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Dream of a Friend Being Arrested

This morning I woke up at 4:30am having just had a dream about a friend. In the dream I am traveling with her. She’s telling everyone it’s her last days, that she’s dying, and I’m there with her to comfort and encourage her. She looks beautiful, wearing turquoise and white, wearing large stones and sandles. When she curls herself up into a ball sobbing I just wrap my arms around her and hold her, comfort her and rock her a little bit, saying soothing words, encouraging her.

In another part, I’m the one upset and she tells me I have to get ready to let her go and I tell her no and she says Yes. We are driving in her old car “Nelly” and I’m in the backseat. Soon a helicopter is shining a light on us and police are calling out commands in their loudspeaker. For some reason she keeps going and I don’t understand why. She tells me she’s going to go as far as she can and when it’s time to stop she will. Eventually she does stop, by the Peace Bridge in Fort Erie and an officer arrests her.

I’m standing by the car confused. Are they just stopping her to question her? Are they going to detain her? Has she done more than I am aware of? Will I be questioned? She looks over at me, with her hands behind her back in handcuffs and she mouths to me that she’s sorry, sort of shaking her head like she sees how wrong she was and she’s sorry. But I have no idea what is going on. Why are there  helicopters? Is this the end of it or is there more? The dream ends like that. Me looking over at her with handcuffs on waiting for instructions, her mouthing she’s sorry and me looking back at her like “What?!?”

Discovering a Crime & a Cover Up & Getting Away

13 October 2017

In the dream, I’m in a large house in a newly developing subdivision with many houses still under construction. To my dismay, there are about a dozen dead bodies in bags lined up in a row in one of the rooms. My questioning to the people involved leads me to understand that someone has killed these people and then will be demolishing the house to hide what they have done.

I leave the house wondering if I should try to stop them, report them, or ignore it and leave it all behind.

As I wonder through the streets, I end up at my dentist’s place and he takes me in for an appointment even though it’s 2am. He does x-rays and tells me my teeth are doing fine and I no longer need braces. He reminds me to wear a mouth guard for when I grind my teeth at night. I’m happy the appointment goes well.

When I leave, I find my mother waiting for me and she takes me back to her place. She is so cruel with everything she says and she seems to be mocking me. Even when I show kindness she doesn’t take it to be kindness and she shows cruelty instead. This continues on for a while and then when I’ve had enough I say I’m leaving and this gets her even more annoyed. She towers over me, shouting and speaking words which hurt my heart and I push her back. I have to push her several times and finally get her to move back enough away from the door so I can leave.

When I leave I go to the road and a taxi is waiting for me. I’m in Fort Erie, the town I grew up in childhood, and I look around and see the poverty of the place. The driver is African and by his stories and condition I conclude he is more skilled than what his job is and that he is barely able to support his family on this taxi income. At one point though he turns sideways in the seat and is looking through photos on the seat and no one is driving the cab. Surprisingly it stays on course though and eventually he takes the wheel again and brings me to where I want to go.

Dream: Mafia Guys

17 August 2017

I hate these kinds of dreams. I really do.

The feeling was the same feeling as they always are – I’m going somewhere and these guys are doing stuff they shouldn’t and I’m getting pulled into stuff I don’t want to be a part of blah blah blah.

There were some good parts of the dream and I managed to stay out of trouble even though the threat to be immoral or unlawful was all around me but the details aren’t clear now.

I hate these kinds of dreams.

Dream: My Mom Dumps Stuff On Me … Again

13 September 2017

IMG_1326In the dream, I exit my front door and find there is a camper-trailer in the front driveway as well as a truck full of things. The front yard is cluttered full of objects. It looks like someone bought 100 broken things at garage sales and then dumped them all on my front lawn. It doesn’t take me long to recognize that my mom has come in the middle of the night, emptied a yard-full of junk because she didn’t know where else to put it and then left. When I ask her about it, she denies it.

But then I see her ex-husband there moving things out and I know the Truth!

