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Dream: A Glowing Green Sasquatch Figure

08 September 2017

The experience I describe in this post is hard for me to explain but I do the best I can. I suspect that as soon as I write “glowing green figure” the image which might come to mind to many people is the stereotypical Hollywood “alien” creature so I just want to erase that image from people’s minds altogether. It was nothing like that, except it was glowing and it was green. LOL. (But it wasn’t skinny or bald with big round eyes!)

When I tried to consider how to describe the shape of the head, shoulders, and facial features in more detail so that what I really saw was conveyed more clearly the only image which came to mind which is slightly similar is the image of Big Foot/Sasquatch. But no, I couldn’t say it was a “Glowing Green Sasquatch” either … nonetheless it was large, wide, and big-featured like how Big Foot is often described. It’s face was expressive and more human-looking than an ape and it’s eyes kind.

Here is the experience:

This morning I woke up at 5:30am with a jump and my heart was racing. IMG_1785

It’s as though I heard a sound which startled me awake, maybe a car horn or something outside but I listened closely and heard nothing more.

The very strange thing is that when I woke up and first opened my eyes, moving from the dream world to the real world, I saw a glowing green figure hovering in the space above where I was sleeping.

I didn’t feel fear, more surprised than anything. It was the feeling like when you are concentrating on your work in front of you and then look up and a co-worker is standing there asking if you want anything from Tim Horton’s. It can give you a fright because it’s unexpected but it’s not threatening.

The figure didn’t seem malicious, more curious than ill-intentioned. It wasn’t like a skinny green alien-thing; more like if a Sasquatch was iridescent and transparent bright glowing green.

Then it faded away as I woke up more and became aware of my surroundings and my rapidly-beating heart.

I listened for more noises as my heart rate slowed and tried to somehow identify what woke me up and if there was any threat but everything was quiet around me.

So I just woke up fully and started my day. That was that.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

Or anything have you had strange dreams that are hard to explain?

Please feel free to share your experiences in the comment sections.

DREAM: Run-A-Way Bus/Truck

– on a bus and see the driver fell asleep, I try to move his hands to the steering wheel but it doesn’t work and he isn’t waking up. There is a construction truck right ahead of us. I put my feet on the breaks and steer we miss it and don’t crash but the bus, which is now like a truck is going too fast and breaks don’t work. we go over hills. I tell everyone to hang on Gracie and 3 friend are in the back. we go over several hills and finally stop.

– In a park, I find some evidence of something on a picnic table, is a coin and a baggie of sorts. I ask Gracie to bring it to the police and she does and they come over. At first I feel tremendous fear that they suspect me but then they come around and thank me, ask me more about what I’ve seen, and I share with them.

– I’m playing a game similar to tag with people who are all 12 feet tall. When we stop running we stand in a circle. They are all SO TALL! They say lets not play because they don’t want me to feel bad but I say no it’s okay. They don’t mean any harm even though they are tall.

– I’m in house. People knocking/banging on the door to come in. Like a small group of high school Italian boys who think they are very tough. I ignore them but someone else lets them in, then I follow them because I have a sense they are up to no good

– Gracie and I are outside going somewhere walking on a street. It sort of has the feeling of a parade. Then a news broadcaster comes up and starts asking questions & videoing us. It has to do with the evidence we found. I’m happy to speak to them but want to know what they want to hear. It makes it a bit awkward at first but then we figure it out.


This dream has a mix of positive and negative symbols.

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Dreamwork: From Module 1

Dreamwork Exercise: Take the time to experience some of the impossible states that you can do in a dream and then ask yourself how this energy might benefit others. Examples include things like breathing freely underwater, walking through walls, running without ever being tired, jumping long distances,. The benefit comes when you realize that the experiences are metaphoric. (From Dreamwork Module 1, Richard Hastings, Available for purchase at this link.)

Recently I’ve had a series of positive dreams unlike anything I’ve had before. They include:

  • flying
  • walking through shelves in a room
  • breathing underwater
  • driving a big truck to safety
  • running without being tired
  • running on slippery ice without falling
  • winning an opportunity to uplift millions of people

Other positive images which have come in dreams lately are not about me having super powers but about a general feeling of safety from harm, such as:

  • seeing someone who used to hurt me die & be of no more threat
  • being in an area which used to confuse me but feeling confident instead
  • seeing others help people
  • meeting positive groups of sentient beings, (Light beings, tall beings)

How can these be seen as metaphors and how can these energies help others?

That is something to think about.

Here is a link to a song which inspired me as I wrote this blog post.