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My Dream of Road Construction & Google Solutions

26 October 2017

22730447_10159632287070595_2895142373268570424_nDreaming about construction is such an awesome metaphor for change. We have the long-term vision of the improvements and how things will be when the construction is done but the present is messy, confusing, complex and unclear.

Road construction forces drivers to slow down, to become conscious of where they are at and where they are going. Sometimes road construction requires detours and drivers discover new parts of the city they’ve never seen before.

In my construction dream, I was at home just doing my thing and a woman approached me with a print out of a map. She was trying to get somewhere in the city using a print out of a map from online but things have changed since her print out and she didn’t know where to go.

I used my phone to go to Google Maps and showed her where we are and put in the address to where she wanted to go. It wouldn’t be straight forward, I told her, because of the construction. But we can print out this new map and she should be fine.

She was grateful and I went inside to print out the map while she studied the image on the phone.

In another part of the dream I was on an elevator and someone had buzzed my door wanting to come in. He was from the Middle East, and I thought he might be a Baha’i. When I asked him questions though he wouldn’t answer them thoroughly. I decided to trust him anyway and went down to let him in.

Someone was with me telling me I shouldn’t be so trusting and they thought I was a little bizarre to be so trusting but I told them, don’t worry, it’ll be fine.

So what I can do with a dream like this is think about where in my life there is a lot of construction and that is clear to me right away. Then I can have confidence in my ability to get to where I want to go and to even help others get to where they want to go.

When I trust myself and others then everything works well.

Is there an area in your life where you are building something new? Constructing something in your relationships with your spouse? Children? Colleagues?

The key is to know where you are and where you want to go and then be open to change and detours along the way having full confidence you will reach your intended destination.

DreamWORK: Dealing With Jealousy

14 July 2017

I learned from a dream last night that when I feel connected and empowered I used to get a bit tripped up by others who get jealous and try to use guilt to get me to do what they want me to do which is to direct my attention towards their selves and to ignore my own.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not advocating for self-centeredness or selfishness but what I am saying is that it is important to know your own Self and to be True to it and when others try to get you to forget your own wants and needs until you feel disempowered, then there is a problem.

The big problem in close relationships is that if someone has an issue with jealousy then they might do all sorts of things to try to protect their position, in a job or a home or a board of directors for example. They fear they will be left alone so they do things out in the open and behind the scenes like back-biting and criticism to try to disempower others.

Last night’s dream showed me where this is an issue for me even though I thought I worked through most of this already. The dream also showed me where there are opportunities for a lot of positive connecting with hundreds of others but instead I choose to spend a lot of time writing.

In the dream, when I was swimming in a larger-than-Olympic swimming pool I dropped my phone. It got wet but I was cleaning it out and it was going to be alright.

A smart phone in a dream is about more than just making phone calls. It’s about taking pictures and making connections. Dropping a phone in a large pool but it still working is a good metaphor for what happens to me when someone with jealousy issues tries to trip me up.

In the dream, I was fine and the solution was to tell others about my background, about being a journalist & teacher at the same time. To talk about how this shaped how I saw the world and my part within it. In real life this isn’t something I talk about much but now I think it’s time to begin.

Dream Analysis: Detectives in the Attic

17 June 2017

In the dream, I’m with other detectives in an attic and we are close to catching a criminal.

Analysis: This type of dream has been re-occurring every night for the past two weeks. If it were negative then I’d have an issue needing to be dealt with but since it’s positive it means there’s a lot of opportunity to use my skills right now. In truth, there is.

For the past five years I’ve been working as a community researcher to investigate into a certain city’s social engineering strategy and it’s relationship to heinous crimes such as child-trafficking and cult crimes. Recently, I’ve been given opportunities to share the results of my work. It’s rewarding and challenging at the same time.

However, it feels really great to put some of my deductive reasoning skills to work to protect children and to dissolve criminal activity. I’m grateful to be able to contribute in this way. And I suspect that’s why it keeps showing up in my dreams.

Dreams of Resorts & Crime Scenes: Learning About Healing & Development in the Real World

10 June 2017

Today I want to write about some thoughts which came to mind when I read Richard Hastings’ post Healing or Development.

I can think of no two environments which are more polar opposite than a resort and a crime scene. Interestingly, these are the two types of environments which have the greatest impact on me when they show up in dreams.

Here’s a fun fact about me though. Do you want to know my idea of a really enjoyable afternoon? Relaxing on the beach and reading a crime-filled book like Frankenstein. It’s strange isn’t it?

This didn’t really make sense to me until I read Richard’s post about Healing and Development.

Let’s put the real description of my enjoyable holiday aside for a moment and just look at the metpahor of the resort and crime scene.

In a recent dream I had of a resort I was a resident there – lived in a state of healing – and a negative person showed up with a task for me which appeared impossible for me to accomplish. It took me out of my relaxed state and put me into work mode. In the past this used to make me feel angry.

But now that I am understanding the difference between a resort as a metaphor and opportunities for development better than I can see there is nothing to get angry about when opportunities for work come up. When a negative person shows up in a dream and brings “work” it means there has been some sort of unlawful action and the work is to get to the heart of the matter by understanding what principle was infringed on, where the bad behaviour showed up and how it can be prevented in the future.

In real life, people have done some bad behaviour to me or around me which has resulted in some negatives and some positives. The most negative is that it has led to my condition of seemingly-endless state of poverty and the most positive is that it had developed in me a keen ability to assess criminal behaviour, to understand the criminal mindset and to move forward through every wall which arises so that I feel a general sense of fulfillment in my life, despite not having a lot to “show for it” in the way most people judge success.

No awards. No big house. No fancy car. No brand-name clothing. No elaborate holidays. No shiny hubcaps. No valuable collections of anything. Nothing that meets the status quo for “success.”

But what I can do is spot a criminal in a crowd. I do it when I’m dreaming and I do it when I’m awake.

I can identify one lie in a sea of truths.

I can also spot one truth in a sea of lies.

I can look at humanity’s most ugliest truths head-on and I can slice through illusions like a sword through fabric.

I do it so easily it’s like I’m vacationing even while I’m dealing with gangs, cults, killers, and thieves.

This kind of work, in a dream or in real life, requires being open to developing at every moment. It’s work because you always know something and also don’t know everything.

There is a willingness at every moment to learn new facts, new information, new ways. You can’t walk into a crime scene and be close-minded. All your senses are on alert at every moment. Listening. Watching. Observing. Smelling. Touching. Tasting. There is no more alert state I can think of than when walking into an environment when a human life has been taken and the answer to how and who is right there in front of you if you just pay close enough attention.

I can’t think of a state which is more opposite from being at a resort than this. If a resort is healing, than a crime scene is development at it’s height.

In real life, I’ve been working on investigative work into crimes on a part-time basis since I was 19. Only in the past year have I started to be more open about this work that I do because it’s just time to share the results of what I’ve been investigating.

It’s my hope that one day when I take vacations I can rock climb, and bungie jump and scuba dive and do really fun adventurous things. But at the moment, my work life is so intense that when I vacation I love the physical rest and relaxation.

But I go to the beach and bring along Sherlock Holmes. Go figure!



Dream: Photo, Mom & Sister, me watching

05 June 2017

In the dream, I am watching someone take a photo of my mom & sister who are both dressed in matching blue shirts and white pants. Then my sister is with a little girl who is also wearing blue shirt and white pants and my mom is taking the picture. Then I realize I can publish & share the photo she takes and it is such a neat way for us to all collaborate!