about who in my daughter’s life may hurt her and how and then I can think of what I can do differently so that this can be prevented.

The solution may bring up my own fears and so I need to work through those before or at the same time as preventing her from getting hurt.

As I resolve my own fears I can then easily move forward to ensure she is protected and safe.

Resolving my fears involves a visualization exercise.

I can recall someone who hurt me in the past and I can think about how I may fear they may hurt me or her again.

Then I can just turn down the volume on their negative voice and even erase the image of them in my mind as though they are disappearing. And then the fear is not so strong.

When they are gone out of my mind I can move forward exactly as I want and need feeling fearless and brave.

This is one of the types of exercises I do to work through a fear which showed up in a dream and to learn a new skill which increases my own confidence & courage.

When I move forward in this positive way many good opportunities open up for me and my daughter! 16507903_688004734714732_4993852702777196850_n

Applying the Positives of a Dream to Real Life

18 July 2017

Lately I’ve been having so many positive dreams I can’t even keep up with them all!

I’ve been dreaming about finding things I’ve lost; recovering things that have been water-logged but finding they aren’t damaged; arriving at destinations I’ve longed to visit; meeting people I’ve desired to meet; attending concerts of my favourite musicians and the list goes on and on.

So the positive message is for me to just keep driving forward in the direction I want to go, confidently using the skills I’ve developed and anticipating the best possible outcome/future.

Each day, I just do some reflecting and meditating in the morning, set my intention for the day, move confidently forward and then at the end of the day I do some quiet reflections on the things I’m grateful for and just appreciate life.

From a dream last night I learned that virtues of Nobility, Grace and Forbearance are strong in me and with these I can continue moving forward in the direction of my goals.

Have you experienced very positive dreams before? What qualities showed up in the dream that helped inspire you to move forward? Please leave your dream in the comment section below. Dreams come through an individual but do not “belong” to anyone. They are meant for sharing so a whole community can learn from the messages of the dreams.