This kind of clutter is NOT ALLOWED on my property and I know when my landlord sees it he will be upset and want me to move it immediately. How can I get my Mom to move it immediately when she won’t admit it is hers?

I consider going to my landlord proactively and telling him what has happened but I know that he will find it very odd and he will consider lots of things including that I have made up some sort of lie to cover up something or someone because it just doesn’t make sense to have a bunch of things on your lawn and not know whose they belong to.

If I don’t tell him and just start helping my ex-step-dad then I look like I’m taking responsibility for it even though it isn’t mine and I have no idea why it is there.

If I don’t tell him and also don’t start help moving it out and cleaning it up then it appears to be mine and by that non-action I invite him over to be the one to bring to my attention the issues.

So in the dream, I’m standing there, looking at this enormous pile of junk 7 feet high on my lawn and I am wondering what on earth can I do now?

As I watch, my ex-step-father just keeps moving things onto the truck and preparing to take them away.

My analysis: Clutter & mess is about the ego in a dream. Sometimes someone becomes so full of ego, so full of their false selves, that they create a lot of “mess” in the lives of others around them. Since I didn’t move in the dream but just watched it means the thing I’m learning to get good at is saying NO to the ego-mess caused by people who are full of their negative selves and keep dumping stuff on me trying to make me look bad. I know the Truth though and others who look close enough can know the Truth too. It’s a good lesson for us all to learn and in time it will get easier and easier!

Dreamwork: Positive Dream about Moving, Cleaning a Church & Growing a Tree

26 May 2017

A house is a symbol of Self in a dream. To be moving out of a house is a good metaphor IMG_1213for change within the Self.

Everything in this dream is really positive. Positive dreams just mean keep going forward doing what’s being done.

The only hint of something negative coming up is from the darkness in the basement and the boxes coming up. So this is a sign that the next stage of change has to do with uncovering some unconscious things which come from my time as a teen when I used to spend a lot of time at a friend’s home.

When I was a teen I thought they were just being friendly but when I grew up I learned that sometimes they would invite me to their home because they saw negativity in my own home and they wanted to protect me from that to some degree.

I guess it’s no secret that there were issues in my past and in the history of my family. When I was a teen I just really wanted to live somewhere else, some place where my Self was free to develop and grow. 

But now when I look back I know it was better to say in the home with my parents. In this way, I learned my own family history in a way I couldn’t have otherwise. By learning about my own family history (which became drastically fragmented during and after World War 2) I could also understand more about the history of our culture, provincially and nationally. When I consider our roots I feel so connected to this human family and to the earth.

The greatest gift I was given was the chance to live in my own home, even if there had been generations of poverty & conflict.

When I think of this dream, of someone I know now helping me to move out of a “Self” which was developed when I was a teen I feel really excited about what is to come.

The skills, knowledge, capacities of these friends in my dream are all parts of myself and things I can aspire to and develop within my own self.

The dream is signaling to me that the growth and change will require detaching and letting go of some things. That’s why it’s about moving boxes out.

Most likely, this detaching will bring up some unconscious fears but that’s okay. When we look at a fear, and face it, then we can ascertain the positive quality which can emerge in the process. We can turn fear into Courage.

Transforming the Self – that is what Dreamwork is all about.

Here is the dream:

In the dream, I am moving out of the W’s house which was their home but also my home in the dream. D.C. arrives and he helps with unpacking. A small group of us go to a church to pick up another friend and she has been working with a church group for some time. Before she went they used to argue a lot and the atmosphere was cold but after she had been there for a while, she brought out greater peace and the atmosphere warmed up. It made me smile to see that.

Then we went back to the house to continue unpacking. There were big boxes to carry out of the basement. D.C. was so encouraging and his smile lit up the room. Just a few words from him made everything seem like it would be okay.



[Editor’s Note: Update – The title of this post also mentions cleaning a church & growing a tree which I forgot to then include in the dream description. But cleaning a church is about removing ego from faith-based activities, and growing a tree is about nurturing new growth so those are two positives in the face of a move out of the house/Self.]