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My Dream of Being Stopped at the Airport

June 14, 2018

In the dream, I am arriving at my destination, exiting an airplane. When I go to retrieve my luggage I discover it’s not there. After some time airport security approaches me with a bag. They tell me someone took my bag and left this one in its place. When I look in I find all my belongings inside except my computer.

“They took my computer,” I inform the officer.

“Yes, they did,” comes the reply. “Do you know anyone who would want to hurt you?”

Still kneeling down beside the suitcase I look up to the officer, with a long list of people in my mind who would want to hurt me. I look him directly in the eyes and say, “Yes, but I’ll not answer that here. Lets go into your office to talk.”

And that’s the end of that dream.

Dream & Solution: Overcoming Disorientation


11 August 2017

In the dream I am getting ready to go on a plane and searching for my & my daughter’s passport. Eventually I find everything but I’m in a scattered frame of mind and feel the pressure of the possibility of the plane leaving without me.

My analysis: A plane in a dream is a symbol for getting to where I’m going in the future. Being a bit disorientated before leaving is a memory of the way things used to be before I had a clear idea of where I was going in life. What I can ask myself is why would a memory of this old way of being show up now? What is it I can learn from remembering the way my mind used to prepare for things and how can I apply that learning to a situation today?

The key to moving forward in the positive direction of my dreams is to remember what I’ve done well in the past and keep doing it often. With this, there is clarity, focus & accomplishment.

Are there moments of your life when you feel a big disorientated? How do you cope? How different would your life be if you always had a clear sense of where you were going, what you were doing and when? Feel free to share your experiences in the comment section below.

Dream: Two Passports in an Airport

  • getting ready to go on an airplane
  • there were hundreds of people behind me waiting
  • i was focused on the conversation with the attendant but it was not easy
  • i had two passports & it was confusing
  • i went back somewhere to get my passport
  • my mom was there
  • i sorted it out without her help
  • I got back to the plane on time and the flight proceeded without issue

Daily Dream Diary – Preparing To Board a Flight

The dream wasn’t exactly linear but it wasn’t chaotic either.

I was in an airport and getting ready to go on a flight to somewhere I wanted to go.

It was a nice feeling of being prepared and feeling excited about where I was going and also those around me were prepared and excited too.

Someone commented on my outfit saying it looked nice and I could where it when I arrived. I had on a jean skirt, a white shirt and a colourful scarf and brown boots. I looked artistic but grounded. I laughed and told someone I looked the part and they agreed.

I was going to a conference as a writer. It wasn’t clear if I was presenting or attending but either way it was a perfect fit.