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Dreamwork: From Module 1

Dreamwork Exercise: Take the time to experience some of the impossible states that you can do in a dream and then ask yourself how this energy might benefit others. Examples include things like breathing freely underwater, walking through walls, running without ever being tired, jumping long distances,. The benefit comes when you realize that the experiences are metaphoric. (From Dreamwork Module 1, Richard Hastings, Available for purchase at this link.)

Recently I’ve had a series of positive dreams unlike anything I’ve had before. They include:

  • flying
  • walking through shelves in a room
  • breathing underwater
  • driving a big truck to safety
  • running without being tired
  • running on slippery ice without falling
  • winning an opportunity to uplift millions of people

Other positive images which have come in dreams lately are not about me having super powers but about a general feeling of safety from harm, such as:

  • seeing someone who used to hurt me die & be of no more threat
  • being in an area which used to confuse me but feeling confident instead
  • seeing others help people
  • meeting positive groups of sentient beings, (Light beings, tall beings)

How can these be seen as metaphors and how can these energies help others?

That is something to think about.

Here is a link to a song which inspired me as I wrote this blog post.

Dream: Predicting the Wind

In the dream, I’m sitting a blanket and someone in a group is asking me questions. When I reply, I know all the answers. He says I know things and says to the group maybe I’m physic. In the dream, I think I am physic so I decide to keep answering with my intuition and the group continues to be astonished that I’m answering questions which I couldn’t know otherwise. For example, someone in the audience pats circles on her stomach and then he asks me what she is doing. Without seeing her I describe the motion. The correct response stuns the audience and I decide it’s okay to let them see that I can do this.

Then the blanket comes off me and I’m standing in a circle in their midst. A small breeze starts and I begin talking about a a windstorm. They don’t feel it but then as it picks up they see what I was talking about and I hold the blanket in my arms and let the wind carry it out like a big thunder bird.

I just talk louder and happier in the wind and they are rustling around to straighten their hair and laughing and stuff.

It was a pretty neat dream.

Dream: Gracie slid under a door

I dream I go into Gracie’s room to get a breather. She doesn’t know I’m there and slides in under the door. I am surprised and I say, “hey! How did you do that?” At first she defended as if she didn’t do it and then she said she just didn’t know how she did it but that she always does. I watched how her face changed and imagined I was talking to her angel. She talked to me about this and I answered and I was happy to make something impossible possible. She said she does this when I’m meditating, doing dreamwork, etc. So I realized that because I wasn’t doing that anymore I was able to see something really beautiful in her. But then I flipped out of this and was talking to a Wizard who was very upset with the hologram I created and said that it’s one thing to talk about when there is time but another when there is no time and that was no time plus no time so what I said would have an impact for 50 years. I told him I didn’t know and I was sorry. He said to be more careful with my words.

There was a game people were playing in No Time. I had no clothes on at first but found some laying around and put them on before anyone noticed. Then we just started playing games, like leapfrog. It was fun.–